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On September 25, 1955 The DuMONT Television Network debuts the big successful children's variety show called "WONDERAMA" every sunday morning at 9:00 AM. The 1st Host is Sandy Becker and he can make fun at the children at home. In 1956 The DuMONT Television Network has been perished by the FCC & The NAB and lost their stations & few-to-some stations survived to air WONDERAMA. Along Aside Mr. Becker are Pat Meikle & Al Hodge whom played with puppets & Sandy Becker performed as "HAMBONE". In 1957 Herb Sheldon replaced Sandy Becker as the host of "WONDERAMA" and having with the child audience at home. In 1958 The Metropolitan Broadcasting Company takes control over a certain number of stations to air "WONDERAMA." On January 11, 1959 It's A Turning Point for "WONDERAMA" and welcomed Game Show Host of "The $64,000 CHALLENGE", "THE PRICE IS RIGHT" & "ON YOUR MARK" named Sonny Fox and He can make fun of this show bring guest stars to the show or otherwise on location and giving the show's rating a big boost from those iffy-stiffy ratings for the 1st 5 seasons from 1955 to 1960. In 1961 The Metropolitian Broadcasting Company became Metromedia "The Choice" (by 1977). In 1962 Mr. Fox bringing out an audience in the studio to welcome guest stars just like "THE TONIGHT SHOW starring Johnny Carson" along with games & more. The Show aired in Black & White in 1955 and in Kinescope & Regular Film. In 1960 "WONDERAMA" entered Videotape for the 1st Time and on September 11, 1966 "WONDERAMA" goes into Wonderful Metromedia Color. On August 13, 1967 Sonny Fox left the show & The New Host from Baltimore, MD came to New York, NY and his name is Bob McAllister "The Crazy Magician" and bringing an cheering audience and lots of fun and became "THE NEW WONDERAMA" and remains the mainstay of the Metromedia Station Network. In the 1969-1970 season they added a weekday afternoon show. On December 25, 1977 (Christmas Day) Bob McAllister said goodbye to the kids & Metromedia. On January 1, 1978 The Show Went to Repeats and on September 21, 1980 "WONDERAMA Newsmagazine" renamed and the new cast including Claude Brooks & J.D. Roth. On October 10, 1986 The Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC) debuted and on April 5, 1987 The Full-Fledged Network shortened into FOX-TV. "WONDERAMA" running through September 20, 1987.

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