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Welcome to the Wonderfalls guide. Set against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, Wonderfalls is a quirky one-hour family dramedy about an underachieving twenty-something souvenir shop worker named Jaye Tyler. Her life is forever changed when inanimate figures – including toys, cartoons and anything in the form of an animal, begin to talk to her. In each episode, the creatures' cryptic messages set into motion a chain of unpredictable events that invariably lead Jaye into the lives of others in need. Throughout the series' bizarre situations and madcap adventures, Jaye seeks advice from her best buddy Mahandra and befriends Eric, a local bartender who tries to help answer her unrequited questions. Is the universe conspiring against her? Is this real or just her imagination? Should she struggle with fate or surrender to destiny? Whatever the outcome one thing is for certain - Jaye will discover that the world around her is a magical place and that the seemingly random events in her life are actually all part of something much greater.moreless

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    • Hooked 20 minutes into the pilot

      10 years ago, I watched the pilot episode of Wonderfalls on TV for the first time. About 20 minutes in, the main character, Jaye Tyler, starts chasing after a quarter following a little wax lion's instructions to do so. As she runs down stairs to try and catch the bouncing coin she asks herself, "oh my god, what am I doing?!" At this point, I was completely sold on this show.

      Seemingly banal and pointless instructions from (normally) inanimate animal objects like "lick the lightswitch" or "take a picture" have huge ripple effects that ultimately improve Jaye's life and the lives of those she encounters. This show has often been compared to "Joan of Arcadia", which on the surface is apt. However, Wonderfalls is so much more fun and charming. Watching underachiever Jaye go from thinking she's completely lost her marbles to begrudgingly doing what the talking muses tell her to do is nearly always hilarious. Not just because of the absurdity of her tasks, but also due to the show's characters' wit and snark.

      While the show is actually pretty grounded (aside from the bossy animal figures) and deals a lot with the characters' relationships, it has at often times reminded me of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Not surprising since one of the show's creators, Bryan Fuller, loves the movie. While Wonderfalls isn't nearly as influenced by the movie as Fuller's other show, Pushing Daisies (also excellent), there's something at the heart of it that captures some of Amlie's magic.

      Even 10 years after this show first graced screens, I still don't get tired of watching it again. The great dialog and humor is a huge factor in the show's re-watch-ability. And while this show was short-lived, the creators did a good job of offering the viewers a bit of closure after only 13 episodes - a feat few cancelled programs manage to do.

      The show was beloved by its fans, who campaigned very hard to get it released on DVD through . Even after it was announced that Wonderfalls would find new life on DVD shelves, the fans worked hard to promote the release and created a site made specifically to introduce potential new viewers to the show.

      Wonderfalls is something special. Just give it a chance an it'll capture you with its charm.moreless
    • Super Quirky and Super Lovable

      I really liked the shows humour and plot lines. It's a quirky one though so you have to be open to that to enjoy it. The main character's personality sends me up the wall and her relationships with her family and friends can be both sad and hilarious but in the best way.
    • The best one season TV show ever.

      Only one season of 'Wonderfalls' has been created, but even that was enough to make me fall in love with the show on the one hand, and cry out loud on the other hand due to the fact that one could enjoy the show for so short a time. It is indeed a pity, that 'Wonderfalls' was under-appreciated, and thus was canceled after its first and only season, as 'Wonderfalls' was interesting, captivating and really fresh show.

      The show concentrates on young and bright heroine Jaye Tyler, played by a really goon Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas, who is a total underachiever, working in a dead-end job, and with no real intentions on moving on in any way. She understands her dead end position, but she is not really willing to do anything to change that. And that would be that, if not for a fact that one day animal toys start talking to her telling to do different stuff as if the universe itself wants her to move on with her life. And here starts the adventures and all the funny situations :)

      Delightful :Dmoreless
    • "...by far the best self-contained single season of television ever created."

      Wonderfalls, how we hardly knew ye. A mid-season replacement in early 2004 that went unnoticed, and has sadly faded into obscurity. Getting the full-on Fox treatment, only two episodes ever aired, and these episodes were shown a few more times on different nights and times. The biggest crime is that Wonderfalls was the best series of the year, and is by far the best self-contained single season of television ever created. Other than the facts on record, there's really nothing else that can be said other than to find a way to watch it, and mourn with the rest of us. As can be said about many shows that end prematurely, at least what we have is perfect, and we can be glad that the network never got a chance to stagnate the writers. Wonderfalls is true bliss.moreless
    • One of the most underappreciated shows ever.

      I can't believe it got canceled! It was original, quirky, funny and cosy. I liked the mood in the series. It was one of those shows that had a good message (helping people), but managed to remain funny and not get too sentimental like for instance, 7th Heaven.

      It's not often I like the female characters on TV, because I feel they waste most of the creative writing on men. This was one of the few exceptions for me. Jaye had more personality than what we usually see in women on TV. That was one of the main reasons I liked this show so much, I liked the characters. I have to like the characters on TV in order to feel for them, if I don't like them I just want them to die horribly.

      Luckily it had a proper ending at least.moreless

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