Season 1 Episode 6

Barrel Bear

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Millie Marcus is sitting down for a cupper at Karen Tyler's parents house while discussing a possible book there's a bug on Millie Markus that crawls down the front of her coat. This occurs While Karen Tyler's farther is telling Millie Marcus that she is an American hero.

    • When Mahandra starts to erase the video tape, Eric's mouth is closed. When the view shifts to him, his mouth is still wide open.

    • Time seems to move a bit too quickly in this episode. When Eric, Mahandra, and Millie are stealing the barrel from Vivian's house, it is the afternoon. When they arrive at Niagara Falls, it is already night.

    • When the Barrel Bear tells Jaye, "It's never too late," the mouth does not move.

    • Apparently, security is very bad at Wonderfalls. Jaye walks out of the store at the beginning of the episode with the Barrel Bear and no alarm goes off. Then again, when she took the stuffed chameleon with her (Episode "Karma Chameleon") nothing happened then either.

  • Quotes

    • Millie: I can't even get on an escalator, what made me think I could jump the falls?
      Mahandra: A bottle of merlot.

    • Jaye: (To Barrel Bear) Murderer!

    • Mahandra: (Sobbing) I don't wanna die alone and friendless, screeching my last testimony into a video camera.
      Jaye: Uh... all right?

    • Jaye: It's a mud pit, not a metaphor!

    • Millie: Take me to the Falls. I'm goin' over!

    • Jaye: You can steal every barrel in Niagara Falls. Won't make her life any less a lie!
      Mahandra: Not if nobody ever knows about it!
      Jaye: The two people that matter know: the lady who did a thing, and the lady who didn't.

    • Eric: (About Millie) She is one hundred percent fabrication. She decided what she wanted to be and damn the facts. You don't get much more American than that.

    • Eric: (To Jaye) Don't laugh, but I kinda like it here. I like The Barrel. I like slinging cocktails. I like Niagara Falls . . . and I like you.

    • Jaye: Eric, why are you helping? What's gotten into you?
      Eric: (In truck) Please don't ask me any questions. I'm really not sure what's happening.

    • Mahandra: Who wants to think that some unscrupulous publicity hound lied and slept her way into the history books? That doesn't do anyone any good!

    • Eric: Wow, that's impressive. You made runining that poor woman's life actually sound kind of noble.

    • Mahandra: [chasing Jaye] You're in league with Grandma Flannel! You are Grandma Flannel! Just add 40 years and a pair of orthopedic sneakers!

    • Jaye: (to Millie) I can't believe this. You're not even gonna pretend you're not a big fat liar?

    • Mahandra: (To Eric, about Jaye) Don't get me wrong, she's a lovely human being. But she's up to something. We may all be in danger.

    • Jaye: (In a panic) If Millie goes over, she dies! Mahandra's committed and eventually sobers up! Eric goes to jail where he finally meets someone nice and sane!

    • Vivian: I was supposed to ride that barrel right out of this crummy town.
      Jaye: And you never considered a bus?

    • Vivian: She put the "con" in "icon."

    • Jaye: You spent 50 years being a nobody. And I'd rather be a nobody that's a somebody than a somebody that's a nobody. Or something. The point is, you suck!

    • Alec: If you suck, it reflects on me. So stop sucking.

    • Millie: (About Vivian) She's just a fan.
      Vivian: Lying cow!
      Jaye: Doesn't sound like a fan.

    • Alec: If you buckle down now, show a little initiative, you can make sure there'll always be a place for you here at Wonderfalls.
      Jaye: Oh God!

    • Jaye: Who's she?
      Sharon: No one.
      Jaye: Did you have sex with her?
      Sharon: No.
      Jaye: How long have you been using the Republican Party as a lesbian dating service?

    • Jaye: (To Wax Lion) Bet you'd talk if I stuck a wick in your butt. Can you say, "Make me a candle?"

    • Jaye: I'm already 24, and I've never done anything. I have a worthless philosophy degree that's gotten me no further than a dead-end retail job working for a mouth-breather so I can continue to support my trailer-park lifestyle. You think I sit around feeling sorry for myself?
      Vivian: God, I would if I were you.

    • Mahandra: Jaye Tyler doesn't like old ladies. They scare her. It all goes back to Hansel and Gretel.

    • Eric: (About Vivian) I can't toss out an old lady.
      Millie: The four of us can take her.

    • Jaye: I'm not humiliating anyone...intentionally.

    • Mahandra: Where is your hometown pride? God, you really are like a Hobbit that hates the Shire.

    • Eric: (to Jaye, at the memorial service) How did you arrange all this?
      Jaye: Her purse was full of travelers checks.
      Eric: Isn't that illegal?
      Jaye: This is probably the least illegal thing we're doing right now.

    • Barrel Bear: Give it back to her.

    • Eric: You have to tape this? You could be recording evidence.
      Mahandra: We're recording history!
      Eric: History that's admissible in court!

    • Jaye: (to Mahandra) I could call my sister for you. You probably need a lawyer.
      Mahandra: Your sister's an immigration attorney.
      Jaye: You might wanna think about leaving the country.

  • Notes

    • Jaye tells Mahandra the truth about the Muses, but in a classic case of "the truth shall set you free" Mahandra simply thinks Jaye is making up the story to make her feel better.

    • The barrel Millie claims she went over the Falls in is labeled "Grande Dame of Niagara – The First American Woman To Survive The Falls."

    • The print on the posters for Millie Marcus' speech read: Concerned Ladies of America West (East Coast Chapter) Present "Back In The Barrel" An Evening With Millie Marcus $10.00 – The Barrel – 7pm

    • Vivian's taxi is KLJ-0157.

    • Aaron (Lee Pace) does not appear in this episode.

    • Jaye talks to several stuffed Barrel Bears and the mounted fish in this episode.

    • Jaye actually claims a victim: Millie Marcus, in the middle of a sentence.

    • Jaye racks up quite an expensive fine by the end of this episode: $50 for stealing a quarter out of the fountain at the beginning of the episode, and $250 when she throws the barrel over Niagra Falls at the end; a total of $300 in all.

  • Allusions

    • Mahandra: It all goes back to Hansel and Gretel. This is a reference to the childhood story Hansel & Gretel about an old witch who lived in the forest, imprisoning children in her candy house, fattening them, and eating them.

    • Mahandra: Hobbit that hates the Shire. This is a reference to the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy creatures called Hobbits who lived in a village known as The Shire and rarely anyplace else.

    • Millie Marcus: Rue McClanahan.

      Rue McClanahan is famous for her role as Blanche Devereaux on the classic television show The Golden Girls.

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