Season 1 Episode 13

Caged Bird

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2004 on FOX
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    Wonderfalls: And Like That, It's Over

    A hostage situation in Wonderfalls didn't result in the most satisfying episode, but at least the series went off the air with a satisfying conclusion.

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    Caged Bird
    The Tylers evaluate their relationships as Karen and Darren start to prepare for their wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Jaye, Sharon, mouth-breather, and the local security guard get held hostage at Wonderfalls, by a bank robber on the run.

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    • A great end to a great show. This was a brilliant, yet, unfortunaltey, short lived show that was both refreshingly original and very funny.

      I have just watched the last episode of Wonderfalls and it left me feeling both satisfied and warm and fuzzy in the inside! Although this show was supposed to span multiple seasons, this episode was definitely a great way to send the show off. Many loose ends were tied up and many story arcs were completed. All in all it was a fantastic episode that leaves me feeling sad knowing that there won't be a Season 2. It sucks when creative, original and refreshing shows get axed (e.g. Tru Calling, Firefly) but its even more cruel to kill this show off so early. I mean in some countries only 4 episodes (I believe) were shown. 4 episodes, I mean come on!! How can one learn to appreciate a show, much less bond with the characters if it is killed off as soon as it first airs. I feel lucky that I managed to watch the entire season. It was definitely worth it and I mourn its passing just like I mourn the passing of similarly great shows that were killed off so that, popular, garbage can span multiple seasons. R.I.P WF it was fun while it lasted.moreless
    • Yet another show yanked before allowing it to mature.

      I only learned of Wonderfalls after searching around the \'net for cancelled TV shows. I came across Wonderfalls and the premiere seemed interesting. I remember seeing a commercial for it a few years ago, but did not put the two together until I actually saw the pilot.

      I picked up the DVD box set Friday and finished today with Caged Bird.

      Normally shows that are cancelled are gone for good reason, however with Wonderfalls I feel that Fox had a great show in their lineup, but it was poorly promoted. Most of the hard-core fans already know about the show being bounced around different time slots and all that good stuff, so I will focus on the whole series in general.

      After starting with the pilot, I was hooked. The characters were absolutely hilarious, smart, and witty.

      Concisely I now consider this show to be on my list of personal favorites.

      Perhaps people were just so engrossed in the garbage on TV such as the reality shows airing on all the major networks -- They did not get a chance to pause and actually use their minds and give this show a go.

      If it helps you understand what kind of shows I personally enjoy I am a fan of drama, suspense, sci-fi, and comedy. Wonderfalls satisfied my pallet that wanted something fresh, clever, and more importantly, different.moreless
    • The series finale. Fortunately, this one tied together some loose ends and allowed a more-or-less complete feel to the series.

      The saddest thing about this series, is that, as excellent as it was, it never had time to grow and develop into what it could have been. Fox Network is developing quite a list of brilliant programs murdered by neglect or deliberate action. Most television shows develop a template, and all episodes more or less fit that template. While Wonderfalls did have a template of sorts, there were so many unexpected and off-the-wall occurrences within the episodes, it was clear the template was a vague guideline, not a boilerplate restriction, as is the case with so many lesser television programs.

      Still, if only there were 100 or more episodes to become immersed in, to watch as Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear developed the characters through twisted and bizarre plots. Instead, from Fox we get 24, American Idol, and other derivative drivel.

      The show was brilliant. Fox Network is not.moreless
    • How could this one be cancelled?

      This show is the best - definitely one of the funniest TV shows out there. I don't know why it didn't find an audience. I discovered it at the library and laughed through all the hilarious episodes, especially this one. It's too bad that the networks don't nurture the good shows. Instead they give us the garbage that is 99% of TV right now (except Lost, CSI and Grey's Anatomy).
    • A satisfying conclusion to a brilliant, short-lived series

      As the last episode of Wonderfalls approached I was bracing myself for that abrupt, unsatisfying ending typical of shows that hit early cancellation like Earth II and EZ Streets. In the final episodes of teh series Jaye's animals seemed to be downright malevolent, and I wondered if there was some pupose to it all and afraid i would never know.

      But surprisingly, this last episode tied everything together beautiful. In the end the story arc was an extended versio of each show in which Jaye is forced to perform puzzling actions that ultimately pay off. It's a clever idea in a consistently clever series, and shows that the writers had something in mind beyond just a goofy episode a week. While the series leaves you with the big question of why, it neatly ties off its sory threads while leaving enough for the next season that never happened.

      In fact, as sad as I am that there are no more Wonderfalls, the ending is so satisfying and complete that it gives the show the quality of one of a limited run series that is only meant to have 13 episodes.

      That being said, this was a good but not great episode of the series. It's not as funny as the best episodes, the "give him heart" line is to obscure to ever make its meaning clear. It feels like some things may have been rushed, as though the writers were eager to wrap things up quickly. It's possible that this episode was written when they suspected the show wouldn't make it and they wanted to make sure people weren't left with a lot of questions, which if true just shows what nice folks they are. Of course, the network ruined their gift of a satisfying ending by killing the show way before then, so thanks the good folks at Logo who revived this series.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • At the end of this episode, Jaye tells the Wax Lion to shut up, but two episodes ago (Cocktail Bunny) she melted the original lion and crushed all the replacements. If Jaye wanted to avoid the Muses, she certainly wouldn't have made another or let any survivors escape, so where'd this Wax Lion come from?

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Mahandra: (about going to Darren and Karen's anniversary party) I'm a wolf in sheeps clothing. I've infiltrated her flock and now I'm about to eat her delicious baby lamb! Answer's no.
        Aaron: But you just said I'm delicious. How could you say no to delicious?

      • Heidi: (to Mahandra) Whining to me about a guy who wants to be with you and knows he wants to be with you? Please tell me what's so confusing about that, so I can listen to you whine some more and not kill myself. Please!

      • Barrel Bear: (To Jaye) Give him heart!

      • (During a hostage situation)
        Mouth-Breather: Oh, please! Don't kill me! I can't die! I've never been with a woman!
        Robber: You! (points gun at Sharon)
        Sharon: I have been with a woman!

      • Jaye: We're all fate's bitch. We might as well go ahead and bend over for destiny now.

      • Eric: I'd like to return these.
        Jaye: Are they broken? 'Cause we sell a lot of crap here.

    • NOTES (4)

      • If the show hadn't got cancelled, the following plots would've been used:
        -In the second season, Jay's therapist would've documented their sessions, eventually publishing a book on her, which would lead to her being institutionalized with "Joan of Arc Syndrome" in the third season. Peter (Spencer Breslin) would've returned in the opening of Season 3 in the same institution as Jaye, suffering from pyromania after Jaye broke his heart.
        -Sharon would've become pregnant.
        -A new Wax Lion, one who was intact, would be introduced, who would advise Jaye against listening to what the original Wax Lion said.

      • Executive Producer Bryan Fuller provided the voice for the Caged Bird.

      • Episode Music: Dirty Little Secret by Sarah McLachlan and
        Love Will Come Through by Travis.

      • This episode was purposely designed to wrap-up the series in case it was not renewed for a second season.

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