Season 1 Episode 13

Caged Bird

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2004 on FOX

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  • The series finale. Fortunately, this one tied together some loose ends and allowed a more-or-less complete feel to the series.

    The saddest thing about this series, is that, as excellent as it was, it never had time to grow and develop into what it could have been. Fox Network is developing quite a list of brilliant programs murdered by neglect or deliberate action. Most television shows develop a template, and all episodes more or less fit that template. While Wonderfalls did have a template of sorts, there were so many unexpected and off-the-wall occurrences within the episodes, it was clear the template was a vague guideline, not a boilerplate restriction, as is the case with so many lesser television programs.

    Still, if only there were 100 or more episodes to become immersed in, to watch as Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear developed the characters through twisted and bizarre plots. Instead, from Fox we get 24, American Idol, and other derivative drivel.

    The show was brilliant. Fox Network is not.
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