Season 1 Episode 11

Cocktail Bunny

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2004 on FOX

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  • When the animals command Jaye to \"save him from her,\" Jaye may need saving herself.

    Jaye\'s life is crashing down all around her: Eric married the Heidi-Ho (again), her mother is forcing her back into therapy with Dr. Ron, and now the animals have done what appears to be an about-face by telling Jaye to \"save her from him.\" Jaye naturally assumes that they want her to save Eric from Heidi, but this seems a cruel and unusual punishment. After all, didn\'t she just get the two of them back together, at the cost of significant heartache?

    Of course, it turns out that the animals aren\'t really referring to Eric and Heidi, but that doesn\'t stop Jaye from tumbling over the edge in one of the series\' darkest episodes yet. Convinced that Heidi is out to kill Eric, Jaye digs up some old headlines from Heidi\'s college days that Jaye misconstrues so that she can transform Heidi from a spoiled brat into a murderer. And when Jaye sees (and photographs) Heidi purchasing small white pills in the alley behind The Barrel, Jaye\'s suspicions all too easily become her reality.

    There\'s quite a bit of drama in this episode, drama that kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire 45 minutes. \"Cocktail Bunny\" has more of the feel of \"Wound-up Penguin\" or \"Karma Chameleon\"; it\'s far more dark drama than quirky comedy. Don\'t get me wrong, there\'s some humor here, too--particularly in Aaron\'s continued attempts to get the animals to talk to him--but it\'s less of the gleeful, laugh-out-loud variety found in episodes like \"Barrel Bear\" and \"Lovesick Ass.\"

    Caroline Dhavernas is at her absolute best in this episode. It\'s refreshing to see an actress who can make portray a character as so light-hearted, charming, and witty in one episode and so distrustful, self-pitying, and insanely jealous in the next. Jaye is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown here, and at the end of episode we\'re not convinced that she\'s going to get better anytime soon. Oh sure, she averted this episode\'s crisis and saved Dr. Ron\'s life, but the larger issue of Jaye\'s mental health remains. She turned a corner in this episode, and in doing so she went from a misanthropic but ultimately kind-hearted Gen Y-er to an unstable and unpredictable (to outsiders, anyway) young woman. It\'s clear that the animals\' commands are taking their toll on Jaye\'s psyche, and it doesn\'t help that Dr. Ron\'s brass monkey doesn\'t really answer her \"why me?\" pleas. (Then again, when do higher powers ever answer such questions?) The animals have driven Jaye right to the edge of her sanity; can they pull her back?

    As Jaye says to Eric at the end of the episode, \"Everything is weird now, isn\'t it?\"
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