Season 1 Episode 11

Cocktail Bunny

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In Dr. Ron's office towards the end of the episode, when Dr. Ron, Karen, and Jaye are all standing in a line, the editors freeze-frame Karen in place on the line "Save him from her."

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Ron: Why don't you walk me through the day the animals started talking to you.
      Jaye: Well I didn't get my promotion, and then the lion talked, then I fainted. And then I had my session with you, and then the monkey talked. And then I met Eric, and then we talked. And then we kissed, then we... Oh, my god, that was right before your monkey broke my heart, oh, no, that was actually the fish.
      Dr. Ron: Did Eric break your heart, or was it the fish?
      Jaye: The fish. The fish told me to break Eric's heart, which broke my heart.
      Dr. Ron: And do you do everything the monkey, the fish and the lion tell you to do, even if it causes you pain?
      Jaye: Yeah, they kinda wore me out that way. Which is mainly why I'm here.

    • Karen: Angie Olsen?
      Angie Olsen: Nuh uh. Angie something-else.

    • Jaye: Nice frame job with the stool sample!

    • Jaye: If you had to poison the man you love, where would you do it?
      Mahandra: If I was Heidi I wouldn't be trying to poison the man I love, I'd be trying to poison you.

    • Heidi: Eric, it's a male potency drug. I switched it with your one-a-days. I got it from a busboy at The Barrel.
      Eric: You bought a male potency drug from a busboy? Did you tell him it was for me?
      Heidi: It was sort of implied.
      Jaye: It's a trick! She's trying to give your body time to absorb the toxins!
      Eric: (He glances down) I don't think it's a trick.

    • Mahandra: She can't handle the truth. It would kill her! She's my best friend, and you're her brother. Besides, I can't be happy when she's sad. There are rules!
      Aaron: Are you saying I make you happy?
      Mahandra: Yes, yes, you make me happy. That's not the point... (Aaron kisses her, but she pulls away) Are those video cameras?!
      Aaron: Yeah. (He tries to kiss her again, but she starts to hit him)
      Mahandra: Shut 'em off! Shut 'em off, shut 'em off, shut 'em off. (Aaron moves over to the computer and starts to shut off the cameras) How long have you had those? Are you recording us right now? Did you record us having sex? Oh my God. Is it on the internet? Oh my God. I'm a naughty black door woman--Back door woman!

    • Jaye: I didn't think it would hurt this much, seeing him with her, in wedded bliss... Without me, and with her. Oh God, he's gonna grow old with her, isn't he? And I'm gonna die alone. Will you die alone with me?
      Mahandra: Of course I will. Who else would I die alone with? Your brother? Ha. I mean... I can't think of any examples actually.

    • Jaye: (To the wax lion) Tell me why! Why make me make the man I love re-marry his hussy bride? How is that helpful? Who does the benefit besides the hussy 'cause I'm not in the business of benefiting hussies.

    • Jaye: It wasn't me. This is all Heidi. Have you Googled that woman? She's a menace.

    • Dr. Ron: What makes you think the monkey was talking to you?
      Jaye: 'Cause it looked at me and talked.

    • Wax Lions: (in unison) You'll never get rid of all of us.

    • Karen: (when police leave) Thank God! I have to pee like a racehorse.

    • Sharon: Jaye? Where have you been? The police are looking for you. The police, Jaye! You are evading arrest right now! Do you know what kind of trouble you're in? What is wrong with your hair?
      Dr. Ron: You must be Sharon.

    • Brass Monkey: Lick the lightswitch.
      Jaye: That's disgusting!

    • Cocktail Bunny: Save him from her!

    • (After Jaye gets arrested while attacking Heidi)
      Cop: I'm accusing her of breaking into her therapist's office, disabling the security system, stealing the surveillance footage from her own therapy sessions, and leaving a #2 in the good doctor's desk drawer ... (pause) ... and I'm not talkin' about the pencil.

    • Jaye: Why do you talk to me?
      Brass Monkey: Because ... you listen.

  • Notes

    • The camera Jaye uses to spy on Heidi with is the same one she says she stole from the Lost-and-Found bin at Wonderfalls in "Muffin Buffalo."

    • Dr. Ron reveals he has a three-year old daughter named Olivia.

    • Heidi is the fourth person to break into Jaye's trailer. Sharon climbed through Jaye's screen window in the pilot (Wax Lion), Katrina was waiting for Jaye with chloroform when she came home (Wound-Up Penguin), and Fat Pat crawled into Jaye's bed (Muffin Buffalo).

    • Jaye's victims this episode: her therapist, Dr. Ron (nearly burned to death), and Mahandra (car crash).

    • This episode was supposed to set up the next 2 seasons. Dr. Ron was going to get closer to Karen in order to get information about Jaye so he can write a book about her God complex. Then, season 3 would open with Dr. Ron's book having caused Jaye to be comitted.

    • The muses tell Jaye why they talk to her: because she listens.

    • The core story (Jaye enters therapy with Dr. Ron) was at one point intended to be the second episode of the series. That is why so many plotlines from "Wax Lion" get resolved here.

  • Allusions

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