Season 1 Episode 5

Crime Dog

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 2004 on FOX

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  • The Tylers housekeeper is found out as an illegal immigrant and deported...to Canada.

    I was absolutely bereft when I discovered that this BRILLIANt series had been cancelled. This episode in particular, when I saw it on DVD, is FANTASTIc!. The cow creamer, Jaye's brother watching her converse with the cow creamer, Yvette's past. The chain of events caused by Jaye following the cryptic instructions of the objects is just- there is no other word for it- brilliant. The cancellation of this show was a travesty, but the release of the entire series on DVD was true justice.
  • “I like cows. They’re docile. And they keep to themselves – most of the time”.

    “3 prior for disorderly conduct”. Sharon is a good Femme Fatale, with her peroxide hair and pillarbox red lipstick, cigarettes and stilettos, singing like a canary, or even barking like a crime dog, about her sister’s misdemeanours. Jaye in the meantime has her face squashed up against the one-way mirror, looking more like she's in an asylum than a cop shop. But not for long, as we meet Officer Hale who is good cop/bad cop rolled into one. We hear about a body in a trunk – surely the animals wouldn’t have persuaded Jaye to kidnap and kill someone!

    We’re then introduced to Yvette/Cindy, the Tyler housekeeper, never seen before or since, which starts a cruel-to-be-kind flashback story in which Yvette has to be deported in order to realise that she was better off leaving Canada and that she should have no regrets about not going back. I can’t help thinking that part of this story is something of an in-joke. Caroline Dharvenas is French Canadian but acts Jaye in a United States accent; Yvette has been pretending to be Canadienne-Française, despite the only French thing she does is French Toast, for some time now. Some of the show is shot in Canada; maybe that accounts for the little jokes about the Canadians – their friendliness vs the American border guards hostility, Jaye’s comment: “Furious Canadians – does that even work?” and warning to Aaron: “Just don’t make eye contact”.

    But this is less a story about the differences between North American countries, but a morality tale concerning *family*. Karen and Darren try to make Jaye stay for breakfast and then go on to show why she doesn’t ever want to by talking about how she could improve at work or how she should consider returning to a psychiatrist. Not really good morning conversation. It’s only the talking cow-creamer that forces her to stay for an Yvette-made pancake, much to Aaron’s puzzlement. Jaye is annoyed by his concern, she expects the “entitled invasion of privacy from mom and dad and whatshername”, but not from her older bro (who, as it happens, is wearing a *very* low cut shirt).

    When Yvette, an illegal immigrant, is repatriated, some strife appears in the Tyler home. Darren gets mad at Karen, Aaron gets mad at Sharon and Sharon just gets mad. So it’s left to Jaye to sort it out. She is sad that Yvette got deported (“She cooked and did things”) and at the cow-creamer’s insistence, she and Aaron set off on a rescue Yvette mission - firstly from Canada and secondly from Yvette’s awful parents who make Jaye realise that her family’s constant interest in *everything* is better than lack of interest. Cindy’s parents paid no attention to her and thus her role model was the actual French housekeeper Yvette, the woman who really brought her up. She became her ‘mother’.

    In the end, it’s “bitch” Sharon who seems to have squealed on Jaye and Aaron to get her revenge on them ignoring her during their childhood, who saves the day by making tea and persuading her dad to have a word with his golfing politician buddies. Ah what it must be to be rich and influential and to have a housekeeper and friends in high places! So all the kidnapping business was in vain. Except of course it wasn’t, because Yvette/Cindy learnt that she would rather be with the Tylers than the Bradleys and Jaye learnt that the first principal is always family – well for this week at least.