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Mahandra in "Lying Pig": Why'd she go off road???

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    They didn't tie that up at all! There was a really cool set up about the animal thing rolling under the seat. Then the thing blocks the brake pedal, then Mahandra goes off road... but why? It didn't do anything for the story, other than having her go off road. It made no sense to have her go to tell Eric about Jaye, then to have Jaye end up going there herself.

    It would be enjoyable if I could just get past the fact that it added nothing to the story.

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    Well, as Jaye's friend, Mahandra went to do what Jaye wouldn't -- stop Eric's second wedding ceremony. After all, Mahandra would want to prevent Jaye from experiencing the miserable aftermath of that if possible. Jaye chased after because the fish finally told her that she could as she had wanted to before Mahandra left but couldn't bring herself to disobey the animals. So, since it obviously makes a better scene to have an Eric - Jaye conversation at the chapel than an Eric - Mahandra conversation, the writers had to have some way to prevent Mahandra from getting there first -- thus the presence of the car accident.
    PS: I miss Arrested Development.
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