Season 1 Episode 2

Karma Chameleon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Bianca says she stole Jaye's wallet from her pocket the night before. However, the night before, Jaye was wearing a skirt with no pockets.

    • Notice nobody from the family leaves money for their meals before leaving?

    • In the teaser at the table, Aaron puts down the book, then it cuts to him with the book in his hands without picking it up, and then is cut to him eating from his plate.

    • More bafflying math: During the book blurb discussion, Jaye says that Aaron got 26 words and Sharon got 19. Sharon says she counted 22 words for herself. If Jaye's count is right, the total word count for Aaron and Sharon is 45. If Sharon is right, their total word count is 48. However, when Jaye pouts to the Eric the bartender and Mahandra, she says her siblings got 51 combined.

    • OK, one last addictiion to the trailer park thing: Aarons five words are "and lives in a trailer-park". With a little hyphen. That makes makes ,Trailer-park' one word.

    • Response: Actually, you could have it grammatically correct by saying "Jaye, a daughter, is 24, living in a trailer park." I think that is what he meant, because the word "and" signifies here is what you would add.

    • Nope, Aaron says, "and living in a trailer park." Otherwise the sentence would be lousy grammar - "Jaye, a daughter, is twenty-four living in a trailer park." He's supposed to be a smart one.

    • On pizza night, the very first shot we see coming back from the commercials, Sharon and Aaron are about 1 good meter away from each other. Then for the close-up shots, they're suddenly about 30cm away.

    • The Wax Lion looks to be a different colour.

    • When Sharon gets into her car, it's a silver late-model Lexus RX300, but in the last episode, after she comes to get Jaye after the fight with the Texan woman at the motel, her car is a Range Rover. In the series' DVD audio commentaries, it is revealed that this is because they did not have enough money to continue using the Range Rover.

    • Actually, it's Jaye who seems to be mathematically illiterate. Several times, she complains that one of the words in her blurb is a digit. "24" is a number with two digits. This is equivalent to confusing a word with a letter.

  • Quotes

    • Jaye: Hi, you're wearing my vest. That's my name.
      Bianca: I spilled coffee on mine.
      Jaye: Either way, you're wearing a Wonderfalls vest. In public.

    • Jaye: You're like that girl in that movie who wanted to be like that other girl so much that she'd kill for it!
      Bianca: Grease?
      Jaye: Single White Female!

    • Sharon: "Jayne, their youngest holds a philosophy degree from Brown -- and works retail." 12 more words!
      Aaron: "And lives in a trailer park!" That's five right there!

    • Bianca: (stuttering) St-St ...
      Jaye: Stalking me?
      Bianca: St-st ...
      Jaye: Stabbing me?
      Bianca: St-st ...
      Jaye: Stealing my organs after you stab me?
      Bianca: St-st ...
      Jaye: Stitching a skin suit out of my dead corpse after you stab me and steal my organs?

    • Jaye: (Reading her 15-word blurb) Daughter Jaye lives in Niagara Falls. Her blurb and life are a work in progress.

    • Mahandra: (referring to Bianca) She's a better you than you are!

    • Bianca: (Handing a pocketbook to Jaye) I-I-I think this is yours.
      Jaye: Where'd you find it?
      Bianca: In your p-p-pocket.

    • Jaye: I can't let you give me your last eight dollars. Here's five back.

    • Jaye: You're doing a real good job.
      Bianca: I am?
      Jaye: Like you've been at it your whole life yet managed not to have your soul crushed.

    • Bianca: I've n-never had a m-mentor before.
      Jaye: Mentor? Please. I'm five-word blurb girl who lives in a trailer.
      Bianca: I live in a v-van.

    • Mahandra: Don't you find it odd that this girl is willing to blithely carry out acts of violence on your behalf? She's like your own personal Heinrich Himmler.

    • Jaye: I thought we could take her clubbing.
      Mahandra: Baby seals?

    • Jaye: She didn't even have to giggle or toss her hair.

    • Mahandra: And she's sitting on your stool.
      Jaye: Oh, there are just so many things wrong about that sentence.

    • Stuffed Chameleon: (referring to Bianca) Get her words out.

    • Jaye: Where's Leslie? Isn't she always whining about not getting enough hours?
      Alec: Yeah, that's why she quit.
      Jaye: Leslie quit?!
      Alec: Last summer.

    • Bianca: (to customer) Come again!
      Jaye: Don't encourage them.

    • William: (reading Jaye's editorial) ... a place where a father's wisdom, a mother's compassion, a brother's protection, and a sister: 35, all combined to show Jen that she is not alone.

    • Bianca: I can't get a job 'cause I have a stu - a stu -
      Jaye: STD?
      Bianca: Stutter!

    • Darrin: (to Jaye) Don't parse the blurb.

    • Bianca: You know, I thought I saw th-those mo-motion lamps in the b-back.
      Jaye: Exactly. In the back, up on a high shelf. If one of us were to fall, it would affect workers' comp rates. We're not only protecting our employer, but small businesses everywhere.

    • Jaye: Well, there are laws against stalking. And my sister - a very successful lawyer - will see to it that your pale imitation of my ass LANDS IN JAIL.

    • (Days after overemphasizing the danger of climbing up to retrieve the inventory of motion lamps)
      Jaye: Now would be a good time to restock those motion lamps.

  • Notes

    • Music from this episode:

      New Day - Sounds from the Ground
      Extraordinary - Liz Phair
      Just a Ride - Jem

    • Jaye's next victim (although not a near-death): Alec, The Mouth-Breather, hit in the eye with a foam dart.

    • Jaye's computer in this episode is an Apple iBook (Tangerine model).

    • Immediately after Bianca & Jaye first go to the bar, an exterior shot is shown of the Wonderfalls store. It looks more like Toronto than Niagara Falls because of the wind turbine that is seen for a split second before the camera pans down. The wind turbine is a landmark not at Niagara Falls but at Toronto's Exhibition Centre - where the store's exterior is filmed.

    • Jaye talks with a mounted fish on the bar wall, a stuffed iguana, and a barrel bear.

    • Jaye's birthdate, according to her license: January 22nd, 1980.

    • Actress, Sarah Drew who guest starred as Bianca in this episode is best known for providing the voice of Stacy Rowe on the MTV series, "Daria." She is also the second cousin of actor, Benjamin McKenzie who plays Ryan Atwood on "The O.C."

    • Although this was one of the last episodes produced, executive producer Tim Minear says it was written to go second. "This was the luxury of not being up against air dates. I was able to look at what we had, and with an understanding that only comes with making ten episodes (and actually testing two of them - a story I will relate after we air episode two), I was allowed to create TWO of the later episodes to go earlier."

  • Allusions

    • Jaye: "You're like that girl in that movie who liked the life of the other girl so much that she killed for it!" "Grease?" "Single White Female!"
      Single White Female was a famous 1992 film starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Leigh was obsessed with Fonda's life, and tried to steal everything, including her husband. The film inspired plots for many other movies and TV episodes (see also the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Faith, Hope, and Trick" for another Single White Female reference).

    • Bianca: "Grease?"
      Grease was a famous 1978 adaptation of a stage musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. I was made on a low budget, but became one of the highest grossing films ever made. Together with "Welcome Back, Kotter!" and "Saturday Night Fever", it made John Travolta a superstar.

    • Jaye: Stitching a skin suit out of my corpse...

      This is a reference to Ed Gein the American murderer and grave robber. He skinned and multilated human corpses fashioning items such as lampshades made from human skin, soup bowls made from human skulls and a mask made from the skin of a human face. He was the inspiration for the fictional serial killer Leatherface in the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as Norman Bates from Psycho, and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.