Season 1 Episode 8

Lovesick Ass

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Does no one else find it odd that a thirteen-year-old with a big black eye driving recklessly in a car all by himself didn't somehow get himself pulled over by the police before he kidnapped Eric?

    • Peter tells Eric that Jaye has fainted from shock and hit her head on the way down, but also says that Jaye refused to call a doctor and asked for Eric. If Jaye was passed out when Peter left, how did she tell him any of this?

    • Eric gets his black eye about half a day after Peter gets his, but at the end of the episode, Eric's black eye is almost gone while Peter's hasn't changed at all.

    • Katya "came all the way from Asia Minor", according to Jaye. Asia Minor is in Turkey, not Russia.

    • When Jaye shakes hands with Dick Johnson, Peter's Dad, she reaches out with her right hand, but after the cut we see her shake with her left hand.

    • Eric's car has NY plates and registration/inspection stickers, not NJ as one would expect.

  • Quotes

    • Jaye: (To Eric) You think she's one of those Russian mail-order brides. You know... (Whispering) sex-slaves.
      Katya: No sex-slave! I coming for love... and some sex, but no slave.

    • Eric: You lied to her. You didn't tell her who you really were.
      Peter: She knows who I am now.
      Jaye: And she doesn't want you. See what happens when you tell the truth. (Eric glares at her) Sorry, continue. Tell him the part about how getting involved in a relationship is like heaving after a bad fish.
      Eric: Er... that wasn't my observation, that was yours.
      Jaye: Oh, well tell him the thing about how love is like an open wound.
      Eric: Also yours.
      Jaye: Oh...

    • Jaye: I can't have a stalker whose voice hasn't changed yet!

    • Eric: Do you want me to kick your ass? 'Cause I can, I can do that if you'd like.
      Peter: Um, I'd rather this not spiral into a whole physical thing. So, I respectfully decline your offer to kick my ass.

    • Barrel Bear: Girl needs a boy.

    • Lovesick Ass: Girl needs a...
      Jaye: (Interrupts) Girl might actually find time to have a boy if you'd ever shut up!
      Lovesick Ass: ...donut. Girl needs a donut.
      Jaye: Finally, something sensible.

    • Katya: Capitalism mean land of plenty.
      Eric: Capitalism makes society greedy, insensitive. With socialism, everyone would have a job, and everyone would have the same amount of money.
      Katya: Everyone have job. No one get paid. You waiting in line 30 hours in frozen cold, for piece of bread, and then you telling me you liking socialism.

    • (Receptionist refuses to give Katya the address of her husband)
      Chapel Receptionist: It's probably for his own safety. How bad do you think I'd feel if I gave you his address and you went over there and killed him?

    • Mahandra: (Teasing Jaye about Eric by playing with the wax lion and the monkey bookend, pretending they are talking to each other) Your mansweat is like honey mustard glaze on my tongue. (Mahandra mushes the two animals together as if they are kissing)
      Monkey: Inappropriate touching!
      Wax Lion: This isn't fun for anybody.

    • Peter: (To Eric, seeing him kissing Jaye) Congratulations to the victor. I'm gracious enough to admit that the better man won the girl. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. (Eric's car bursts into flame) You know, eventually. I may still have issues.

    • (Reading Peter's love letter to her)
      Katya: I etched your name in the clouds but it was lost when the thunder cried. / I etched your name in the surf but it was stolen by the rising tide. / I etched your name in my heart and there it will forever reside.

  • Notes

    • Peter says that he's 13 going to turn 14 in a month. He says it repeatedly, however his dad says he's 12 (as in "you're only 12, you're not in love"). No one mentions that this is different.

    • The shot of Eric fainting in the chapel was originally supposed to be shown during the opening title but was removed as it was believed this didn't make Eric appear manly enough.

    • The following signs are hanging in the Fountain of Love chapel: "Hearts that love are always in bloom." "Forever starts now." "Deposits are non-refundable."

    • Jaye's newest victim: Eric with a black eye and nearly creamed with a baseball bat.

    • Eric can't go near a chapel or anything to do with weddings without suffering an anxiety attack.

    • When Jaye tells Mahandra to stop playing with the Wax Lion and Brass Monkey, Jaye says "Stop it!" and Mahandra says "You stop it!" This mirrors the exact words in the pilot of Jaye telling the Wax Lion to stop talking to her.

    • The producers planned for Spencer Breslin to come back in season 3 (if they made it) to be ikn a mental hospital with Jaye.

  • Allusions

    • Jaye: It was a little over the top when you went all Don Knotts.

      Don Knotts is an actor best known for his role in The Andy Griffith Show as the bumbling deputy Barney Fife.