Season 1 Episode 10

Lying Pig

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Towards the end of "Muffin Buffalo" Jaye's mother vowed to throw out the Cow Creamer the minute she got home, but the Cow is still on the kitchen counter when Aaron comes to confiscate it, several episodes later.

  • Quotes

    • Heidi: I know you wanna come home, you were too easy to easy to find. If you wanted to stay lost you could have.
      Eric: What makes you think I'm lost? Maybe I just like it here.
      Heidi: I'm supposed to believe you dropped out of your whole life to work in a bar.
      Eric: You were my life Heidi, and you're the one that dropped out.

    • Jaye: (About Heidi) Brain damage suits her.

    • Eric: (About Jaye's parents) That's what I want in my life.
      Jaye: Insane parents?
      Eric: Something worth fighting for.

    • Sharon: (About Karen and Frank, the doctor, whom Sharon and Darrin are spying on from another table) He's touching her hand now!
      Darrin: What?! Where?! I can't see! (Sharon gasps) What?! WHAT?!
      Sharon: She's eating his pickle!

    • Mahandra: (To Eric, about Jaye): Oh. Wow. Really? You love her? Then you have to tell her!
      Eric: Not until she tells me.
      Mahandra: You playing chicken? She has to say it first?
      Eric: Not it, but something. Anything. I just need a word, one word so I know I'm not the only one feeling this. But she can't say it, and I don't know why.
      Mahandra: Well, maybe it's 'cause she's freaked out. I mean, here you are, her friend, practically her brother, and now all of a sudden she's thinking about you in dirty ways. It's freaky, okay?!
      Eric: (Confused) I met Jaye three months ago. How am I practically her brother?
      Mahandra: You're a boy.

    • Mahandra: Oh yeah. Bad night, huh?
      Eric: I'm guessing yours was better.
      Mahandra: (Defensively) What are you accusing me of? Are you saying I'm glowing? I mean, maybe I am. I'm a woman of color; we just do that, alright!

    • Darrin: There was a teddy?

    • Mahandra: (Answering the wrong phone after a night with Aaron, mostly asleep) Hello?
      Jaye: Mahandra?
      Mahandra: Uh...
      Jaye: Oh God! Sorry. I must've misdialed. Go back to sleep.
      (Mahandra hangs up, but the phone rings again. She picks it up and hands it wordlessly to Aaron, who is now seen naked in the bed next to her)
      Aaron: Hello?
      Jaye: Hi!
      Aaron: Jaye?
      Jaye: Yeah. Listen, um, can you come over right away?
      Aaron: Why? What's wrong?
      Jaye: Nothing. Everything. Don't ask questions, just get over here.
      Aaron: I'm on my way. (He hangs up the phone and starts pulling on his pants) Jaye's having a crisis. My car's in the shop, think you could... (He trails of when he realizes that Mahandra is getting dressed in a hurry) Hey, what's wrong?
      Mahandra: Nothing. Everything.
      Aaron: You sound like my sister.
      Mahandra: (Angry) I am not your sister!

    • Heidi: You hit me with a television!
      Jaye: It was portable.

    • Mahandra: You shouldn't have come here. I told you it can't happen again. I mean, last night was great, okay? Better than great, but we can't. If you were anyone else, maybe, but you're not anyone else. You're you, and you're like a brother to me.
      Aaron: So, I make love like a black man?
      Mahandra: Not that kind of brother, you idiot! Look, it's too complicated. It can't happen. Just go.
      Aaron: I just came for the fish.
      Mahandra: (Looking at Aaron, playfully) You are such a freak. (She hurls herself at him and lands a big kiss)

    • Mahandra: All right, what are we drinking to?
      Eric: How about crazy women and the losers who love 'em?

    • Jaye: (to Heidi) Between us, you win the skanky ho contest!

    • Heidi: (To Eric) You got some of your frustration out with that... girl, Jaye.
      Mahandra: Oh please! First of all, if you think Jaye made him any less frustrated, you're sadly mistaken! And what he did and what you did? Not even in the same league! Eric made a friend. You, like, did it with your brother... (Recovering) Because... at a hotel... they make you feel like family?

    • Heidi: You're trying to hurt me.
      Eric: Yeah. How'm I doing?
      Heidi: I want you to get mad, Eric. That's what you're supposed to do. Scream at me. Call me names. Throw things. (Eric gives in and throws his glass at the wall)
      Eric: I've had a really bad night. You might wanna go.

    • Mahandra: (to Jaye, about Eric) You just let him walk outta here with the Heidi-ho?

    • Fish: Get to the church on time.
      Jaye: Bite me!

  • Notes

    • Music featured in this episode: Stay by Michelle Featherstone.

    • Aaron asks Jaye if the Muses ever tell her to hurt people and Jaye denies it, but think about it: Jaye has already put at least four people in the hospital and in this episode alone caused a bar fight, cat fight, a car crash, and put Heidi in the hospital.
      Answer: That's why she hesitates. They don't actually ask her to hurt people, they cause bad things to happen that hurts people by ripple effect, but they never actually ask her.

    • The all-night chapel for Eric and Heidi's second marriage, "The Fountain of Love," is the same one Katya and Peter were supposed to be married in during "Lovesick Ass."

    • When Eric sees Jaye's father punch Frank in the bar, a picture of the Booster Rooster from the episode "Pink Flamingos" can be seen over his shoulder on the bulletin board.

    • Jaye's newest victim in this episode: Eric's wife Heidi, hit with a television.

    • If Jaye wants to get away from the Muses by giving each and every one of them to her brother, you'd think her next logical mood would be to quit working in a store that sells stuffed animals.

    • Jaye finally tells Aaron the truth about the animals talking to her.

    • Some of the reasons given in the commentary for casting Jewel Staite were because she was a good actress who they've worked with before, she was available at the time, and she could pass for the dayplayer that played Heidi in the pilot.

    • Jewel Staite also appeared in the season finale of Bryan Fuller's other series, Dead Like Me.

    • Jewel Staite previously starred on Firefly, which was also co-produced by Tim Minear.

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