Season 1 Episode 7

Muffin Buffalo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2004 on FOX

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  • Wow. Aaron's kind of a jerk. I really big jerk, I mean. An ultra-jerk, if you will.

    As if Jaye doesn't have enough problems, now her brother is seeking professional help in her personal torment, that of the kindly old therapist whom Jaye robbed of his beloved Brass Monkey bookend.
    Let me just say that Aaron is a bit of a loser. He is also hopelessly bigger than he need be, acting important and like it's his sister that has the problem when it is he that is a aetheist but a theologian, lives with his parents, is a slob, and never has a nice thing to say about anyone. Huh. I don't think I really like him.
    At any rate, let me talk about him. Aaron seemed, from the beginning, to be a jerk. In the pilot epsiode he made jokes about his sister living in a trailer park when he lives at home. He spiraled further downward on my list as he proved to be unnecessarily cruel to Jaye throughout the entire search-and-rescue-and-smuggling-and-return-and-arrest-and-rescue of Yvette, their housekeeper and second mother. To top it off, he broke the hapless Cow Creamer's head off and in the context of this show, that's murder.
    Next, he spied on her. Without hiding it. He set traps for Jaye, mended and played around with the Cow Creamer (Aaron, will you just let that thing go?), and even went to therapy for no other reason that to prove his sister crazy and himself not.
    Oh, yeah. Jaye's the crazy one. Suuuuure.
    Aaron, get over yourself. Get a life. Move out of your parents' house. Leave the Cow Creamer alone. And leave Jaye alone.
    That is all.
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