Season 1 Episode 7

Muffin Buffalo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Jaye took the afternoon off from work. It doesn't make sense for her to go to Wonderfalls at the end of the episode to lock up.

    • In Pat's trailer, when Jay passes the table, she sees a miniature pool table and a jump rope on the table. In the next shot, when holds on to the refrigerator, the jump rope is gone but the pool table is still there.

    • In the bar, after Jaye says "Spread the word" to Mahandra, a man in a yellow sweater stands up behind her and leaves. A second later, when Mahandra bends down to take off her shoe, the same man stands up to leave again.

    • The previous night, when Jaye and Aaron were taking pictures of Fat Pat's trailer, they took a picture of a lawn ornament of a boy and girl kissing. In the shot of Jaye leaving Pat's trailer, the lawn ornament is gone.

    • During the family game night, the clock next to Jaye and her father doesn't change time.

    • The headline viewed upside down on Mahandra's newspaper reads "Rec Center Gets Reno."

    • The shot of Aaron looking out the window of Jaye's trailer with the camera shown during the opening sequence of Wonderfalls is in this episode.

    • When Aaron offers Jaye some tea at her parent's house, he offers her the Cow Creamer and Jaye remarks that Aaron had broken off the head before. Jaye's mother says that Aaron glued it back on that afternoon. If no one knew Jaye was coming to Game Night, how did Aaron know to repair the Cow Creamer before she came?

    • The newspaper headline that Jaye and Mrs. Beattle are reading in the hospital room says, "GOV'T BLOWS MILLIONS ON BALLET CLASSES FOR PRISONERS".

  • Quotes

    • Jaye: (To Fat Pat) You lost 300 pounds! You can't just go and gain it all back again.
      Marianne Marie: Well "Sieg heil", Miss Jenny Craig.

    • Jaye: I'm not nice! I'm just . . . highly susceptible to guilt.
      Eric: You have the wrong idea about you.

    • Jaye: (to Mrs. Beattle) You do realize you're being held hostage? Is this Stockholm syndrome? Are you Patty Hearst?

    • Dr. Ron: (holds repaired Cow Creamer) That's cracked.
      Aaron: How is it cracked to be concerned for the welfare of a family member?
      Dr. Ron: I meant the creamer. It's cracked.
      Aaron: Oh, yeah. I broke its head off the last time it talked to her.
      (Dr. Ron writes "schizophrenic" on a notepad)

    • Jaye: (About Fat Pat) He says I'm his only friend.
      Mahandra: You have to move.
      Jaye: I can't do that. It's like I took a baby bird out of the nest. If I ditch him now, he'll die of neglect.
      Mahandra: (Pause) You have to move.

    • Jaye: You're NonFat Pat! And I think it's time the Greater Buffalo Region labeled you correctly.

    • (Jaye stops man from drinking alcohol)
      Man in Bar: Thank you. You just saved my sobriety.
      Jaye: I didn't mean to! Hey, you take that thank-you back!

    • Jaye: When was the last time you looked in a -- Wait... You don't have a mirror, do you?
      Fat Pat: I couldn't find one my size.

    • Jaye: Mrs. Beattle, did you take your allergy pills with Gallo again?

    • Dr. Ron: Are you an atheist?
      Aaron: As a theologian, I feel it's irresponsible to define myself in those terms. But, yeah.
      Dr. Ron: A theologian who doesn't believe in God?
      Aaron: There are more of us than you think.

    • Jaye: I do admit the whole shut-in thing has a certain appeal. Dress is optional, and there's the part where you get to avoid people.

    • Jaye: (Sees repaired Cow Creamer) I thought that cow didn't have a head.
      Karen: Your brother glued it back on this afternoon.
      Jaye: Did he? Now that's just crazy.
      Aaron: (Smiles at Jaye) Interesting choice of words.

    • Marianne Marie: What is wrong with you? You stole an old woman's disability checks? That violates the High and Dry Trailer Park code of residential conduct, not to mention the basic tenets of Christianity!

    • Jaye: You can't let this get you down! C'mon, the sun'll come out, and grey skies are gonna clear up! If not, there'll be a silver lining, I swear! Just . . . [gives up] scoot over and give me a muffin.

    • Fat Pat: You think I don't know you people make fun of me? Even the tranny in the wheelchair makes fun of me.

    • Jaye: All the Seneca Indians who read this paper will think I'm a baby-saver. I can't have them running around thinking I save babies!
      Mahandra: I'm three percent Seneca.
      Jaye: Tell your people I won't be saving any other babies! Spread the word!

    • Jaye: (Catches falling baby) I think it soiled itself.

    • Marianne Marie: The muffin business has been B-A-D. My psychic says I need to advertise.

    • Aaron: This trailer park is void of activity. Shouldn't you people be having hoedowns or shooting beer cans or something?

    • Jaye: I don't call him Chupacabra anymore, he might be of Mexican descent – I don't wanna seem insensitive.
      Aaron: What do you call him?
      Jaye: Fat Pat.

    • Marianne Marie: (To Fat Pat) And who are you? Oh my lord, didn't you use to be a real big, fat person?

    • Fat Pat: I needed to call the police. Someone broke into my trailer.
      Jaye: Oh, that was me.
      Fat Pat:What were you doing in there? Harvesting hair from my shower drain for your pillows?

    • Jaye: What's the point of living in a trailer park if you can't take in the local color? And by that, I mean spy on the freaks.
      Aaron: We're all spyin' on the freaks tonight. Talk to any cow creamers recently?

    • Aaron: I was fine when existence had no meaning. Meaninglessness in a universe that had no meaning, that I get. But meaninglessness in a universe that has meaning - what does it mean?
      Jaye: It doesn't mean anything!

    • Jaye: (to Fat Pat in her room) You seem to be naked in my bed!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Aaron: You're not suggesting she's like that Margaret chick who talked to God about her period.

      Aaron is referring to the 1970 book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. The book is about a girl Margaret with one Christian and one Jewish parent who searches for a religion of her own. This book became famous for its handling of pre-teen issues which included buying her first bra and having her first period.

    • "Pat"squatch

      This is obviously a play on words for Sasquatch, a name for a Bigfoot-esque monster rumored to live in the mountains or woods.

    • Pat: A frog on a bike . . . The Rainbow Connection!

      This refers to Kermit The Frog and the song "The Rainbow Connection" sung at the end of The Muppet Movie.