Season 1 Episode 4

Pink Flamingos

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on FOX

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  • This episode develops a number of the characters, and their interrelationships with each other. Jaye and her father, Jaye and her mother, her sister Sharon. It also deals with "the perfect marriage" vs. "the right marriage".

    This episode starts with Jaye's father telling her to go to her 6-1/2 year(!?!) HS reunion, as they get together to go out for breakfast (it seems to have warmed up a bit from last episode, which was full winter but now it looks like spring).

    Jaye, of course, has no interest, as she was not in the popular crowd when she was in HS, and, in typical slacker fashion, could care less -- and she also remembers how poorly the former class president, Gretchen (Seen briefly in Ep#1, "Wax Lion") organizing it treated her and her friend Mahandra.

    The pink flamingos on the lawn, however, start telling Jaye to help her father move the trash cans out of the driveway. Jaye, feeling ornery, rolls up her window, and slams the door in their face, which inadvertently knocks the car out of park and it rolls back and over her father, breaking his leg.

    As a result, Jaye starts fearing that, when she doesn't do as the animals tell her, that people get hurt. When the bass at The Barrel tells her (as did the lawn flamingos) to "Get off her ass" and help Gretchen, she does, to everyone's surprise.

    In the course of helping Gretchen, she learns that Gretchen's perfectly arranged life is anything but satisfying (you don't always need what you want), and that her Mother and Father, despite the lack of intimacy and the urging for her to do more with herself, both love her more than she realized.

    Jaye's sister, Sharon, delves more deeply into her not-yet developed lesbian relationship with Beth.

    As usual, the dialogue is quick and witty, the acting excellent (William Sadler and Diana Scarwid are both good b-list actors, and the other cast members are all quite good as well, even if less well-known)