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  • Another Victim of Idiotic Fox Programming

    This show was spectacularly funny, smart and quirky. Created by the same mind behind Dead Like Me, this show was never given a chance by Fox. They showed 4 episodes and cancelled the 5th episode about an hour before it was supposed to air. The DVD set at least allowed you to have closure with the show since they ended it well but the show was never given a chance by Fox, they just moved it around, didn't promote it and cancelled it before it could grow an audience. Jade's(the main character) family was hilarious. I loved her lesbian uptight sister, her posh mother and her dingbat father. She worked a crappy job, drank like a fish and looked for love, who couldn't love that woman or that show. Shame on Fox for cancelling this and other spectacular shows.
  • A good show.

    "Wonderfalls" was a great show. Unfortunately I found this out a few years too late; I enjoy this on DVD and never watched it on Fox. Why? Well, after reflecting on this question for the four days it took me to watch all 13 wonderful episodes, I realize that I didn't watch it because of the network it was on: Fox. Fox just isn't a channel I think of where smart witty programs are concerned-- which is what "Wonderfalls" is. Bryan Fuller created this show and also "Dead Like Me", and both shows have a well earned place in my library. I'll have to wait till Fuller comes out with a new great show. Hopefully I won't miss it.
  • This isn\'t so much a review, as it is a commentary. The network that dropped this show, seriously screwed the pooch. Allow me to explain.

    I don't usually watch television, I only turn my T.V. on about once a month and usually only for a few minutes or to watch a movie. I usually don't watch, because there isn't anything worth watching. If I hear about a show, I'll maybe try to catch an episode to see what the hype is about, but usually that is where it ends. There hasn't been a show that has truly impressed me in years. I was visiting my mother this weekend, and I got bored, so I looked at her pitiful DVD collection, and found something I'd never heard of called "Wonderfalls". I figured it might be good enough to kill a half an hour (long enough for me to get to sleep) so I put it in. I ended up watching the entire 3 disc set. I couldn't turn away. This is the kind of show that I would go out and buy TiVo for, if only it was still on (in fact, that's why I googled it-found it cancelled and came here). If a show is good enough to keep someone like me glued to a television until 5:30 in the morning, then it's a VERY, VERY good show that could have made a lot of money.
  • Axed wayyyy before it's time

    The episodes of Wonderfalls that aired were amazing television, the ones that didn't were about ten times better. With each episode the series got funnier and more entertaining, so it's a shame that it went off the air when it did. It's also a shame that we only got those fourteen episodes, because from what I've heard they had some crazy plans for the second and third seasons. Alas, no such luck, so how about some form of continuation of this series, pretty please?
  • Bring it back

    I really enjoyed whatching this show it was really sad that they cancelled it after so few of eps. It was one of the best shows to be shown on Fox besides Family Guy,Simpsons, and a few others. I loved the characters and the storyline/ plot I thought it was a great ideal.
  • Love it! How sad that there are so few episodes!

    Found this show while flipping through channels one day and had no choice but to "Tivo" it! It's quick, smart and enjoyable to watch. There are very few shows out there that move this quick and keep me interested, considering how much air time is wasted on reality TV. I can only hope someone will bring it back, no matter how unlikely that may happen.
  • This show was only on for a few episodes. I found it accidentally at the video store and watched it on a whim. Wow! I was surprised at how good it was.

    Apparently the show ran for only a few episodes. The biggest reason I can see for this show not catching on is the marketing. One of the bonus features on the DVD is the original trailers for the show. These made the show look to strange and uninsteresting.

    The show itself it witty and engaging. I love the way the animals talk. From listening to the commentary, they had some good plans on where to take the show. Sadly, no one watched it so it was cancelled.
  • Unfairly axed! Bring it back. Please!

    Hmmm. It had innovative story lines, intriguing characters, an excellent cast and good writing -- why did this get cancelled again? Oh yeah, the big business desires of the fox executives that gave it the boot. I mean give it some room to grow! This show could've gone so far. I sound bitter because I am. Well I guess we should all stop dwelling on decisions that have already been made and just buy the DVD. This show is worth the money and you’ll want to watch it all at once! At least, I loved it.
  • I just thought it was a poor excuse for a programme and it should never have been on television in the first place.I just never saw the point in it at all, Im pretty happy they cancelled it and i hope it never returns.

    I just thought it was a poor excuse for a programme and it should never have been on television in the first place.I just never saw the point in it at all, Im pretty happy they cancelled it and i hope it never returns.

    A rubbish programme overall.
    One of the worst programmes ive watched except king of the hill of course thats just crap.
  • great show the wife and i really enjoy it,we just wish it was still in production

    Once again the tv excecutives get it absolutely right, only to stuff up again, why do they keep repeating the same mistakes.Firstly they get a great cast that work well,a great show that not only looks good but is good,and what do these brainiacs do they AXE it how bright is that.Come on guys and girls when your on a good thing stick to it
  • A tragedy in the world of television only to be rediscovered on DVD.

    Another very different yet enjoyable show from creator Bryan Fuller who is also responsible for the greatness that was Dead Like Me. Wonderfalls was for me one of those shows that takes a while to really get into. In fact it wasn't until episode 8 that I truely found myself inlove with the great show.

    It's a shame that FOX cut this show after it's 4th episode before even reaching it's prime.

    This show for many may be seen as silly but to those who are looking for a differnt kind of show and not the usual bore that exists on today's television, will enjoy it.
  • This show was great. Such a shame that Fox didn\'t give it a chance. I just watched the series again and I realized once again how great this show would have been if just given a chance. It makes me sad.

    This show was great. Such a shame that Fox didn\'t give it a chance. I just watched the series again and I realized once again how great this show would have been if just given a chance. It makes me sad. If you get a chance watch it. Even though you will be left unsatisfied and without closure it is totally worth it for what you do get to experience.
  • Jaye Tyler is an ordinary person... until inanimate objects start talking to her. She goes from an underachiever to a good samaritan who tries to help people in very quirky and different ways.

    Amazing show that was cancelled way too early and never given a fair shot. Jaye is played perfectly, as are all of the other characters. This show is very groundbreaking, and was cancelled way before its time. The 13 episodes on the DVD, however, are amazing. They really span all different issues, and I wish more could have been filmed.
  • she's bitter, she hears voices, and she's funny!

    This is a show that should have caught on in a big way. I suspect if it had aired on any network but Fox (once famous for taking chances on the unconventional, now famous for cancelling series in absurdly short times), it might have built a following like that of, say, "Early Edition" (with which it bears some resemblance) or "Joan of Arcadia". The show did have a rabid following, but unfortunately too small initially to satisfy its network -- now without the patience to build audience (curiously, this very small-start, big-potential phenomenon, left to itself, 'made' Fox as a network -- its flagship we-are-a-real-network-dammit show, "X-Files" started out as a dog with a rabid following).

    Anyway, great cast, but the writing really drove things. The show had assembled a group of writers that showed promise to write for years and not get stale, led by execs who seemed to know exactly where to go between humor and humanity to make great television.

    At least we got to see all 13 of the episodes shot (on DVD -- Fox now has two shows that had great dvd sales even though the network did everything in its power to kill them dead -- this and "Firefly. Maybe they will learn from this, but don't count on it. This show only lasted four on broadcast.)

    Check the show out. You won't be disappointed.
  • Another creation from Bryan Fuller. It's about a girl who works in a souvenir shop and some of the souvenirs.. (specifcally those with faces) start talking to her.

    i remember hearing about this show ages ago. it was compared to ally mcbeal but im sorry, ally was crazy... this girl isnt. this show is funny and smart. think of it more like a PG version of dead like me. her love interest was cute and the characters were multi dimensional. i dont know what channel this was shown on in the USA but in the UK, it was the timeslot and the shows before and after it that killed it. it just didnt have the same mood/ tone. i would say that if you are looking for something different, short and tidy, this is it for you.
  • Truly immersive! It's remarkably witty, a great cast, awesome dialogues, a revolutionary theme, Kudos! The only show that my siblings and I find addictive since friends.

    A mixture of light drama and a witty cast of characters. It has a similarity with shows like early edition, joan of arcadia or tru calling where the main character(Jaye) helps someone. And the wild thornberries' animal-communication skills. The difference? this time, it is "insanely" hilarious. Stuffed animals talk, animal posters talk, animal figurines and yes that cow creamer too.
    Jaye is a philosophy degree graduate who is working in a souvenir shop manage by a mouth-breather. An ordinary day at work that turns in an extraordinary moment when a disfigured wax lion figurine talks, that turn the life of an easy-go-lucky, living-in-a-trailer gal upside down clockwise and otherwise. After watching the pilot episode we immediately got hooked, who wouldn't. And oh yeah that episode with the stuttering chameleon that was a ra-ra-rri-ot!
    A must see for people who are serious in living their careers as well as those who are stuck to what they do.
    Did I said I really love the dialogues? cool twists and a story with outstanding script. This one is my ringtone, courtesy of;
    The Wax Lion: (*singing) "..Sharon and Poor Bitch sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Poor Bitch with the baby carriage."
    When I told my siblings that the show was over after its first season and they were truly devastated and err.. furious. It is just too bad there is a lot potential in this series. To think that it already garnered TV awards nominations after just one season! How can't they see it? Clearly they are disturbed. I mean clearly...
  • Delightfully quirky story of an ordinary girl whose world turns extraordinary.

    A pity this show only had one season. The basic premise, while similar to that of "Joan of Arcadia", is more subtle -- Jaye receives baffling instructions from unlikely sources, and the smallest of her actions cause significant changes in the lives of those around her. Nonetheless, the characters are well drawn and likeable, the acting, direction, script and production values are very fine.

    But what really makes this show shine is the fearlessly innovative storytelling techniques. Scene changes look like changing slides in a ViewMaster. Camera angles swirl around drunkenly. Simple pans suddenly speed up to breakneck pace or slow to a molasses crawl. Plots switch directions unexpectedly. And the whole thing is drenched in a perfectly tuned sense of wit.

  • Jaye hears voices. Only things with animal faces talk to her. They even move their lips, and blink. They force her to do good things against her will. In fact, they sing until she does what they say. But you can't tell they're good things until it has bee

    It's hilarious. I really liked this show. The animals give her simple commands that don't seem to make any sense, or have purpose. But she is forced to comply or they will start singing songs. From breaking tail lights to licking light switches. Everything ends up having a good purpose. What makes it particularly funny is that she isn't the type of person who exerts herself at anything or for anyone. She has a philosophy degree from Brown, but works retail and lives in a trailer park just to get away from her very successful family. Then there's boy trouble.
  • After studying Philosophy, Jaye Tyler finds herself “Over-educated and underemployed” as she predicted in her high school yearbook. She fends off transient tourists in the Wonderfalls gift shop and tries unsuccessfully to fend off all human interaction, b

    This compelling program is intelligent, funny, mysterious, adventurous, romantic, dramatic, and oh-so satisfying. Among so many uninspiring new shows and reality television dominating the market today, it is not often I am attracted to any show, much less find myself addicted. This effect this show has on me is mesmerizing, and is just one more example of why the world is unfair. The writing is a perfect blend of sharp, sophisticated humor, physical comedy, character development, and heart. The character interaction is fantastic, especially because Jaye is seen again and again by people as a masochist-turned-angel. The greatest thing about this show is the way each character handles themselves in their roles. Everyone is cast just right, and no one over or under does it. They have a connection that can only be attributed with a hit show, which makes it especially horrifying it sank so fast. Also, Caroline in the Jaye role is simply a knockout. I think this character is particularly interesting because she has a glass wall built around her. Jaye seems to want to avoid all social interaction, but never puts herself in positions that allow her to achieve this. She’s in retail, so she must interact with people (They’re tourists, coming and going but never around long enough for a connection to be made). She acts like she wants nothing to do with her family but does not really try to get rid of them in any meaningful way. And of course, she is constantly intervening in the lives of others to help them in some way because “the monkey told her to” (or the lion, cow creamer, stuffed bear, etc.), almost always to her chagrin and always making the ill-fated “connection” with others. And even though she is a “man eater,” she finds herself wanting a romantic connection with the heartbroken Eric. However, she has developed a hero complex and cannot let Eric know of her “gift,” making it difficult for her to crack the wall.

    After watching the DVD (I had to call off work because I could not stop watching) I cried after watching the last episode because I knew it was the last. The reason gems are cancelled is because of financial reasons and has nothing to do with strong fan bases. Let's give Fox a financial reason to bring this show back in the footsteps of Family Guy. Tell everyone you know about this show and get them all to buy the DVD. Quick, before too much time passes! The show makes a great stocking stuffer, and it’s the perfect birthday gift for that person who has everything. What are you still reading this for – we have a lot of store shelves to empty! Alas, this show goes down as one of my all-time favorites, and we should be grateful it got a release – some shows never get that. I just hope the truly terrific cast goes on to do great things, they deserve it. As a person involved in films, I hope to soon be in a position to at least cast Caroline in a production. I have the perfect role for her!
  • The ratings were low because a majority of the public were too stuck on watching easy shows like american idol where there was no thinking (or talent) required.

    FOX; they will renew shows like american idol and cops yet they get rid of shows like wonderfalls because of low ratings. The ratings were low because a majority of the public were too stuck on watching easy shows like american idol where there was no thinking (or talent) required.
  • A fantastic, sweet, funny, and original show cut down before it ever got a chance to find it's audience. An incisive love story and ingeniously creative character writing make Wonderfalls well worth a watch. Find it, watch it, and love it.

    Like most people I never saw or even heard of Wonderfalls until it was already over. As most everyone by this point should know Wonderfalls is another tragic case of a fantastic, sweet, funny, and creative show cut down before it ever got a chance to find its audience. But its not too late to get a taste for what could’ve been in a very solid little dvd set; which is how I and most likely you will have to discover Wonderfalls.

    The story, in a nutshell, follows Jaye an overeducated, underemployed, disaffected young woman living in Niagara Falls. As the series opens Jaye begins receiving cryptic messages telling her ultimately to do good deeds. These messages are delivered by the unusual medium of inanimate animal objects, meaning things like the stuffed teddy bear or little wax lion at Jaye workplace, a tourist gift shop, have begun to talk to her. As you might imagine this is more than a little disconcerting to our heroine, could it be she’s gone insane? Is it God? Or maybe the devil? But Jaye does begin following the advice of her new animal friends as best she can, to pretty surprising results.

    That’s the somewhat convoluted, hook for the show but what makes Wonderfalls so charming is the characters and their relationships, especially between Jaye and her maybe potential boyfriend the damaged bartender Eric, This is one of those rare character relationships that is so charming, and beautiful and frank that you can’t understand how these two don’t just know they belong together right from the start. The chemistry between Jaye and Eric is so palpable it would make Wonderfalls a worthy watch even if everything and everyone else on the show was garbage. Of course it’s not though and I was honestly entertained at every turn.

    I’m a bit of a sucker for a good love story, and for me that’s the best thing that Wonderfalls provides. Sure its quirky and funny, random and sarcastic; but these are what make the show good, the romance is what makes it great. Check this show out, you really won’t regret it.
  • This show by far was the best thing on TV. It was mishandled by the network (FOX) and therefore cancelled. I will dedicate all my time to saving this beautifully brilliant, original series. Taking it off the air was a horrible mistake.

    Wonderfalls is on the the last original concepts for a TV series. It had drama, comedy, romance and that general good hearted feeling. Fox says that is was cancelled due to the main charactor (Jaye) being too un-likable. I strongly disagree, her charactor was mis-understood and once you got to know and love her, very likeable. Please give Wonderfalls another chance. Womderfalls being taken off the air was one of the greatest TV MISTAKES of history.

  • Yet Another Show Killed By FOX

    Witty, whimsical and wonderful!! These are some of the words that best describe this show. I absolutely love it!! Caroline Dhavernas is just perfect for the part of the slacker reluctant protagonist. Her character is sarcastic yet adorable at the same time. The supporting cast is equally great as well. Katie Finneran's character seems straight-laced but at the same time so unexpectedly hilarious. Tyron Leitso is just so charming. It is such a pity that this series was canceled so soon. Anyway, I am savoring every minute of every episode as they are being shown here. My favorite episode is 'Cocktail Bunny'. The 'licking the light switch' scene was just the best!!
  • A smart, reclusive girl finds that there's something bigger than her mind can conceive and it's speaking to her through toy animals and stuffed fish. Following these voices leads to a whole new life-changing experience, full of angst and love.

    Interesting, smartly written, directed and acted; a must-see. Each actor is awesome and perfect for each role. Tackles subjects like questioning one's sanity, spiritual awakenings, broken hearts, sibling rivalry, existence, and helping endangered birds mate, for instance, with wit, good sense, and the kind of dialogue that "got me laughing, now you got me crying" as the title song (also brilliant) says. Someone made a bad decision to cancel this show. Bring it back for another season!
  • BUMMER! One season and that´s it?

    This was absolutely amazing. It was an absolute coincidence that I got the DVD´s. Never heard about it before which is quite normal because I live in Germany. I wish we had such great stuff on TV over here. As a non-native english speaking girl it was fun to listen to the great dialogues. The characters were well done. I have no idea which episode was the best but in the end I was so sad when I read that this wasn´t a success and that there will be no more episodes at all. I love happy ends and so I was happy seeing Jay ending up with Eric.
  • I didnt see the first episode so I don't how but she's spoken to by inament animals and commanded to do things. They're very vague and at first their meanings lead her in one direction. But in the end the REAL meaning comes out, by chance. Or is it?

    I so wonder who came up with this?! WHAT A GREAT PREMISE! I love how different it is... The animals are kind of silly though, lol, but they\'re bearable. This show is Fabulous, omg. I love it so much for its misguiding-ness(?) and it\'s “greater purpose.” It horribly misleading but at times refreshingly resulting. I really really HATED the one about the girl that copied her. Omfg she was moving in on her man and her life. And i HATED what the animals actually meant. “Get her words out” ahhhh are you serious?! Write her story for her and give her credit and the money?? WTF?! OMG that\'s why I took off four points. I also took off another because the acting isn\'t that good. I think Jaye Tyler should be prettier, but that\'s just me. I do really like this show though, like the one about the “French” maid. That was so good and so saddening. Remember when the REAL French maid was like “oblong,” (or something like that) “That was the word you spelled.” I almost cried. Any ways, I hear that its been canceled. So only five(?) episodes??? NOOOOOO. BRING IT BACK!!
  • This show made me realise there are people like me and Jaye out there...

    The very first time I saw Wonderfalls was like a revelation to me. I saw my life reflected on screen and felt like there were people out there just like me and Jaye. From then on, I loved watching it. I just wish it was back.It was one of the greatest shows of all times to me.
  • It is a shame that few appreciate the wonders of Wonderfalls. Wonderfalls is not only unique and original. It is full of unpredictabilty humorous and contains a house of unusual and interesting characters.

    It is a shame that few appreciate the wonders of Wonderfalls. Wonderfalls is not only unique and original. It is full of unpredictabilty humorous and contains a house of unusual and interesting characters.

    Wonderfalls is a souvernir shop located in Niagra Falls and is where Jaye Tyler works. Jaye, a cynical woman who pays little or no attention to the people in her life. Is one day cursed with the ability to hear inanimate figurines talking to her. Driven by the voices of these objects, she carries out their wacky request. And only upon completing a chain of these errands does it's true purpose reveal itself.

  • Fox's quick hook for "Wonderfalls" proves that mainstream American viewers simply aren't ready for such quirkly, imaginative, and occasionally dark programming.

    Fox cancelled "Wonderfalls" in the spring of 2004 after airing only four episodes. Many fans speculate that Fox had it in for "Wonderfalls" from the start: Fox assigned the show a dreadful Friday night time slot for the first three episodes, then moved it to Thursday night for the final episode, opposite perennial favorites "Friends" and "CSI"; and Fox hardly promoted the show at all.

    Angry rumors aside, "Wonderfalls" makes for excellent viewing. The show revolves around 24 year-old Jaye Tyler, who works in the Niagara Falls souvenir shop from which the series draws its name. Jaye lacks for neither money--her parents appear to be loaded--nor education--she recently graduated from Brown with a philosophy degree--but she lives in a trailer park and holds an entry-level position at the store; suffice it to say she's not making much of her life. "Social misfit" doesn't quite describe Jaye; she's an outcast by her own choosing. "Misanthrope" might be a better adjective, actually. All that changes, however, when a "smooshed-face wax lion" from the souvenir shop begins giving her instructions. Other inanimate animal-shaped objects (e.g., a cow creamer, a bear in a barrel, a fish mounted on the wall) soon join the lion, advising Jaye to perform various actions--some dramatic, others simple--that invariably affect the lives of those she meets. Jaye initially tries to ignore these objects, alternately believing their messages to be from God, the Devil, or her own deranged mind, but the animals keep pestering her until she finally caves in and obeys them.

    I can understand why the show was never a hit with the mainstream audience so entranced with reality shows and "American Idol." "Wonderfalls" is at its tamest quirky and its most flamboyant just downright weird. It's a great show and I'm sorry that Fox pulled it, but part of me understands their reasoning. Two of the episodes that Fox did air, "Karma Chameleon" and "Wound-Up Penguin" are among the darkest and most unreal: They deal with a runaway who tries to become Jaye and an ex-nun who tries to perform an exorcism on Jaye, respectively. "'Joan of Arcadia'-minus-God" this is not.

    Many of the unaired episodes included on the DVD box set are much more in-line with "normal" programming. There's a fairly standard will-they-or-won't-they love story between Jaye and the bartender at what appears to be the only restaurant of any redeeming value in Niagara Falls. (We never see anyone in the show ever eat anywhere other than "The Barrel.") The twist comes in that the bartender (Eric) is still married to his cheating wife, Heidi; the two were on their honeymoon when he caught her with the bellboy. Heidi (Jewel Staite of "Firefly") appears in a few of the later unaired episodes. It's a pity that none of Staite's scenes made it to the air, as she turns in a terrific performance as a character far removed from the always-optimistic Kaylee.

    In fact, the entire cast of "Wonderfalls" is extraordinary talented. Caroline Dhavernas plays Jaye's light and dark sides equally well, which is refreshing in an era of one-note actors. Katie Finneran is also impressive as Jaye's much more successful older sister Sharon; I wish the writers would have made more use of her character after the revelations in the first episode.

    In any case, I think that "Wonderfalls" would have been far better suited for basic or premium cable, where audiences are usually more accepting of such off-the-wall shows. If you enjoy quirky, imaginative, and occasional dark television, then give "Wonderfalls" a shot; you'll almost certainly be impressed. If you're more a fan of the network bread-and-butter programming, then you might just want to pass this one by. (This is not by any means to imply that one type of viewer is superior to the other. Hey, I never miss an episode of "The Simpsons.")

    In the end, I regret that Fox cancelled "Wonderfalls" before it had a chance to establish a fan base, but part of me understands why. Perhaps one day the networks will stop producing carbon copies of the same show and take a chance on something more creative, but for now, we'll just have to take our refuge on cable.
  • It never had a chance.

    Fox is evil. They take excellent shows and put them in horrible time slots and kill them! This show was so creative. The writing was great and the premise was original. I have no clue why the Fox people would put it in a dead time slot and not let it have a chance to build an audience. They killed not only Wonderfalls but Firefly too. I don't know why they would even take these shows if they were just going to bury them! Buy the DVD set. It is so funny and interesting. Maybe it was good that they only gave us 13 episodes so that it didn't have a chance to jump the shark.
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