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  • Fox should never have cancelled this gem. It was already an excellent show after only four episodes.

    Wonderfalls was a show that at first glance appears to be a ripoff of Joan of Arcadia a similarly themed and too early cancelled show. In Hollywood it often is the case that someone gets an idea and it makes its way through the studios and then it will spawn two eerily similar ideas. Remember when the movies Armegeddon and Deep Impact came out during the same summer movie season? Which one was the original and which was copied is, at least to me, unknown, the show are significantly differnet in tone to easily separate them. If Joan was a replacement for Touched by an Angel Wonderfalls was more acurately described as Touched by a Crazy Person. It follows the life of a very unhappy hero the acerbic Jaye as her life is turned upside down by the sudden ability for fake animals to talk only to her. She ponders whether or not she is going crazy as do the viewers. The animals send her on tasks with ambiguous statements that end up with a usually quaint result, but always funny. After just four shows I was hooked and wanted more too bad FOX can't understand when it has a good show on its hands. They seemed to have started to reverse the cancel first check for quality later with the renewal of the best show that NOBODY watches Arrested Development and return of the DVD king Family Guy.
  • Fox...Cancels...EVERYTHING!

    This show was very funny. Why Fox cancelled it...I don't know...they seem to be ended a lot of good shows...the #@$$#@#...Wonderfalls was the type of show that made you just sit and think. I looked foward to acutally watch this show. I haven't hated a station as much since WB cancelled Angel. This was a very good show and i hope to see some episode on DVD.
  • Talking lion, talking monkey, talking flamingo, and their not even alive!

    Fox tends to do something to wonderfully written, creative shows...they get rid of them. This is a prime example of that. Wonderfalls is an unusual but great show. How many other shows do you get stuffed animals talking to the lead charcter? Focusing on Jaye Tyler, a 20 something woman who lives and works near Niagra Falls, with a philosophy degree from Brown, working at a gift shop as a clerk. The character is honest and refreshing. She says what we all feel. Once day a wax lion beings talking to her, telling her to do things. She finally gives in just to get it to shut up, and suddenly, everything is right where it should be. Trying to figure out if she is crazy or if something is going on, Jaye slowly gets everyone she knows involved in the crazy things she does!
  • A wonder that falls, really. A really pity.

    Jaye is a gorgeous character: no too perfect, not too staring,not too stupid... just enough to be almost perfect (and of course, she is beautiful). The other characters are great too, sticking up the great Mahandra (big personification, plus); but the family, the relationships, even the blody rattler animals, are super sweet, clever and very, very delightfuly.
  • Oh how I wish this stunningly original show had not been cancelled!

    Wonderfalls is a show that is so unique, it unfortunately didn't find and audience during its extremely short run on Fox. Only three episodes aired, but fortunately for those of us who actually caught it back in spring 2004, all 13 episodes that were produced are available on DVD. And let me say the show just gets better with each episode. The writing is so spontaneous and original, with plotlines that seem to come out of nowhere but are exceedingly interesting in their quirkyness. The main character Jaye is so cranky and negative yet she is not unlikeable, and the other characters can be hilarious. Each episode contains a somewhat episodic storyline, but the character development and some sideplots build from episode to episode, culminating in a satisfying end with the 13th episode. The DVD set is definetly worth buying, especially if you saw the show on TV and liked it.
  • It's normal to have animal figurines talk to you...Right?

    Wonderfalls was one of those shows that I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Sure, I saw the preview with the cow creamer talking to Jaye, but I simply thought she was a woman with problems, mentally. Boy, was I wrong! Well, almost (I suppose it's never proven that Jaye's NOT insane). Right from the opening sequence I knew this was something completely different. And then came the wax lion. The wax lion that can talk. Why are these animal figurines suddenly talking to Jaye? Well, that's the problem. I'd like to tell you that by the end of our story in Niagra Falls, everything is laid out on the table for us and we have the perfect ending, but I can't because the brilliant powers that be at FOX don't think we deserve that. At least here, we have some sort of closure with the relationships Jaye has with her family and friends. It's interesting to see the direction Jaye goes in life from the beginning of the series to the end. Our favorite Gen-Y slacker gets plenty of guidance from her talking pals to assist other people out of trouble, and even send herself on the path to self-actualization. So, even though we never find out who's behind all the madness in Wonderfalls, we get an excellent and intriguing story that's worth being seen.
  • A young woman deals with the various bric-a-brac that demands things of her.

    I watched this show when it aired but Fox really jerked it around. This show came out the same year as Joan of Arcadia but is way better. If Fox had premiered this in the fall instead of as a mid-season replacement, it would've done a lot better. Pick up the dvd, it's an incredibly satisfying purchase.
  • Wonderfalls is back it will start airing Thursday, July 28 @ 9:00 PM on LOGO go to http://www.logoonline.com/ for more info.

    Wonderfalls is back it will start airing Thursday, July 28 @ 9:00 PM on LOGO go to http://www.logoonline.com/ for more info.
  • I just watched this show on DVD and WOW it's so great. If you want something different please watch Wonderfalls.

    I have to save I am so glad I was able to see this show! It is so different and keeps you so entertained. I love it and would love to see more of this show. I wish I knew about it when it came out early in 2004 so that I could have supported it. Now I can support it in DVD sales. Please take the chance in getting this series. Once you get over the strange talking animals you will see how well written this is. Also, you might want to check out Firefly, another FOX show cancelled before it's time.
  • Always looking for the curious, waiting and watching for those who will risk non-formulaic avenues of entertainment and expression, I found this (13 episodes?) show very boxed-set-delivery-method fun, with strange enough humanosities at which to smile.

    You never know. The networks, the executive decisionmakers, the stars, the contracts, the costs, the raised eyebrows of the potential advertizers or the audience itself might have let this one go too soon. The production of any TV program has so many catches that hinder implementing getting the show to the public. Why would I mention this if I had no personal knowledge that some one of these pitfalls did occur? I speculate like the rest of you. I liked it. Odd and odder and oddest, maybe too much so, but not for me.
  • After only seeing the four aired episodes on Fox, I fell in love with this show.

    After only seeing the four aired episodes on Fox, I fell in love with this show. The humor and idea behide it was wonderful. From the very first episode I ever saw, I became addicted. The script is amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show. I have watched every single episode and it is without a doubt one of the funniest shows on television.

    I bought the wonderfalls DVD set and I am very happy with it. the remaining episodes were even better than the four that were shown on Fox. I only wish this show could have stayed longer and had many more seasons. :(
  • Quirky, dramatic, and utterly hilarious.

    I was quite excited when I heard about this show. It sounded really cool. In fact, days after Fox had announced that "Wonderfalls" would be premiering in January, I marked my calendar, threw up a fansite, and waited.

    However, during the premiere, I was unfortunate enough to have my mother in the room, and she bugged me to change the channel after hearing the constant language. I tried to justify it by saying the language had probably been used to get Fox to buy it, and episodes later wouldn't be as bad, but she didn't listen. So I had to change the channel. And after that, I was never home on Fridays and the next thing I knew, Fox had canceled it. I consequently just forgot about it.

    A couple of weeks ago I happened across a "Wonderfalls" set on Ebay and bought it. It came just a few days ago and I popped it in and watched over half of the 13 episodes. I was right, it seems. After the pilot the language is not bad at all, just a few words per ep. And the show is highly original, and so funny yet dramatic that whenever I watch it a constant smile is on my face.

    I understand that Gail Berman, the head of Fox, wa s also in love with this show, and was sad to see it go, and therefore released the rights in hopes that another network would snatch it up. Sadly, no one did, and all that will ever be is those 13 beautiful episodes.

    The premise of the series is quite original, but also similar to "Joan of Arcadia". (Although this premiered after JoA, in the same season, each show was being developed at the same time so it's simply coincidence.) The main character is a 24-year-old college graduate who has ended up working retail in a tourist shop at Niagra Falls, called Wonderfalls. In the pilot, animal figures begin talking to her and prompting her to do things. Is she crazy? Is it God? Is it Satan?

    Well, presumably, from gathering clues in the episodes and watching the extras on the DVD, it's God. Although from the things those creatures say you wouldn't think it...

    If this show looks interesting to you at all, please buy it. I promise you, it would be money well spent.
  • An impressively quirky, off the wall show. Fans of David Mamet's comic film "Main Street", or of "Gilmore Girls", will like this show's not dissimilar sharp, snappy dialogue style, as it comments on life and the human condition.

    Yet another show I loved that the network programmers were too dull-witted to appreciate, and, as a result, they killed it before it even started.

    While 13 episodes were shot, only four were aired, the fourth and last on a wholly different night, -completely unadvertised- !!

    It wasn't enough to give it a Friday night slot-of-doom. They wouldn't even give it *that* much of a chance.

    The show centers around a 24 year old slacker named Jaye Tyler, an Ivy-League philosophy graduate (Brown) who now works as a sales clerk in a Niagra Falls knicknack shop. She just got passed over for a "promotion" to assistant manager by an obvious dweeb still in high school. She lives in a trailer park.

    Her relationship with her family, all of whom are driven and successful (yet, in her words, are unhappy despite this), is cold and distant.

    Then, one day, things change. She gets a light bump on the head, and suddenly inanimate objects (animals of various types, always) start talking to her, and telling her to do things, sometimes cryptically.

    If she refuses, they do things to annoy the hell out of her, like singing throughout the night, until she gives in... so she gives in.

    In the end, people get helped, and the world is a better place.

    In the meanwhile, lots of sharp, snappy dialogue is passed back and forth, and characters reveal themselves to be human. Quirky, odd, eccentric -- but always, always human.

    The dialogue is very, very Mamet-ish, the situations and events just a hair short of totally absurd, and despite, or perhaps because of, this, it's always amusing and entertaining.

    If "The World According to Jim" is your style of comedy, you probably won't like this (hey, to each his own). Otherwise, I recommend this show highly.
  • A smart, funny, and unique show that was never given a chance to grow!

    This was a show that barley got a chance and many were forced by fox to by its one and only season on dvd. However those who had came to no disapointment. This show was comical and intresting however, it never got a chance to grow and was canceled way to soon. In the end I just wish it was given a chance as it was a smart and wonderful show that was better then most that is on television these days.
  • great show

    I have just seen the second epiosde (im in the uk and we get every thing after the US) and i love this show. When i looked at it on here and saw it got cancelled all i can think is that fox makes a habit of this. Like 'Firefly', i believe this show was axed down in its prime. It is a smart, funny underaprreciated show.
  • Why, oh, why??

    This show was great! It was funny, sarcastic, and always had an interesting twist. I was very upset when this show got cancelled. It had all the great things that make up a really good show, good lines, story and actors. It's funny how good shows like this one get the boot, and then we have to put up with things like "According to Jim"
  • I can understand why it was liked...and why it wasn't.

    Wonderfalls was certainly a fun show. I definitely enjoyed the quirkiness, the humor, and the editing style of the series. However, there were certain parts of the series that could have used much improvement and were probably reasons behind its downfall.

    First of all, let me say that there's no way I can "review" it without comparing this show to Showtime's Dead Like Me. The editing style and colors (not to mention the main character) reminded me so much of it, that I wasn't too surprised to later find out that the shows were cousins. The problem I found with Wonderfalls as a viewer was that I just didn't care about some of the situations. Some of the episodes were fantastic--especially any of the episodes with Chelan Simmons or Jewel Staite guest starring, not to mention the one involving Jaye getting the family's housekeeper deported to Canada.

    Yet at the same time, outside of the one episode focusing on the family housekeeper, I just didn't care about Jaye's family or how they connected. For some reason their relationships just didn't pull me in and I found myself bored while viewing any scenes that were without Jaye. That definitely made some episodes drag on and left me not only uninterested, but unsure if it was worth to continue on with the series.

    I know that numerous viewers are going to disagree with me here--and that's great. I'm glad that they found something they loved. It's just that for my "disinfranchised youth" family dramadies, I definitely prefer Dead Like Me, which I highly recommend instead of, or in addition to, Wonderfalls.
  • Well, that\'s not exactly what I said when I first saw this, but I still loved it.

    I was bored when the first episode of this gem aired on Sky One. I decided to watch it, and I got hooked.
    The show is wittily written, with lots of black humour and biting irony. The episodes are laid out very well; the animals start to pester Jaye, characters are introduced, and all these loose ends pop up. But, by the end, all the loose ends are tied up, and everyone involved seems to leave with something about their lives better. It\'s hilarious, inspired and inspiring. And, you know, i usually only watch cartoons, but I love this.
  • Why, oh why did they end it?

    I really do not seem to know much about TV, apparently, because I was certain there would be a second season for this mega - super - ultra funny show.
    However irrational the plot may seem, the idea of talking animals / store merchandise , and the way they influence the plot, is great!
    The show itself is SOOO funny, and except for one or two episodes, it's very nice to watch, and is made of the stuff that would make a 10-seasons show.

    I simply do not understand how this show ended up being cancelled. This is, truly, one of the most disappointing things that happened in the passing year.
    I still hope someone would dig it up, and remake it.
  • Given a menu of television programming, Wonderfalls offers a fresh dessert with a dash of delicious moral topping.

    Why this program was cancelled will be an enigma for all time. But when a program makes me laugh, I consider it to be a "keeper."

    What is objectionable? Sex? There is more sex on OC. Violence? None. Humor? Lots. Religious objections? Where? Angst? Of course.

    Hope it can be saved.

  • Wonderfalls is a super funny, quirky and ORIGINAL show. FOX shoved it in a corner Friday 9pm slot with very little advertising and expected it to get good ratings with the 18-34 crowd. Gee wonder why that didn't work...

    This is definitely the most original show I've seen in a long time. It is super quirky and funny. I've converted many of my friends into fans from just the first episode. Most are hooked within 10 minutes of the show starting (think the 'sode scene with the family). Oh and the eye candy in the show is pretty good too ;)

    I know some people have compared it to Tru Calling and Joan of Arcadia because of the whole someone is talking to you thing but the show is way more creative than either of those. There is way more comedy and wit in Wonderfalls than both of those combined.

    It's a shame the show ended up on FOX. Even the WB aired all of the already filmed episodes of their failed shows (Tarzan, Birds of Prey). If FOX had just aired the rest of the episodes - of which ALL were filmed - the ratings would have definitely gone up.

    But at least we have the show on DVD and the fact that it is/was airing in the UK, Canada and curently on MTV's TOGO channel.
  • I understand

    I kind of understand why wonderfalls was cancelled because even though it was funny and a little bit different it was not all that good. I mean the whole plot of it was stupid \"a girl who stuffed toys talk to her that send her on little missions". if it had not been cancelled how long would it have gone on for anyway? if you really want to cry over it being cancelled give a thought to better shows which were given the axe like, like family and dead like me.
  • This show really deserves another chance.

    In a line-up of shows all hitting on the same these and spin-offs of spin-offs, we finally had something that was completely unique and really on the edge of reality. Really enjoyable television with fascinating charaacters. But the network pulled it after only a handful of episodes. It wasn't given a fair timeslot and it wasn't given a chance to gain an audience - not even enough time for word-of-mouth to bring people in! People were coming to check it out and found it had already been pulled! Give the show another chance! It was fantastic!
  • It never had a chance.

    Fox is evil. They take excellent shows and put them in horrible time slots and kill them! This show was so creative. The writing was great and the premise was original. I have no clue why the Fox people would put it in a dead time slot and not let it have a chance to build an audience. They killed not only Wonderfalls but Firefly too. I don't know why they would even take these shows if they were just going to bury them! Buy the DVD set. It is so funny and interesting. Maybe it was good that they only gave us 13 episodes so that it didn't have a chance to jump the shark.
  • Fox's quick hook for "Wonderfalls" proves that mainstream American viewers simply aren't ready for such quirkly, imaginative, and occasionally dark programming.

    Fox cancelled "Wonderfalls" in the spring of 2004 after airing only four episodes. Many fans speculate that Fox had it in for "Wonderfalls" from the start: Fox assigned the show a dreadful Friday night time slot for the first three episodes, then moved it to Thursday night for the final episode, opposite perennial favorites "Friends" and "CSI"; and Fox hardly promoted the show at all.

    Angry rumors aside, "Wonderfalls" makes for excellent viewing. The show revolves around 24 year-old Jaye Tyler, who works in the Niagara Falls souvenir shop from which the series draws its name. Jaye lacks for neither money--her parents appear to be loaded--nor education--she recently graduated from Brown with a philosophy degree--but she lives in a trailer park and holds an entry-level position at the store; suffice it to say she's not making much of her life. "Social misfit" doesn't quite describe Jaye; she's an outcast by her own choosing. "Misanthrope" might be a better adjective, actually. All that changes, however, when a "smooshed-face wax lion" from the souvenir shop begins giving her instructions. Other inanimate animal-shaped objects (e.g., a cow creamer, a bear in a barrel, a fish mounted on the wall) soon join the lion, advising Jaye to perform various actions--some dramatic, others simple--that invariably affect the lives of those she meets. Jaye initially tries to ignore these objects, alternately believing their messages to be from God, the Devil, or her own deranged mind, but the animals keep pestering her until she finally caves in and obeys them.

    I can understand why the show was never a hit with the mainstream audience so entranced with reality shows and "American Idol." "Wonderfalls" is at its tamest quirky and its most flamboyant just downright weird. It's a great show and I'm sorry that Fox pulled it, but part of me understands their reasoning. Two of the episodes that Fox did air, "Karma Chameleon" and "Wound-Up Penguin" are among the darkest and most unreal: They deal with a runaway who tries to become Jaye and an ex-nun who tries to perform an exorcism on Jaye, respectively. "'Joan of Arcadia'-minus-God" this is not.

    Many of the unaired episodes included on the DVD box set are much more in-line with "normal" programming. There's a fairly standard will-they-or-won't-they love story between Jaye and the bartender at what appears to be the only restaurant of any redeeming value in Niagara Falls. (We never see anyone in the show ever eat anywhere other than "The Barrel.") The twist comes in that the bartender (Eric) is still married to his cheating wife, Heidi; the two were on their honeymoon when he caught her with the bellboy. Heidi (Jewel Staite of "Firefly") appears in a few of the later unaired episodes. It's a pity that none of Staite's scenes made it to the air, as she turns in a terrific performance as a character far removed from the always-optimistic Kaylee.

    In fact, the entire cast of "Wonderfalls" is extraordinary talented. Caroline Dhavernas plays Jaye's light and dark sides equally well, which is refreshing in an era of one-note actors. Katie Finneran is also impressive as Jaye's much more successful older sister Sharon; I wish the writers would have made more use of her character after the revelations in the first episode.

    In any case, I think that "Wonderfalls" would have been far better suited for basic or premium cable, where audiences are usually more accepting of such off-the-wall shows. If you enjoy quirky, imaginative, and occasional dark television, then give "Wonderfalls" a shot; you'll almost certainly be impressed. If you're more a fan of the network bread-and-butter programming, then you might just want to pass this one by. (This is not by any means to imply that one type of viewer is superior to the other. Hey, I never miss an episode of "The Simpsons.")

    In the end, I regret that Fox cancelled "Wonderfalls" before it had a chance to establish a fan base, but part of me understands why. Perhaps one day the networks will stop producing carbon copies of the same show and take a chance on something more creative, but for now, we'll just have to take our refuge on cable.
  • It is a shame that few appreciate the wonders of Wonderfalls. Wonderfalls is not only unique and original. It is full of unpredictabilty humorous and contains a house of unusual and interesting characters.

    It is a shame that few appreciate the wonders of Wonderfalls. Wonderfalls is not only unique and original. It is full of unpredictabilty humorous and contains a house of unusual and interesting characters.

    Wonderfalls is a souvernir shop located in Niagra Falls and is where Jaye Tyler works. Jaye, a cynical woman who pays little or no attention to the people in her life. Is one day cursed with the ability to hear inanimate figurines talking to her. Driven by the voices of these objects, she carries out their wacky request. And only upon completing a chain of these errands does it's true purpose reveal itself.

  • This show made me realise there are people like me and Jaye out there...

    The very first time I saw Wonderfalls was like a revelation to me. I saw my life reflected on screen and felt like there were people out there just like me and Jaye. From then on, I loved watching it. I just wish it was back.It was one of the greatest shows of all times to me.
  • I didnt see the first episode so I don't how but she's spoken to by inament animals and commanded to do things. They're very vague and at first their meanings lead her in one direction. But in the end the REAL meaning comes out, by chance. Or is it?

    I so wonder who came up with this?! WHAT A GREAT PREMISE! I love how different it is... The animals are kind of silly though, lol, but they\'re bearable. This show is Fabulous, omg. I love it so much for its misguiding-ness(?) and it\'s “greater purpose.” It horribly misleading but at times refreshingly resulting. I really really HATED the one about the girl that copied her. Omfg she was moving in on her man and her life. And i HATED what the animals actually meant. “Get her words out” ahhhh are you serious?! Write her story for her and give her credit and the money?? WTF?! OMG that\'s why I took off four points. I also took off another because the acting isn\'t that good. I think Jaye Tyler should be prettier, but that\'s just me. I do really like this show though, like the one about the “French” maid. That was so good and so saddening. Remember when the REAL French maid was like “oblong,” (or something like that) “That was the word you spelled.” I almost cried. Any ways, I hear that its been canceled. So only five(?) episodes??? NOOOOOO. BRING IT BACK!!
  • BUMMER! One season and that´s it?

    This was absolutely amazing. It was an absolute coincidence that I got the DVD´s. Never heard about it before which is quite normal because I live in Germany. I wish we had such great stuff on TV over here. As a non-native english speaking girl it was fun to listen to the great dialogues. The characters were well done. I have no idea which episode was the best but in the end I was so sad when I read that this wasn´t a success and that there will be no more episodes at all. I love happy ends and so I was happy seeing Jay ending up with Eric.
  • A smart, reclusive girl finds that there's something bigger than her mind can conceive and it's speaking to her through toy animals and stuffed fish. Following these voices leads to a whole new life-changing experience, full of angst and love.

    Interesting, smartly written, directed and acted; a must-see. Each actor is awesome and perfect for each role. Tackles subjects like questioning one's sanity, spiritual awakenings, broken hearts, sibling rivalry, existence, and helping endangered birds mate, for instance, with wit, good sense, and the kind of dialogue that "got me laughing, now you got me crying" as the title song (also brilliant) says. Someone made a bad decision to cancel this show. Bring it back for another season!
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