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  • Fox should never have cancelled this gem. It was already an excellent show after only four episodes.

    Wonderfalls was a show that at first glance appears to be a ripoff of Joan of Arcadia a similarly themed and too early cancelled show. In Hollywood it often is the case that someone gets an idea and it makes its way through the studios and then it will spawn two eerily similar ideas. Remember when the movies Armegeddon and Deep Impact came out during the same summer movie season? Which one was the original and which was copied is, at least to me, unknown, the show are significantly differnet in tone to easily separate them. If Joan was a replacement for Touched by an Angel Wonderfalls was more acurately described as Touched by a Crazy Person. It follows the life of a very unhappy hero the acerbic Jaye as her life is turned upside down by the sudden ability for fake animals to talk only to her. She ponders whether or not she is going crazy as do the viewers. The animals send her on tasks with ambiguous statements that end up with a usually quaint result, but always funny. After just four shows I was hooked and wanted more too bad FOX can't understand when it has a good show on its hands. They seemed to have started to reverse the cancel first check for quality later with the renewal of the best show that NOBODY watches Arrested Development and return of the DVD king Family Guy.
  • "...by far the best self-contained single season of television ever created."

    Wonderfalls, how we hardly knew ye. A mid-season replacement in early 2004 that went unnoticed, and has sadly faded into obscurity. Getting the full-on Fox treatment, only two episodes ever aired, and these episodes were shown a few more times on different nights and times. The biggest crime is that Wonderfalls was the best series of the year, and is by far the best self-contained single season of television ever created. Other than the facts on record, there's really nothing else that can be said other than to find a way to watch it, and mourn with the rest of us. As can be said about many shows that end prematurely, at least what we have is perfect, and we can be glad that the network never got a chance to stagnate the writers. Wonderfalls is true bliss.
  • One of the most underappreciated shows ever.

    I can't believe it got canceled! It was original, quirky, funny and cosy. I liked the mood in the series. It was one of those shows that had a good message (helping people), but managed to remain funny and not get too sentimental like for instance, 7th Heaven.

    It's not often I like the female characters on TV, because I feel they waste most of the creative writing on men. This was one of the few exceptions for me. Jaye had more personality than what we usually see in women on TV. That was one of the main reasons I liked this show so much, I liked the characters. I have to like the characters on TV in order to feel for them, if I don't like them I just want them to die horribly.

    Luckily it had a proper ending at least.
  • The best one season TV show ever.

    Only one season of 'Wonderfalls' has been created, but even that was enough to make me fall in love with the show on the one hand, and cry out loud on the other hand due to the fact that one could enjoy the show for so short a time. It is indeed a pity, that 'Wonderfalls' was under-appreciated, and thus was canceled after its first and only season, as 'Wonderfalls' was interesting, captivating and really fresh show.
    The show concentrates on young and bright heroine Jaye Tyler, played by a really goon Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas, who is a total underachiever, working in a dead-end job, and with no real intentions on moving on in any way. She understands her dead end position, but she is not really willing to do anything to change that. And that would be that, if not for a fact that one day animal toys start talking to her telling to do different stuff as if the universe itself wants her to move on with her life. And here starts the adventures and all the funny situations :)
    Delightful :D
  • Excellent, underappreciated show

    I didn't expect much out of Wonderfalls. Actually, I haven't even heard of it. It was recommended to me by an online acquaintance. After watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I was looking for another good serial to watch. So, I decided to give Wonderfalls a try.

    The premise was interesting, but I was skeptical. The first episode got me hooked, but the second was less than overwhelming. However, each episode just got better and better from there on, until I watched the entire season in just 2 days. It's very corny humour and a show that can't be taken seriously, yet you do take it almost too seriously sometimes. It's like a rollercoaster that takes you on a crazy, insane ride that's unpredictable.

    Definitely worth your time and money (if you plan to buy the DVD, which I intend to buy despite the fact that I've already watched the entire season)
  • Talking lion, talking monkey, talking flamingo, and their not even alive!

    Fox tends to do something to wonderfully written, creative shows...they get rid of them. This is a prime example of that. Wonderfalls is an unusual but great show. How many other shows do you get stuffed animals talking to the lead charcter? Focusing on Jaye Tyler, a 20 something woman who lives and works near Niagra Falls, with a philosophy degree from Brown, working at a gift shop as a clerk. The character is honest and refreshing. She says what we all feel. Once day a wax lion beings talking to her, telling her to do things. She finally gives in just to get it to shut up, and suddenly, everything is right where it should be. Trying to figure out if she is crazy or if something is going on, Jaye slowly gets everyone she knows involved in the crazy things she does!
  • An excellent series, cancelled too soon.

    This is an underrated show with a unique and joyful sense of style and wit that hasn't been equalled since it left the air. With the dropping of "Pushing Daisies" this season the magic should be recaptured. The pilot certainly gives me hope, and Lee Pace has never been better. I miss Caroline Davernas, and pray to the powers that be that she gets a spot on another show, and soon. I always thought that "Wonderfalls" had one of the best ensemble casts ever assembled.
  • Brilliant!. So familiar

    This show is brilliant! Very witty and kept me at edge and i cant forget HILARIOUS! most shows of it's time were so boring and i think the cancellation was a dumb decision on Fox's part! Jay is of course my favorite character and should be a role model for all young american girls...Jay Tyler doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks of her which is a trait that we should all have. to bad there wasn't a second season. I'm sure that there are a lot more fans of Wonderfalls than you think. like i said before, it's such a shame it had to end early...
  • A quirky story about a girl and a boy and inanimate object talking...

    AH Wonderfalls. Another great show which was canned far too early. Set in Niagra Falls, Wonderfalls was the story of Jane Tyler who had a dead end job and lived in caravan. Her life was just passing her by until one day a squashed wax lion figurine started to speak to her and drive her mostly insane to carry out actions which ended up making someone's life better. She falls in love with a bar man who left his wife on his honeymoon because she was cheating on him, in their honeymoon bed, with the waiter. The show should have gone on for longer than 13 episodes, the story was sweet but not sickly and it was always fun watching Jane try and decypher the cryptic clues the objects would tell her to do. The love story was sweet and heartbreaking too. This was another Bryan Fuller classic which went far too early. Let's hope Pushing Daisies doesn't go the same way.
  • Can't believe it got canceled.

    I was so sad when this show got canceled! I watched every episode and eventually bought the box-set. It was so interesting and intelligent. Not to mention I loved the show's pairings. Jaye and Eric (for a little while..) Aaron and Mahondra, so perfect!
    I'm not totally sure why it didn't have a bigger following, because I was certainly addicted. Jaye's dead-pan deliveries of her lines were hilarious, and her parents were so funny. Just too bad it had to end. If they brought it back now, I'd TOTALLY watch it. I'm desperate to know what happens with Jaye & Eric. :(
  • Cancelled way before it's time...stupid FOX!

    This show was (and still is) one of my personal favourites. The main character was freaking awesome, she was an original; sarcastic, lazy, but carking and kind at the same time. I thought all of the characters were well cast, really enjoyed the bits with her family, and "mouthbreather" was hilarious. I loved how each episode played out, the viewer was never quite sure how things were going to turn out. It never seemed to turn out the way I thought it would, which was a nice suprise in today's world of VERY predicitable story-telling. I could not believe when this was cancelled.....way before it's time. At least they had the decency to bring it out on DVD. Check this out, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and the talking animals (especially the brass monkey) were priceless!
  • A Great highly creative show! Sorry to see it go!

    Even though though this show has similarities to Joan Of Arcadia which was out at the same time. It was much more edgy and quirky with a real sardonic sense of humor. Joan Of Arcadia is a drama with touches of humor and a lot a pathos. But Wonderfalls is a dark twisty comedy. It explores the life of Gen X slacker Jaye Tyler. A Brown graduate who choses to not achieve, working in Niagra Falls at a gift shop (named Wonderfalls) doing retail and living in a trailer. But then her non engaging life style gets shaken up when inanimate objects (always of an animal) start talking to her and telling her to do strange things that eventually turn out for the best in end. The animation of these animals is very well done and those scenes are very funny. Her relationship with her overachieving family and siblings brings out the right amount of tension and always lead to you to a laugh. This show may not be for everyone. But if you have a dark sense of humor,like pulling for the underdog and have a crazy family you'll probably relate to and love this show!
  • Why did the network cancel this?

    This show is one of the best of all time and can only be seen now on DVD or on Logo (TV channel). It is written by the guy who wrote Dead Like Me, a show which was also canceled. They weren't canceled because they were bad; they were canceled because Amaricans want to see fast paced action and under no sircomstance do they want to see laugh out lound comedy TV shows. Be smarter then Fox and accually give this show a try by at least watching half of the episodes, instead of only three, which is how many aired before Fox canceled it. Do you call that giving it a chance? I know I don't.
  • This critically acclaimed dramedy was great! It's about a twenty-something gift shop worker named Jaye Tyler, just out of Brown University, discovers that figurines start talking to her to do something.

    I was a fan of the show since it began in April 2004. I remember watching it on FOX, and then the network cancelled it after four episodes. I was going to start a petition to bring the show back. I remember watching the complete series on dvd. I am glad that I got to watch the nine unaired episodes on dvd. Jaye Tyler is my favorite main character of the series. She can understand the inanimate figurines are talking to her. She works at the Niagra Falls Gift Shop as a cashier in Niagra Falls, New York.
  • Another Victim of Idiotic Fox Programming

    This show was spectacularly funny, smart and quirky. Created by the same mind behind Dead Like Me, this show was never given a chance by Fox. They showed 4 episodes and cancelled the 5th episode about an hour before it was supposed to air. The DVD set at least allowed you to have closure with the show since they ended it well but the show was never given a chance by Fox, they just moved it around, didn't promote it and cancelled it before it could grow an audience. Jade's(the main character) family was hilarious. I loved her lesbian uptight sister, her posh mother and her dingbat father. She worked a crappy job, drank like a fish and looked for love, who couldn't love that woman or that show. Shame on Fox for cancelling this and other spectacular shows.
  • This isn\'t so much a review, as it is a commentary. The network that dropped this show, seriously screwed the pooch. Allow me to explain.

    I don't usually watch television, I only turn my T.V. on about once a month and usually only for a few minutes or to watch a movie. I usually don't watch, because there isn't anything worth watching. If I hear about a show, I'll maybe try to catch an episode to see what the hype is about, but usually that is where it ends. There hasn't been a show that has truly impressed me in years. I was visiting my mother this weekend, and I got bored, so I looked at her pitiful DVD collection, and found something I'd never heard of called "Wonderfalls". I figured it might be good enough to kill a half an hour (long enough for me to get to sleep) so I put it in. I ended up watching the entire 3 disc set. I couldn't turn away. This is the kind of show that I would go out and buy TiVo for, if only it was still on (in fact, that's why I googled it-found it cancelled and came here). If a show is good enough to keep someone like me glued to a television until 5:30 in the morning, then it's a VERY, VERY good show that could have made a lot of money.
  • The ratings were low because a majority of the public were too stuck on watching easy shows like american idol where there was no thinking (or talent) required.

    FOX; they will renew shows like american idol and cops yet they get rid of shows like wonderfalls because of low ratings. The ratings were low because a majority of the public were too stuck on watching easy shows like american idol where there was no thinking (or talent) required.
  • This show made me realise there are people like me and Jaye out there...

    The very first time I saw Wonderfalls was like a revelation to me. I saw my life reflected on screen and felt like there were people out there just like me and Jaye. From then on, I loved watching it. I just wish it was back.It was one of the greatest shows of all times to me.
  • Why, oh, why??

    This show was great! It was funny, sarcastic, and always had an interesting twist. I was very upset when this show got cancelled. It had all the great things that make up a really good show, good lines, story and actors. It's funny how good shows like this one get the boot, and then we have to put up with things like "According to Jim"
  • A wonder that falls, really. A really pity.

    Jaye is a gorgeous character: no too perfect, not too staring,not too stupid... just enough to be almost perfect (and of course, she is beautiful). The other characters are great too, sticking up the great Mahandra (big personification, plus); but the family, the relationships, even the blody rattler animals, are super sweet, clever and very, very delightfuly.
  • It's normal to have animal figurines talk to you...Right?

    Wonderfalls was one of those shows that I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Sure, I saw the preview with the cow creamer talking to Jaye, but I simply thought she was a woman with problems, mentally. Boy, was I wrong! Well, almost (I suppose it's never proven that Jaye's NOT insane). Right from the opening sequence I knew this was something completely different. And then came the wax lion. The wax lion that can talk. Why are these animal figurines suddenly talking to Jaye? Well, that's the problem. I'd like to tell you that by the end of our story in Niagra Falls, everything is laid out on the table for us and we have the perfect ending, but I can't because the brilliant powers that be at FOX don't think we deserve that. At least here, we have some sort of closure with the relationships Jaye has with her family and friends. It's interesting to see the direction Jaye goes in life from the beginning of the series to the end. Our favorite Gen-Y slacker gets plenty of guidance from her talking pals to assist other people out of trouble, and even send herself on the path to self-actualization. So, even though we never find out who's behind all the madness in Wonderfalls, we get an excellent and intriguing story that's worth being seen.
  • Jaye Tyler is a bright, beautiful underachiever who works in a dead-end job in Niagara Falls. That is, until inanimate animal characters of all types suddenly become animated, and started giving her cryptic messages that drive the action of each episode.

    It's a crime that this quirky, very original one-hour sitcom was cancelled. The lead character, Caroline Dhavernas, played Jaye Tyler, a bright, beautiful underachiever who worked in a dead-end job in a Niagara Falls gift shop. She was responsibility and committment-phobic. That is, until inanimate animal characters of all types–stuffed ones, sculpted ones, cartoons, road signs, whatever–suddenly became animated, and started giving her cryptic messages that drove the action of each episode. She always followed the advice, and usually it worked out for the best, when she succeeded in figuring out what it really meant. Only Jaye and the TV viewers could see the animated characters, so we were never really sure whether this was really happening, or a symptom of Jaye's mental Illness. Please bring Wonderfalls back!
  • A tragedy in the world of television only to be rediscovered on DVD.

    Another very different yet enjoyable show from creator Bryan Fuller who is also responsible for the greatness that was Dead Like Me. Wonderfalls was for me one of those shows that takes a while to really get into. In fact it wasn't until episode 8 that I truely found myself inlove with the great show.

    It's a shame that FOX cut this show after it's 4th episode before even reaching it's prime.

    This show for many may be seen as silly but to those who are looking for a differnt kind of show and not the usual bore that exists on today's television, will enjoy it.
  • Quirky, dramatic, and utterly hilarious.

    I was quite excited when I heard about this show. It sounded really cool. In fact, days after Fox had announced that "Wonderfalls" would be premiering in January, I marked my calendar, threw up a fansite, and waited.

    However, during the premiere, I was unfortunate enough to have my mother in the room, and she bugged me to change the channel after hearing the constant language. I tried to justify it by saying the language had probably been used to get Fox to buy it, and episodes later wouldn't be as bad, but she didn't listen. So I had to change the channel. And after that, I was never home on Fridays and the next thing I knew, Fox had canceled it. I consequently just forgot about it.

    A couple of weeks ago I happened across a "Wonderfalls" set on Ebay and bought it. It came just a few days ago and I popped it in and watched over half of the 13 episodes. I was right, it seems. After the pilot the language is not bad at all, just a few words per ep. And the show is highly original, and so funny yet dramatic that whenever I watch it a constant smile is on my face.

    I understand that Gail Berman, the head of Fox, wa s also in love with this show, and was sad to see it go, and therefore released the rights in hopes that another network would snatch it up. Sadly, no one did, and all that will ever be is those 13 beautiful episodes.

    The premise of the series is quite original, but also similar to "Joan of Arcadia". (Although this premiered after JoA, in the same season, each show was being developed at the same time so it's simply coincidence.) The main character is a 24-year-old college graduate who has ended up working retail in a tourist shop at Niagra Falls, called Wonderfalls. In the pilot, animal figures begin talking to her and prompting her to do things. Is she crazy? Is it God? Is it Satan?

    Well, presumably, from gathering clues in the episodes and watching the extras on the DVD, it's God. Although from the things those creatures say you wouldn't think it...

    If this show looks interesting to you at all, please buy it. I promise you, it would be money well spent.
  • Delightfully quirky story of an ordinary girl whose world turns extraordinary.

    A pity this show only had one season. The basic premise, while similar to that of "Joan of Arcadia", is more subtle -- Jaye receives baffling instructions from unlikely sources, and the smallest of her actions cause significant changes in the lives of those around her. Nonetheless, the characters are well drawn and likeable, the acting, direction, script and production values are very fine.

    But what really makes this show shine is the fearlessly innovative storytelling techniques. Scene changes look like changing slides in a ViewMaster. Camera angles swirl around drunkenly. Simple pans suddenly speed up to breakneck pace or slow to a molasses crawl. Plots switch directions unexpectedly. And the whole thing is drenched in a perfectly tuned sense of wit.

  • Super Quirky and Super Lovable

    I really liked the shows humour and plot lines. It's a quirky one though so you have to be open to that to enjoy it. The main character's personality sends me up the wall and her relationships with her family and friends can be both sad and hilarious but in the best way.
  • Great Show

    People just don't appreciate witty shows anymore. This was a great dark comedy that never got a chance to find its niche. Just because these kind of shows require writers and actually thinking as oppossed to the the reality crap that is all over tv at this point. Was just glas that they were smart enough to put the whole season 1 available on dvd so that we can at least see as much of the show as was developed. Much like arrested development a good comedy is never really appreciated anymore. This is what happens when reality tv dominates.
  • A Joan of Arc type girl is summoned to do things presumably by God via inanimate animals: eg. Wax figurines, lawn flamingos, etc.

    This show is so frickin' awesome! Shame on the Fox network for cancelling this wonderful show that I am only now getting to enjoy on DVD. I love the wax lion! Smooch faced or not that lion is ridiculously hilarious. And Oh my gosh Tyron Leitso is so hot! This show is bound to be a one season classic for DVD collectors. It is also bound to bite Fox in the butt for cancelling one of the most creative shows to date. I'm going to go buy this series as soon as I get the chance... and I will be on the look out for a smooch faced lion!
  • Jaye has a degree from Brown and works in a gift shop. One day a wax lion starts talking to her.

    One of my all-time favorite shows. It's got a lot of laugh out loud moments, lots of tender moments, and some tear jerker moments. The only episode that I could do without is Barrel Bear. It's a shame that the morons at Fox don't seem to realize when they have a real gem of a show on their hands. Wonderfalls and Firefly were cancelled before they were given a real chance. I found this show on netflix and was curious. I'm glad I tried it. Now I own it on DVD and my sister begs me to let her borrow it all the time. Watch this show and you'll love it too.
  • Axed wayyyy before it's time

    The episodes of Wonderfalls that aired were amazing television, the ones that didn't were about ten times better. With each episode the series got funnier and more entertaining, so it's a shame that it went off the air when it did. It's also a shame that we only got those fourteen episodes, because from what I've heard they had some crazy plans for the second and third seasons. Alas, no such luck, so how about some form of continuation of this series, pretty please?
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