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  • Jaye is an underacheiver. She finished college and took a job as a sales clerk. Jaye has a problem. She seems to be getting messages from inanimate objects. They give her vague instructions on helping people that she must figure out on her own.

    Jaye one day started seeing inanimate objects talking to her via cgi animation. However, the messages are too vague and lead to Jaye having to scramble about to figure out what she is suppose to do. Another interesting aspect of the show is that we are never really sure of Jaye's sanity. Since no one else can see the objects talk the audience is left to decide for themselves if she is psychic,recieving devine messages or just off her tree. With a loving but slightly dysfunctional family and group of friends to try and figure out what's up with Jaye's wacky behavior. Its quirky and witty. Its shows that the Fox network didn't give a enough time to find its audience. I would have watched this show with no problem if fox hadn't been so impatience for instant hit. After 4 episode Fox cancelled the show.