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  • Guilty pleasure or maybe there is deep meaning within the show. The decision is yours to make but the humor is for all to enjoy. That is if you find talking plastic lions that make you do the right thing funny.

    It is such a stupid idea a little plastic lion that talks to this young woman. I saw the first show and was hooked. I could not stop laughing. I do not care if she is really hearing the monkey, lion, or pink flamingo. I do not want to figure out if she is schizophrenic and hearing voices of hearing the voice of G_d. I never want these questions answers. I just enjoy the humor of it. Jaye is a self-center individual that only does things for herself. She is now forced by inanimate objects to do the right thing or be tormented until she does by their endless chatter. Now, that would be such a nice punishment to give to any ego-centric individual that has invaded my life. A schizophrenic turned good by the voices they heard. I love watching her be tormented into to doing the right thing. And, by the way, would she stop hearing voices if she did the right thing independent of her voices. Or, have the voices shown her that those of us that do the right thing, are actual ego-centric because we get joy from the acts of kindness we do. Again, these are questions best left unanswered because they allow the show its humor. It is a must to watch and luckily it is on DVD. If you ever need a good laugh but want to be left with a few questions so as not to feel too guilty about watching a mindless silly show... because maybe there is inter-meaning to be had here. or not.
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