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  • A Great highly creative show! Sorry to see it go!

    Even though though this show has similarities to Joan Of Arcadia which was out at the same time. It was much more edgy and quirky with a real sardonic sense of humor. Joan Of Arcadia is a drama with touches of humor and a lot a pathos. But Wonderfalls is a dark twisty comedy. It explores the life of Gen X slacker Jaye Tyler. A Brown graduate who choses to not achieve, working in Niagra Falls at a gift shop (named Wonderfalls) doing retail and living in a trailer. But then her non engaging life style gets shaken up when inanimate objects (always of an animal) start talking to her and telling her to do strange things that eventually turn out for the best in end. The animation of these animals is very well done and those scenes are very funny. Her relationship with her overachieving family and siblings brings out the right amount of tension and always lead to you to a laugh. This show may not be for everyone. But if you have a dark sense of humor,like pulling for the underdog and have a crazy family you'll probably relate to and love this show!