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  • I now spend my time wondering if toy animals are gonna start talking to me.

    This show was in syndication on Logo but I passed it by so many times as it was described as a show about a girl and her dysfunctional family. Not something I was entirely inclined to watch.

    However, a friend showed me the pilot several months ago and I was hooked. I really loved the stand-offish girl Jaye who graduated from an ivy league school with a degree in philosophy and lives in a trailer park doing retail, with a contrast of her perfect successful family who all have rhyming names. I also loved how she was so unwillingly pulled into helping people by inanimate objects.

    The premise is a strange one so it is clear to me how the show can be disliked, but if you like strange premises or intriguing premises, do not pass this show up. It's unique, it's quirky, and despite it's shortness it comes together ina really clean way. Though I wish there had been more, the ending does leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. Wonderfalls is a great watch for anyone looking for some laughs.