Season 1 Episode 9

Safety Canary

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Macaws at the zoo are named Lauren and Humphrey - they are likely named after the actors Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, who were married.

  • Quotes

    • (Mahandra rings the Tyler's doorbell, and Aaron answers the door in his boxers)
      Aaron: What'd they lose now, an alligator?
      Mahandra: I accept your challenge.
      Aaron: Ok. (He steps forward. They come together and share a tender kiss)
      Mahandra: I'm not laughing.
      Aaron: No, you're trembling.

    • Savage: (Commenting on the fact that the birds are having sex in Sharon's car) How unusual that they'd chose a car...
      Mahandra: Why? That's where I first did it.

    • Eric: Feel that?
      Jaye: It's your heart... It's beating.
      Eric: Know what that means?
      Jaye: Um... You're not dead?

    • Aaron: What is she doing with those birds anyway? Is she gonna use their babies in a ritual?
      Mahandra: Only thing that's gonna get sacrificed tonight is the heart of a certain unsuspecting bartender.
      Aaron: Ah. Right. He did seem like a man marked for heartbreak.
      Mahandra: You saw it, too?
      Aaron: Well, I mean--he was with her. Why does she do that to them anyway? You know that exchange student from Prague still e-mails me about her.
      Mahandra: She's like a bug zapper. Long as I've known her guys have been throwing themselves at her. Maybe if she was more like some of us less magnetic types she wouldn't be so quick to throw 'em back.
      Aaron: I think you're magnetic.
      Mahandra: Yeah, well, for all my innate magnetism I haven't really been attracting a lot of the brothers in the greater Niagara region lately.
      Aaron: I'm somebody's brother.
      Mahandra: Yeah, right. My best friend's brother. Like that's gonna happen!
      Aaron: Why not?
      Mahandra: Well, for one thing if we ever even tried to kiss, we'd both never stop laughing.
      Aaron: Bet we could get through it.
      Mahandra: Doubtful.
      Aaron: I challenge you. I challenge you to a kiss.
      Mahandra: Shut up!

    • Eric: (After Jaye attacks him with a kiss) Don't mean to look a gift mouth in the mouth... but what was that for?
      Jaye: It was uh... for the birds.
      Eric: The birds?
      Jaye: I thought maybe your pheromones were chasing them away again, so I figured if we dissipated them...
      Eric: Oh. Good theory -- (leaning in) For the birds...
      Jaye: The birds...

    • Sharon (Holding a battered child's shoe in one hand): JAYE! Oh my God. I found this outside in the gutter. It could be a clue! (To the others> I came as soon as I got the message about the missing children. (To a crying Penelope) Are you their mother? Aw, those poor babies. We will find them!

    • Aaron: I wanna see an engorged cloaca!
      Penelope: You can't! I told you, your powerful sexual chemistry is too distracting!
      Aaron: I get that a lot actually.

    • Jaye (To Eric): You could be waiting a long time. I mean, these birds only mate like once every five years -- and we don't really know when it was they last got any. Probably better if you just...
      Mahandra (off-screen): They're mating!
      Jaye: What?
      Mahandra and Penelope run out of the kitchen
      Penelope: Lauren's cloaca is fully engorged!
      Mahandra: They're totally doing it!

    • Jaye: I'm not a love killer.
      Mahandra: Well, actually the bird lady was kind of right about that. Well, half right, you don't just kill love, you stalk it, you toy with it, then you kill it. You're the huntress and love is your prey.

    • Eric: (to Jaye) You don't know me at all do you? Do I seem like a guy who's looking for safe? That's your excuse? Well it's total crap! If you don't want to be with me thats fine, but don't tell me it's for my own good. It's not me you're protecting.

    • Sharon: (Believing the missing birds are children) We will find them!
      Aaron: They're birds.
      Jaye: Yeah, I uh, probably shouldn't have said babies, so much as birds... (Defensively) It's a 'B' word.
      Sharon: I can think of another 'B' word.

    • Safety Canary: [to Jaye] Take a picture, it'll last longer!

    • Mahandra: Oh, my God, Jaye. You cannot do this to him. You promised.
      Jaye: I know. I'm trying to save him... by avoiding him so I could be with him. But I can't go near him, or I'll destroy him. So if I could just manage to stay away from him then maybe we could be together. Please don't repeat that back to me.

    • Penelope: The birds are traumatized. And now they have nobody to talk to.
      Jaye: Those birds talk?
      Penelope: They talk to me.
      (Jaye nods)
      Penelope: You wouldn't understand.
      Jaye: (whispers to herself) I wish I didn't.

  • Notes

    • Episode Music: Love is in the Air by John Paul Young

    • William Sadler (Darrin Tyler) and Diana Scarwid (Karen Tyler) do not appear in this episode.

    • Eric drove a red truck in this episode, as he did in the episode Barrel Bear. In the episode Lovesick Ass, Jaye hotwired Eric's car to drive to his rescue and his car was a red convertible.

    • A scene in which Jaye goes to Penelope to persuade her to help liberate the macaws from the zoo has been cut out of this episode.

    • "Safety Canary" is actually a picture of a canary on a sign at the zoo's exotic birds house, displaying the words "No Flash Photography."

    • We learn that the EPS guy, Thomas, and the nurse that Jaye helped set up in the Pilot (Wax Lion) are no longer together. Does this mean that the things Jaye does aren't supposed to be permanent?

    • Sex scenes between Sharon and Beth and Thomas and Beth were cut out.

    • This episode set up a storyline in season 2. Thomas and Beth had sex and just a few minutes later, Sharon and Beth had sex, Sharon would get impregnated from his semen, causing a mircle birth storyline. The orignal script called for animated sperm swimming across the screen when Thomas and Beth were having sex, and then the sperm swam the opposite way when Beth and Sharon had sex to show this happening.

    • Features a "In Memory of Kellie Waymire" after the episode. She played Penelope in the episode and died of cardiac arrhythmia November 13, 2003.

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