Season 1 Episode 9

Safety Canary

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Aaron: What is she doing with those birds anyway? Is she gonna use their babies in a ritual?
      Mahandra: Only thing that's gonna get sacrificed tonight is the heart of a certain unsuspecting bartender.
      Aaron: Ah. Right. He did seem like a man marked for heartbreak.
      Mahandra: You saw it, too?
      Aaron: Well, I mean--he was with her. Why does she do that to them anyway? You know that exchange student from Prague still e-mails me about her.
      Mahandra: She's like a bug zapper. Long as I've known her guys have been throwing themselves at her. Maybe if she was more like some of us less magnetic types she wouldn't be so quick to throw 'em back.
      Aaron: I think you're magnetic.
      Mahandra: Yeah, well, for all my innate magnetism I haven't really been attracting a lot of the brothers in the greater Niagara region lately.
      Aaron: I'm somebody's brother.
      Mahandra: Yeah, right. My best friend's brother. Like that's gonna happen!
      Aaron: Why not?
      Mahandra: Well, for one thing if we ever even tried to kiss, we'd both never stop laughing.
      Aaron: Bet we could get through it.
      Mahandra: Doubtful.
      Aaron: I challenge you. I challenge you to a kiss.
      Mahandra: Shut up!