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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Pink Flamingos

  • Jaye says "I know that guy and that guy. And her, and her, and her, and him." - Obviously the three hers must include Mahandra, Karen and Gretchen. She forgot Lucy Simpson, who she mentioned in the trailer with Mahandra earlier this episode, and Margaret Wayne, who she was also discussing about her at The Barrel with Mahandra in the pilot.

  • At The Barrel, the last time Jaye says "No, I don't", her lips don't move.

  • When the car crashes into Darin, we hear metal-hollow trash can noises, even though he was hauling plastic recyling bins and there were no metal trash cans in sight.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Crime Dog

  • In Sharon's last flashback, her mother tells her to go talk to Darrin as "she's his favorite" and Aaron instantly says "I thought I was his favorite." The first time this happens, Aaron doesn't say this line until Sharon is out of the room.

  • When Cindy approaches Jaye with the stack of pancakes, she never puts them on the table but when the view shifts to Jaye, the stack is in front of her. Yvette could not have put them there this fast and would have had to walk around the table first to reach Jaye.

  • When Jaye locks the driver side door on Aaron, wouldn't the logical thing for Aaron to do be to go to the passenger side door, which Jaye did not lock?

  • When Jaye turns to look at the Cow Creamer in her car after landing the car on Cindy's parents' lawn (cue: "No way!"), the Cow Creamer is not on the dashboard.

  • Jaye is wearing her "Wonderfalls" work vest when she comes to her parents' house in the morning. If her vest is at the store, how did she get it before going to work?

  • Yvette, the loyal housekeeper "who practically raised" the Tylers, does not appear in any other episode. According to the commentary on the DVD, this is because they didn't have the money to bring the actress back for any other episodes.

  • The "previously on" segment for this episode includes a scene of Aaron opening a safe full of porno tapes. This scene does not appear at any point in the series as released.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Barrel Bear

  • When Millie Marcus is sitting down for a cupper at Karen Tyler's parents house while discussing a possible book there's a bug on Millie Markus that crawls down the front of her coat. This occurs While Karen Tyler's farther is telling Millie Marcus that she is an American hero.

  • When Mahandra starts to erase the video tape, Eric's mouth is closed. When the view shifts to him, his mouth is still wide open.

  • Time seems to move a bit too quickly in this episode. When Eric, Mahandra, and Millie are stealing the barrel from Vivian's house, it is the afternoon. When they arrive at Niagara Falls, it is already night.

  • When the Barrel Bear tells Jaye, "It's never too late," the mouth does not move.

  • Apparently, security is very bad at Wonderfalls. Jaye walks out of the store at the beginning of the episode with the Barrel Bear and no alarm goes off. Then again, when she took the stuffed chameleon with her (Episode "Karma Chameleon") nothing happened then either.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Muffin Buffalo

  • Jaye took the afternoon off from work. It doesn't make sense for her to go to Wonderfalls at the end of the episode to lock up.

  • In Pat's trailer, when Jay passes the table, she sees a miniature pool table and a jump rope on the table. In the next shot, when holds on to the refrigerator, the jump rope is gone but the pool table is still there.

  • In the bar, after Jaye says "Spread the word" to Mahandra, a man in a yellow sweater stands up behind her and leaves. A second later, when Mahandra bends down to take off her shoe, the same man stands up to leave again.

  • The previous night, when Jaye and Aaron were taking pictures of Fat Pat's trailer, they took a picture of a lawn ornament of a boy and girl kissing. In the shot of Jaye leaving Pat's trailer, the lawn ornament is gone.

  • During the family game night, the clock next to Jaye and her father doesn't change time.

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