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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Wax Lion

  • In this episode we find out that Sharon is a lesbian.

  • It is revealed in the DVD commentary that the final scene with Jaye and Sharon, where Jaye says "I love you" was filmed about 6 months after the preceding scenes were filmed. Sharon's hair is styled different and her cleavage is not as pronounced. Caroline Dhavernas is actually thinner and has a tan.

  • Due to some clever camera tricks and computer generated images, it appears that the store opens up into a quad that looks over Niagara Falls. In reality, this is not the case. There is no actual Wonderfalls store. The actual store front used is located in the court yard of the Liberty Grand Complex in Toronto.

  • Jaye claims that Niagara Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but it isn't. Although there isn't an official list of the Seven Wonders, they are generally accepted to be the Grand Canyon, the Northern Lights, Mount Everest, Paricutin Volcano, the Harbour at Rio de Janeiro, Victoria Falls and the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Shots of the old and new Wonderfalls Gift Emporium sign and logo are intermixed.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Karma Chameleon

  • Bianca says she stole Jaye's wallet from her pocket the night before. However, the night before, Jaye was wearing a skirt with no pockets.

  • Notice nobody from the family leaves money for their meals before leaving?

  • In the teaser at the table, Aaron puts down the book, then it cuts to him with the book in his hands without picking it up, and then is cut to him eating from his plate.

  • More bafflying math: During the book blurb discussion, Jaye says that Aaron got 26 words and Sharon got 19. Sharon says she counted 22 words for herself. If Jaye's count is right, the total word count for Aaron and Sharon is 45. If Sharon is right, their total word count is 48. However, when Jaye pouts to the Eric the bartender and Mahandra, she says her siblings got 51 combined.

  • OK, one last addictiion to the trailer park thing: Aarons five words are "and lives in a trailer-park". With a little hyphen. That makes makes ,Trailer-park' one word.

  • Response: Actually, you could have it grammatically correct by saying "Jaye, a daughter, is 24, living in a trailer park." I think that is what he meant, because the word "and" signifies here is what you would add.

  • Nope, Aaron says, "and living in a trailer park." Otherwise the sentence would be lousy grammar - "Jaye, a daughter, is twenty-four living in a trailer park." He's supposed to be a smart one.

  • On pizza night, the very first shot we see coming back from the commercials, Sharon and Aaron are about 1 good meter away from each other. Then for the close-up shots, they're suddenly about 30cm away.

  • The Wax Lion looks to be a different colour.

  • When Sharon gets into her car, it's a silver late-model Lexus RX300, but in the last episode, after she comes to get Jaye after the fight with the Texan woman at the motel, her car is a Range Rover. In the series' DVD audio commentaries, it is revealed that this is because they did not have enough money to continue using the Range Rover.

  • Actually, it's Jaye who seems to be mathematically illiterate. Several times, she complains that one of the words in her blurb is a digit. "24" is a number with two digits. This is equivalent to confusing a word with a letter.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Wound-Up Penguin

  • Continuity: When Father Joe Scofield walks over to Marta in the police office, a woman is seen walking over to a man and shaking his hand. When the camera zooms out about 10 seconds later, the woman is seen walking over to the man and introducing herself again.

  • Unlike most of the other muses, the toy penguin does not appear in any future episodes. That is because this episode was one of the last shot, though scheduled to run third.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Pink Flamingos

  • In this episode we find out that Sharon has never had a sexual relationship with a man.

  • Jaye's highschool yearbook lists her clubs, sports, and honors as none, none, and none.

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