Season 1 Episode 0

Unaired pilot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX



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    • Jaye says "please don't respond to that" after "I love you" instead of her whole "I don't feel dirty" speech (this version was used in some ads).

    • The music was changed.

    • The bit where the EPS guy comes in and tries to talk to Jaye was added.

    • The bit about the "surrender to destiny" promotion and cult was added.

    • The scene where Jaye asks Mahandra if she's crazy was added.

    • The exterior of the Wonderfalls Gift Emporium was redone (although shots of the old one remain).

    • A shot of a Frankenstein Burger King was removed.

    • The scene with Jaye picking up the quarter and it hitting her on the back of the head was added. (I'm not sure why, since the quarter she picks up later is apparently the EPS guy's.)

      The network didn't understand why on this day Jaye would start to hear voices, so as an inciting incident this is now where Jaye essentially "makes a wish". So the scene was added for clarity and then the continuity becomes an issue with the quarters.

    • This episode is similiar to the first episode "Wax Lion." Some of the scenes from the pilot were used in "Wax Lion."

    • Adam Scott played Aaron Tyler in the original pilot. When the pilot aired, scenes with Scott were replaced by Lee Pace. Mahandra is also played by a different actress: Kerry Washington instead of Tracie Thoms.

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