Season 1 Episode 3

Wound-Up Penguin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2004 on FOX

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  • A totally hilarious episode that pokes fun at just at as many religeous stereo types as can.

    This is the best of the four episodes that aired in my option. It makes me laugh even though I have watched it before. It all came together in this episode for me with great character interactions and character development and a comic zaniness to the mundane and the spiritual.

    As character of Jaye who is still playing detective into the meaning of what she is going through is thrust into the life of a nun who is going through a crisis of faith. The animals want Jaye to help her, which just compounds her (and our) confusion over what source is communicating with Jaye. Jaye finds a willing partner in her mission in Eric who has his own motives for doing anything other than go back to a “normal” life.

    I love how Jaye brainstorms motives and storylines and then a scene later acts as if this were something more real than her own ramblings. This episode was filled with great lines pointing out some disturbing similarities between church history and some infamous cults as well as the inability of the Christian church to believe in just one God. “Your mother and I are tickled to death that you've turned to the Lord for guidance, sweetheart. We just think it should be our lord.”

    Jaye’s brother who is a fanatic about religious history and whishes he could believe in something unloads a fountain of religious myths and traditions adding to the general confusion until we finally find Jaye tied to her bed about to get exorcized by a confused nun with a big knife!

    Just when everything seems hopelessly pointless, it all comes together as the chain of reunite a “Father” to and unknown daughter, making the episode rather touching.

    The whole episode has frenetic feel, and continues to build on the mysterious but wacky and surreal town somehow separated from conventional reality.

    This show was cancelled too soon… Sigh!
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