Season 1 Episode 2

20/20 Hindsight

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2000 on ABC
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20/20 Hindsight
As Garrity is hounded by the media, a peer review panel censures her for misdiagnosing Rickle, the Times Square gunman, and Banger fights to put the man in treatment rather than in prison.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Why did Banger, or anyone else really, let Neil go into rickle's room? The man had tried to choke the patient twice. (Not that I don't empathize, but no one expressed any doubt as to whether it was a smart thing for Neil to do the day after the dustup in ER.)

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Banger: This (a painting) is far out. I feel like I'm tripping back in 1974 all over again.

      • Female CoWorker: (to Lyla) Girl, you know you did nothing wrong. Listen up- show no fear. And when they're all done wasting everybody's time up there, you and me are going to Bloomingdale's and try on some French bras. (Lyla chuckles some.) Then, we're gonna get one of those Hawaiian pizzas with some poi and the pineapples and oh, girl!
        Lyla: You're on.

      • ADA Strictler: Sorry, that's six months of not gettin' any.
        Dr. Banger: You too?

      • Ernie Anastos: ...In a city of millions, anyone, anywhere is a target. As the horror of what happened here begins to fade, the questions remain- Can we blame an overloaded mental health care system? Is there no one to be held accountable?

      • Ernie Anastos: The mentally ill live among us. We pass them on our way to work. When they snap we ask ourselves "Was there no one who saw it coming?"

      • Lyla: Next, you'll tell me the special review is an educational tool.
        Treyhill: It's supposed to be.

      • Treyhill: (To Lyla) Okay- Crash course in crisis management: No. Comment.

      • Mr. Rickle: (slaps his hand onto the table, getting Banger and the attorney's attention) My son! My son, who got into Columbia and loves Chinese food and rock-climbing in the Catskills. My son, whose dream was to build a boat and follow the journey of the Odyssey. He's my son-he has a name. You call him by his name!

      • Mrs. Rickle: Dr. Banger, my son is sick, and the District Attorney wants to see him executed. I would rather he be sick than dead.

      • Neil: I could've killed him. In that moment.
        Banger: Welcome to the dark side, pal.

      • Banger: You know, it's not unreasonable that you should be obsessed. Your pregnant wife gets stuck in the belly with a needle; that's gotta stay with you.

      • (The office hushes its arguments about Lyla's decisions when LYLA enters.)

        Lyla: You have something to say to me?
        Cissy: Regarding what?
        Lyla: Why don't you tell me.
        Cissy: (puts on a clearly not felt smile) Good morning, Doctor Garrity.

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