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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2000 on ABC
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Dr. Garrity must deal with having released a patient who went on to shoot five people in Times Square, and must decide whether or not to continue her pregnancy after the developing fetus suffers an accidental head trauma. Dr. Banger battles his ex-wife in a competency hearing for custody of his two sons. Dr. Matthews, whose own marriage is troubled, must counsel a man who has become suicidal because his wife is leaving him.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Rickle: (voice-over) My name is Wendell Rickle. And I got a problem with eyeball pressure. And I can tell because they're burning up inside of my shoulders. Both of the hotspots where my transmitter and reciever are packed in. ...

      • Rickle: ...I know my ABC's. A is for Addiction. B is for Beta-Blockers. C is for Compulsion. D is for Delusion. E is for Electroconvulsive Therapy. F for Fear. G is for Grandiose delusions. H is for Hallucinations; Insomnia, Judgement, Kleinfelter's syndrome, Lithium, Mania, Narcissism, Obsession, Panic disorder, Quenzepam,Restraints.

        S is a world unto itself with Schizophrenia, Seizures, Sexual disfuntion,sleep deprivation, Substance abuse, and the big S-Suicide.

        T is for Tourette's syndrome. U is for Ulcer. V is for Violent behavior. W-withdrawal;X-Xanax. Y is all the yellow-belly head-shrinkers that have pulled and pushed and stuck and stoked me since I was old enough to pee standing up.

        And Z is for Atlas, who along with myself, assigned the arduous task of supporting the entire planet as punishment for siding with his brother Titans in their war against the cyclops-releasing, thunderbolt-hurling, ruler of all gods, Zeus!

      • Bernard: What key are you in today?
        Dr. Banger: I don't know; what key are you in today?
        Bernard: I wanna C sharp an' B natural!

      • Intake Nurse: Good moring, sir; you are about to be admitted into Rivervue Hospital's Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program. Before you can be admitted, I need to ask you a couple of questions. May I have your name?
        Patient: Ronald Reagan McDonald Guiliani.

      • Lyla: Even five months pregnant, Abe, I can assure you that I get it better than you give it.

      • Dr. Banger: Mrs. Lopinto, your son bit off your finger. He bit it off and ate it.
        Mrs. Lopinto: It was an accident.

      • Dr. Banger: (To a small kid in the Admitting Office) Why aren't you at school?
        Kid: Shut up, Banger!
        Dr. Banger: It's Doctor Banger to you.

      • Lyla: Neil? Do I,um...?
        Neil: There's not one inch of your body that's anything less than perfect. You are a goddess and I love you.

      • Dr. Banger: Why's Coach Parcells a genius, Tucker?
        Tucker: Discipline.
        Dr. Banger: Discipline- that's right. What's discipline?
        Tucker: When you go to your room.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Ted Levine claims that the scene in the competency interview, when his sons undress Dr. Banger, is largely responsible for Ted getting the part of Stottlemeyer in "Monk".

      • Two music notes:
        *The series theme was written by Madonna and William Orbit, as well as performed by Madonna.
        *"The Little Drummer Boy" was played over all the characters' morning routines.

      • Creator/Producer Peter Burg can be seen as an orderly/nurse right before Dr. Banger asks his son about Coach Parcells.

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Abe: (to his attempted suicide patient)...spiritually connected to Kurt Cobain, that type of thing...--refers to the fact that Cobain's death led some of his fans to kill themselves in grief.

      • Rickle: ...like NYPD Blue.--refers to the police show, also shown on ABC.

      • :Abe: ...or I can leave you with Puff Daddy over there.-- refers to Sean Combs, a multi-media entrepreneur, who at one point, rapped under the name "Puff Daddy."

      • Dr. Banger makes "Mickey Mouse" pancakes for his boys. At the time, ABC was a company owned by the Disney company, and so the pancakes (and a subsequent Dumbo reference) could've been a nod to the bosses.

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