Woodie's World - Season 2

ESPN Classic (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Lombardi
    Episode 13
    a. From Jan. 13, 1968: Vince Lombardi of the Packers and Al Davis of the Raiders were rival Brooklynites. Woodie interviews both on the eve of Super Bowl II. Includes rare footage of Oakland's victory in the 1967 AFL Championship.

    b. In retirement, Woodie re-counts Lombardi's quest that players overachieve.

    c. From mid-1969: Vince Lombardi returns to the coaching ranks with the Red-skins.

    d. From 1969: Fordham makes an attempt at nonscholarship football.moreless

  • America's Team
    America's Team
    Episode 12
    a. From 1969: Roger Staubach, just turned 27, goes into his first Dallas training camp and witnesses a Friday night exhibition versus the Los Angeles Rams.

    b.From Jan. 16, 1971: The Cowboys prepare for Super Bowl V against the Baltimore Colts.

    c. Woodie reflects on Tom Landry's coaching style.

    d. From Jan. 1971: Woodie recounts Dallas's loss in Super Bowl V.

    e. From Jan. 16, 1972: Woodie recounts Dallas's win in Super Bowl VI.

    f. From Dec. 1974: Clint Longley, the surprise quarterback who engineered Dallas's surprise victory back on Thanksgiving Day, is profiled.moreless

  • The Funnies
    The Funnies
    Episode 11
    a. From Jan. 1972: Alex Karras plays beat reporter at Super Bowl VI for the Detroit Free Press.

    b. From 1971: Doris Lorini teaches football analysis for housewives.

    c. From 1973: Robert Marella, a.k.a. Gorilla Monsoon, takes up wrestling after teaching.

    d. From May 4, 1974: The annual Cajun crawfish festival in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, features myriad contests.moreless

  • Boston Hockey
    Boston Hockey
    Episode 10
    a. From 1967: The Bruins' veteran Teddy Green is interviewed in the wake of Boston Garden's first encounter with the Minnesota North Stars.

    b. From 1968: The hockey helmet creeps into the NHL, with all the Chicago Black Hawks wearing them on a visit to Boston Garden. But it catches on quickly in the NCAA, as Boston University designs its own helmet prior to a Cornell game.

    c. From 1970: Woodie also profiles Bobby Orr in the wake of the 1970 NHL All-Star Game.

    d. From 1971: The American Hockey League pulls off a major miracle as its Boston Braves draw as many fans to the Boston Garden as the NHL Bruins.moreless

  • Heisman Winners
    Heisman Winners
    Episode 9
    a. From 1973: Johnny Rodgers, the 1972 Heisman, winner, chose to play with the Montréal Alouettes.

    b. From 1973: Gary Beban may have earned the '67 Heisman over O.J. Simpson, but he had no NFL passes on his résumé. Now he's an industrial real estate broker.

    c. From spring 1969: O.J. Simpson enjoys the spotlight following his '68 Heisman Trophy.

    d. From mid-1974: John Huarte, the 1964 Heisman winner, felt the NFL never gave him a fair shot, so he tries the Memphis Showmen of the World Football League.moreless
  • Baseball Innovations
    a. From summer 1971: George Toma was the groundskeeper of a grass-laden Kansas City Municipal Stadium, and not pleased of the two AstroTurf grounds.

    b. From spring 1969: The Oakland Coliseum, with its electronic scoreboard, stars as the new-look stadium of the future.

    c. From mid-1974: The new Sacramento So-lons play in a stadium with a small left-field fence.

    d. From 1972: Woodie observes the history of the baseball uniform.moreless
  • They Were Family
    They Were Family
    Episode 7
    a. From 1972: Chris Evert and father Jim make their way toward greatness.

    b. From 1972: Paul Pettit, a failed $100,000 bonus baby, teaches baseball skills to son Mark, now signed to the Orioles.

    c. From 1970: LSU coach Press Maravich governs the direction of Pete Maravich, on the verge of the NCAA career scoring record, just one month away.

    d. From 1969: Hollywood Park Race Track reveals a free-range atmosphere toward the animals that help the horses and trainers.moreless

  • The Strivers
    The Strivers
    Episode 6
    a. From spring 1974: Salt Walther reflects on his near-fatal crash at the 1973 Indy 500 and his continuing career on the eve of the California 500.

    b. From 1973: The late Chris Taylor, at 455 pounds, is in defense of the NCAA wrestling championship for his Iowa State alma mater with a record of 28-2, tuning up against Washington.

    c. From 1973: Jimmy Piersall, long after his turbulent MLB career, is now manager of a minor-league team in Orangeburg, S.C.

    d. From 1974: The 150-pound college football league is at its peak in West Point, ever mindful of beating Navy.moreless

  • Women Pioneers
    Women Pioneers
    Episode 5
    a. From June and July 1975: Woodie reports on the late Ruffian, followed by the rehashing of the fateful match race that would cost Ruffian and the horse-racing community forever.

    b. From 1970: Twenty-nine tournament wins under her belt, Carol Mann challenges Doug Ford, and loses.

    c. From 1971: The minor-league Pittsfield Senators, in their final season, sign Jackie Jackson (she doesn't make it).

    d. From 1974: Denise Long, late of the Iowa Lady Hawkeyes, is now teaching at the Sam Jones Basketball School.moreless

  • Speed Rules
    Speed Rules
    Episode 4
    a. From mid-1968: Olympic champion Jimmy Hines tries out at the Miami Dolphins' training camp.

    b. From 1968: Sterling Moss, following his retirement, is involved with the Can-Am racing series at Bridgehampton, N.Y.

    c. From mid-1974: Already with 30 steals on the season, Lou Brock is on his way to an MLB steals record.

    d. From 1967: The simpler Boston Marathon attracts a mere 700 participants.moreless

  • Yancy and Joe
    Yancy and Joe
    Episode 3
    a. From 1968: Yank (Yancy) Durham speaks on behalf of Cloverlay, the corporation that manages Joe Frazier.

    b. From 1968: Frazier duels Buster Mathis.

    c. From 1969: Frazier tunes up on Times Square before a bout with Jerry Quarry.

    d. From Mar. 8, 1971: Woodie's late-night summary of Ali/Frazier I.

    e. From 1973: Joe Frazier has a network office after his January defeat to George Foreman.

    f. From Aug. 1973: Woodie eulogizes for Yancy Durham.moreless

  • Hammerin' Hank
    Hammerin' Hank
    Episode 2
    a. From 1973: Just 36 homers shy of the Babe's career record, Hank Aaron talks of the pressures he has faced. Also featured is a sequence on Hank's brother Tommy, a minor-league player/coach.

    b. From 1972: One week into the players' strike, Hank Aaron sounds off as the player with the most to lose.

    c. From Feb. 1974: Henry Aaron on the banquet circuit.

    d. From April 6, 1974: Hank's 714th home run.

    e. From April 1975: Hank returns to Milwaukee, this time as the designated hitter on the Brewers, who beat Frank Robinson's Cleveland Indians in the County Stadium opener.moreless

  • Miracle Mets
    Miracle Mets
    Episode 1
    a. From April 1968: Three losses into the young season, Mets principal owner Joan W. Payson shares her feelings about being a part of baseball hierarchy.

    b. From April 1969: The Mets' famous signmaker Karl Ehrhardt is profiled.

    c. From Sept. 13, 1969: The Mets assume first place for the first time ever.

    d. From Oct. 15, 1969: Woodie recounts the fourth game of the World Series.

    e. From Oct. 16, 1969: The original CBS Evening News account of the final World Series game, replete with Wall Street celebrations.

    f. From Feb. 1970: Some of the champion Mets take their act to Caesar's in Las Vegas.moreless