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  • I liked this show

    This show was on when I was 14 and I did like it. Thinking back on it, it reminds me of a cheesy scifi flick from the olden days. I wish Netflix would pick it up, along with the 3 unaired episodes so people could see it if they wanted to. I'm sure it wouldn't cost a lot to pick up.
  • Hilarious and witty science fiction comedy series, reminiscent of the 1950's and 1960's post-apocalyptic thrillers, but with a twist.

    Although this series only ran ten episodes, and almost 17 years ago back in 1992, it's stuck with me over the years. Now and then it would pop up again in my memory and I'd try to tell someone about it. I'd describe the synopsis of the series in general and they would look at me like I was crazy. No one I've ever met has seen the show. Finally, I recalled the title and thanks to Wikipedia, and TV.com, I have written proof of this hilarious, ahead-of-it's-time comedy series. A quirky, clever short run series that ran, at least in my area, at an insane time of night where only the most astute of fans of the series would catch it. Fortunately, I had actually taped some of the episodes back then because I knew the show was too original and good to last. Now, if I can only find those tapes...
  • Well...It was better than Homeboys in Outer Space....

    This is one of those shows where you ask "What in Gods name were the people who created this show smoking???" This show was created in the era when smoking crack and snorting lines of cocaine was the thing to do in Hollyweird. Thats the only explanation for how this series ever aired even 1 episode let alone 10.

    I vaguely remember this show and havent seen it since it aired. The one episode that stands out is the one where the girls boobs got huge - thats the kind of humor this show had. Then there was the one with the giant turkey. If you want a quality post apocalyptic series - JERICHO is the one. As for this show? I guess its a good thing that not even TV Land will dig up this corpse from the grave yard of really bad sitcoms. Its best left buried. I only remembered it when someone on a Jericho message board mentioned it.
  • Modern-Day Remake of Gilligan's Island

    I have seen some really lame shows out there (Friends, for example, a series with young adults who somewhow afford two expensive NYC apartments), but Fox really took a chance with this series. With a premise inspired by or stolen from Gilligan's Island, seven strangers manage to survive a disaster caused by an accidentally launched nuclear rocket from a kids toy car. One man is in his indestructable Yugo, another is in a bank vault, another under a freeway underpass..... they all find their way to a valley unaffected by the blast and decide to recreate humanity from themselves. There were few jokes in this limited series and one really interesting episode where a radioactive jem causes an one of the female characters' chest to develop over night. Fred Applegate played an optimistic bum firing off one hilarious one-liner after another as the woefully under-appreciated Evan Handler played the smart Gilligan, the unofficial leader of the group. The rest of the characters were rough amalgamations of the castaways with the bum as the skipper, a Wall Street broker as the millionaire, a coroner as the professor, a dumb redhead as the actress and a cute blonde as the ingenue. Each episode tried to teach a moral or some virtue of understanding and tolerance. Unfortunately, the series never really gained a following and someone finally had the foresight to pull the plug on the series and put it out of its misery.