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  • Modern-Day Remake of Gilligan's Island

    I have seen some really lame shows out there (Friends, for example, a series with young adults who somewhow afford two expensive NYC apartments), but Fox really took a chance with this series. With a premise inspired by or stolen from Gilligan's Island, seven strangers manage to survive a disaster caused by an accidentally launched nuclear rocket from a kids toy car. One man is in his indestructable Yugo, another is in a bank vault, another under a freeway underpass..... they all find their way to a valley unaffected by the blast and decide to recreate humanity from themselves. There were few jokes in this limited series and one really interesting episode where a radioactive jem causes an one of the female characters' chest to develop over night. Fred Applegate played an optimistic bum firing off one hilarious one-liner after another as the woefully under-appreciated Evan Handler played the smart Gilligan, the unofficial leader of the group. The rest of the characters were rough amalgamations of the castaways with the bum as the skipper, a Wall Street broker as the millionaire, a coroner as the professor, a dumb redhead as the actress and a cute blonde as the ingenue. Each episode tried to teach a moral or some virtue of understanding and tolerance. Unfortunately, the series never really gained a following and someone finally had the foresight to pull the plug on the series and put it out of its misery.