FOX (ended 1992)


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  • Well...It was better than Homeboys in Outer Space....

    This is one of those shows where you ask "What in Gods name were the people who created this show smoking???" This show was created in the era when smoking crack and snorting lines of cocaine was the thing to do in Hollyweird. Thats the only explanation for how this series ever aired even 1 episode let alone 10.

    I vaguely remember this show and havent seen it since it aired. The one episode that stands out is the one where the girls boobs got huge - thats the kind of humor this show had. Then there was the one with the giant turkey. If you want a quality post apocalyptic series - JERICHO is the one. As for this show? I guess its a good thing that not even TV Land will dig up this corpse from the grave yard of really bad sitcoms. Its best left buried. I only remembered it when someone on a Jericho message board mentioned it.