Word World

Season 1 Episode 15

Pl-Pl-Plane! / Mail Mix Up

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2008 on

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  • Pl-pl-plane is the BEST yet!

    Pl-pl-plane has got to be my favourite episode yet. As I'm a huge airplane buff, it's an obvious choice... but the real kicker and best part (yes, my wife laughed at me for doing this!) is when the plane's engine starts, I made sounds with it! You'll have to watch to see exactly what I mean.

    It's an amazing journey for frog & two of his friends, trying to find Fly so they can play the concert for a group of (rather silly-looking) turtles (but aren't they all?). When they do find Fly, his response is simple, and to-the-point... When responding to Frog's question of where Fly has been, the response is: "Eatin' fruit" - an EXCELLENT subliminal message to kids that FRUIT should be an obvious choice for a snack, not chocolate bars, cookies, candies, etc, etc. Fruit is fantastic. But the plane sound is the best. Tune in and see it! Hear for yourself.