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  • Yuck... What ever happened to the good old kid shows?? :(

    Yuck... What ever happened to the good old kid shows?? :( Like Blues Clues, or Bear in the Big Blue House, Barney even!! This one is just....ugh. I don't like it. Maybe it actually does help kids learn. But my boyfriend, brother, and I sat in front of the TV for about 10 minutes making fun of the show. It is ridiculous... You can't hardly see the words on objects half the time, and although it's kind of creative to have things formed by the letters that spell what they are, it's also rather stupid. Ugh. Idk... I don't see this show as being of good quality and worth little kids' time to watch. (They should be shipped off to daycare instead. :P Haha.)
  • World World = Your mind has been raped by a kids show!

    Are you KIDDING ME?! This show fails. BADLY. Kids can just learn words from books, my what has kid shows come to, and even worse, THIS SHOW IS STILL ON! In fact, it's at the end of it's third season! God, do I hate this show.
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  • Nothings better than a letter.

    I confess I have to watch with my daughter, so that I can find out what it is she is watching. It's on PBS so It can not be all that bad, but there are some kid shows I will not let her watch, sorry Barney..But Word World is great, I often find myself singing the theme song!! It's kinda catchy and the cast is great I really love dog he's the best. Frog a little naive but he has his hart in the right place, Sheep a bit flaky but very sweet, I love Duck , but I'm not sure I like the way they portray him a little dumber than the rest, even Dog. Pig is I think a bit Pigish he rubs me the wrong way but I know he tries, and Bear the final of the "main" cast is somewhat bland. But it teaches my little one to spell and sing and spell and share and sing and spell and well she just loves to watch it over and over. It's a very typical kids set of rules type of world with lots of fun, I especially like Mr. Narrator whom often gets in the conversation with the cast. It's Computer generated graphics and voice acting is just perfect. The rules of Word World is easy all things are made of words and so they words reflect those in designs in their shape, and they are very easy to read and tell what those words are. Take a letter away and the design changes or you can simply build a word and it turns into an item made of those words!! Just have fun watching! I do.
  • Perfect for kindergarten and below.

    I was really surprised as I thought this show would be very gimmicky but a lot of love and talent went into this show. I can't imagine this show failed to keep audiences, only failed attracting one and failed on a merchandising opportunities. I wouldn't be surprised to see the show brought back, as in some network putting in an order to make new episodes based on DVD sales and Netflix ratings, similarly how Family Guy resurrected after being axed several years later, on a smaller scale of course as the demographic much smaller.

    My daughter gets real excited when they build a word, and she often tells me how to spell words now, that she was not doing before, she is three.
  • A truly amazing show geared for the young AND their not-always-so-young companions.

    This is absolutely the BEST new animated show for kids I have encountered yet. My son, at 8 months old, seemed to enjoy the show every time we played it. Now, 16 months old, he continues to enjoy it each and every episode. We're not sure if he understands it all, or much, but it's the colours, the sounds, the shapes, the music and clarity of speech that all catch his attention. Every episode explores new ideas and concepts that children will learn, and with repetition and entertaining music, colours, characters and games, they definitely have hit on a wonderful idea.

    PBS has produced some questionable material in the past, but this venture has two-thumbs-up from me AND my little guy. 14-15 minute episodes each, put back to back with a song in the middle makes for one wonderful half-hour - and commercial-free (as we know young kids can't sit through them!).

    I can't wait for the first season to wrap up and be released on DVD. Thank goodness for TiVo to record these shows so we can watch them over & over. I already know a few episodes word-for-word (no pun intended), and get new enjoyment out of each episode every time they "Build A Word" (you'll have to watch a show to know what that means!).

    Visit their website (www.wordworld.com) and you'll be pleasantly surprised. So spend some quality time watching quality TV with your wee ones. They'll enjoy it as much as you - maybe more.