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Premiered Apr 01, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • A truly amazing show geared for the young AND their not-always-so-young companions.

    This is absolutely the BEST new animated show for kids I have encountered yet. My son, at 8 months old, seemed to enjoy the show every time we played it. Now, 16 months old, he continues to enjoy it each and every episode. We're not sure if he understands it all, or much, but it's the colours, the sounds, the shapes, the music and clarity of speech that all catch his attention. Every episode explores new ideas and concepts that children will learn, and with repetition and entertaining music, colours, characters and games, they definitely have hit on a wonderful idea.

    PBS has produced some questionable material in the past, but this venture has two-thumbs-up from me AND my little guy. 14-15 minute episodes each, put back to back with a song in the middle makes for one wonderful half-hour - and commercial-free (as we know young kids can't sit through them!).

    I can't wait for the first season to wrap up and be released on DVD. Thank goodness for TiVo to record these shows so we can watch them over & over. I already know a few episodes word-for-word (no pun intended), and get new enjoyment out of each episode every time they "Build A Word" (you'll have to watch a show to know what that means!).

    Visit their website (www.wordworld.com) and you'll be pleasantly surprised. So spend some quality time watching quality TV with your wee ones. They'll enjoy it as much as you - maybe more.