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  • Nothings better than a letter.

    I confess I have to watch with my daughter, so that I can find out what it is she is watching. It's on PBS so It can not be all that bad, but there are some kid shows I will not let her watch, sorry Barney..But Word World is great, I often find myself singing the theme song!! It's kinda catchy and the cast is great I really love dog he's the best. Frog a little naive but he has his hart in the right place, Sheep a bit flaky but very sweet, I love Duck , but I'm not sure I like the way they portray him a little dumber than the rest, even Dog. Pig is I think a bit Pigish he rubs me the wrong way but I know he tries, and Bear the final of the "main" cast is somewhat bland. But it teaches my little one to spell and sing and spell and share and sing and spell and well she just loves to watch it over and over. It's a very typical kids set of rules type of world with lots of fun, I especially like Mr. Narrator whom often gets in the conversation with the cast. It's Computer generated graphics and voice acting is just perfect. The rules of Word World is easy all things are made of words and so they words reflect those in designs in their shape, and they are very easy to read and tell what those words are. Take a letter away and the design changes or you can simply build a word and it turns into an item made of those words!! Just have fun watching! I do.
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