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Learn new words and expand your vocabulary with the help of a different kind of superhero known as WordGirl. WordGirl and her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, are the resident superheroes of Fair City, and originally arrived from the planet Lexicon, protecting the innocent, and righting the wrong of villains such as Doctor Two-Brains, The Butcher, Granny May and Mr. Big. When not fighting crime, they turn themselves into an ordinary 10-year-old named Becky Botsford and her pet monkey, Bob.

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AIRED ON 8/7/2015

Season 8 : Episode 26


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    Wire dangles over TCA Award nominations

    • WordGirl Manages To Soar High

      WordGirl is one of those shows you wouldn't expect to be good. My first impression was that it was gonna be cheesy or try to be hip, this show has delightfully proved me wrong.

      WordGirl is about Becky Botsford (or WordGirl) who fights crimes while teaching vocabulary. Her sidekick Bob (or Captain HuggyFace) both follow double lives while living their everyday life and superhero life.

      The characters are hands-down my favorite part of the show. The characters are very complex and three-dimensional. Also the characters all have their funny moments, and the show doesn't rely on one person (Comic Relief) to do so.

      The villians are also very intriguing and most of them have some type of tragic backstory (playing off an old superhero/supervillain clich).

      The animation at first slightly bothered me because it was flash. However, I did manage to get used to it and for flash, the animation was very smooth.

      As the show goes on, it creates new and exciting new villains as well as new characters and storylines. The voice acting is very well done as well.

      Lastly, the theme song is very catchy and has good lyrics. The lyrics are not repetitive nor try to use modern slang/try to be hip.

      Overall, I give this show a 9/10 for a great story, great theme song, great characters, and great voice acting.moreless
    • WordGirl is One PBS Kids Go Best Series

      I watched WordGirl when it premired and when it was on Maya & cartoon is probably a parody of superhero shows since they play around the cliches such as the "secret identity". It is about Becky aka WordGirl arrives on Earth and lives with her adopted family, the Botsford. She has a sidekick named Capatain Huggyface aka Bob. Everyday, she has to face her double life: as a normal girl and as a superhero. I like the cartoon; I do not care if it is educational. It is entertaning. I like the fact I am extending my vocabulary by watching this. This series reminds me of The Powepuff Girls and Atomic Betty, mixed together with a hint of educational.

      WordGirl/Becky is an alright main character, the living dictionary and pony loving girl. Though, she is not one of my favorite--nor Captain Huggyface/Bob. The best characters are the villlains. It has the best villains in a cartoon since The Powerpuff Girls. Dr. Two-Brains, Tobey, Chuck, Victoria Best, and other villains are humorous, clever--some are not though--, and likable. Other than the villains, the reccurring characters are fun as well such as Violet, the Botsworths, and the citizens.

      The animation is bold and pretty good for flash. The writing is witty, and well-developed. The music really fits the mood of the series well (the theme song is very catchy. Every season keeps getting better and darker.

      WordGirl proves that it can educational and entertaining at the same time, and it's not just for kids.moreless
    • wordgirl?? more like wassass!

      wordgirl?? more like wassass for such a stupid superheroe!
    • WurdGurl can't spell - WordGirl threatens to ruin the English language not spelling words on screen

      Xtra! Xtra! Wurdgurl duz not nowe howe too spel. Reesently, I noteiced the Emy Award-wining WordGirl prograhm dos not show corect speling off wurd being defineed on the actuel TV skreen. Wat a missteak! U r teeching the hole wurld phonetic (spech) and abdikating ur dooty ass teecher to firnesh corect speling and educayton off our ofspring. The wurd "smuge" waz ann exampple lasht weak. How ar our cildran suphosed no to spel it rite - U ar faling down on ur job.

      I personally am affronted by your program not taking the (easy, right, human and educational) next step and teaching our children the correct spelling in the English language (and how many other countries language and spelling are you subjecting this subversion); thereby sabotaging our kids learning. If you are not going to do this right - then just take your undeserved Emmy Award and other unwarranted accreditation by prostituted mainstream media - and go away. I am mad and I will not back down. God will be angry with you for your transgressions and your failings of not being a good teacher.

      You can count on me contacting - - - - etc. etc. etc. I have four different websites with thousands of readers and I am very good on writing keyword optimized content that goes right to page one on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I advise you to contact me quickly on how you intend to remedy this stupid shortfall in the learning process on your part. You might want to have WordGirl's monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face learn the speak and write English and thereby be a teachers assistant. After all, the apes in the current "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" movies learned how to speak. Of course, they and our children will never get any well paying jobs unless they all learn how to correctly write and spell the darn words. Quit dumbing-down our world to mouth breathing numb-skulls. The corrupt education system and our leaders are doing too much of that already. I have just about had it with everyone dropping the "ing" off words and sounding like uneducated vernacular lowlife idiots. This is subterfuge bordering on tyranny on your part. Either fix it, or else, I will expand my mission to right this wrong and you will not like my bellicose vocabulary.

      Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru is an Eagle Scout - his website is

    • this show reminds me of a repeat of super Why and Martha Speaks......

      only this time, it's a little girl in a super-hero costume, but almost same song and dance. Can PBS NOT come up with a show that teaches something different to children?

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