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  • Good, although a bit cheesy

    I liked this show, even though parts of it can be a bit hard to believe. For instance, I do not believe that adults would fail and knowing vocabulary like you'd see in this show. Sure, not all of them are going to know what certain words are, but they probably wouldn't fail that much. It teaches you the standard lessons that you'd see in a kid show while emphasizing on extending vocabulary. The standard plot about the hero fighting the various villains are a bit typical in a way. You can tell what would happen in a bunch of other episodes just by watching one of these. It's a bit surprising that WordGirl can keep her identity secret as well as she does. But I do like this show even if I was passed the target age range when it first started. I give it a good grade in the end.
  • WordGirl Manages To Soar High

    WordGirl is one of those shows you wouldn't expect to be good. My first impression was that it was gonna be cheesy or try to be hip, this show has delightfully proved me wrong.

    WordGirl is about Becky Botsford (or WordGirl) who fights crimes while teaching vocabulary. Her sidekick Bob (or Captain HuggyFace) both follow double lives while living their everyday life and superhero life.

    The characters are hands-down my favorite part of the show. The characters are very complex and three-dimensional. Also the characters all have their funny moments, and the show doesn't rely on one person (Comic Relief) to do so.

    The villians are also very intriguing and most of them have some type of tragic backstory (playing off an old superhero/supervillain clich).

    The animation at first slightly bothered me because it was flash. However, I did manage to get used to it and for flash, the animation was very smooth.

    As the show goes on, it creates new and exciting new villains as well as new characters and storylines. The voice acting is very well done as well.

    Lastly, the theme song is very catchy and has good lyrics. The lyrics are not repetitive nor try to use modern slang/try to be hip.

    Overall, I give this show a 9/10 for a great story, great theme song, great characters, and great voice acting.
  • WordGirl is One PBS Kids Go Best Series

    I watched WordGirl when it premired and when it was on Maya & cartoon is probably a parody of superhero shows since they play around the cliches such as the "secret identity". It is about Becky aka WordGirl arrives on Earth and lives with her adopted family, the Botsford. She has a sidekick named Capatain Huggyface aka Bob. Everyday, she has to face her double life: as a normal girl and as a superhero. I like the cartoon; I do not care if it is educational. It is entertaning. I like the fact I am extending my vocabulary by watching this. This series reminds me of The Powepuff Girls and Atomic Betty, mixed together with a hint of educational.

    WordGirl/Becky is an alright main character, the living dictionary and pony loving girl. Though, she is not one of my favorite--nor Captain Huggyface/Bob. The best characters are the villlains. It has the best villains in a cartoon since The Powerpuff Girls. Dr. Two-Brains, Tobey, Chuck, Victoria Best, and other villains are humorous, clever--some are not though--, and likable. Other than the villains, the reccurring characters are fun as well such as Violet, the Botsworths, and the citizens.

    The animation is bold and pretty good for flash. The writing is witty, and well-developed. The music really fits the mood of the series well (the theme song is very catchy. Every season keeps getting better and darker.

    WordGirl proves that it can educational and entertaining at the same time, and it's not just for kids.
  • wordgirl?? more like wassass!

    wordgirl?? more like wassass for such a stupid superheroe!
  • WurdGurl can't spell - WordGirl threatens to ruin the English language not spelling words on screen

    Xtra! Xtra! Wurdgurl duz not nowe howe too spel. Reesently, I noteiced the Emy Award-wining WordGirl prograhm dos not show corect speling off wurd being defineed on the actuel TV skreen. Wat a missteak! U r teeching the hole wurld phonetic (spech) and abdikating ur dooty ass teecher to firnesh corect speling and educayton off our ofspring. The wurd "smuge" waz ann exampple lasht weak. How ar our cildran suphosed no to spel it rite - U ar faling down on ur job.

    I personally am affronted by your program not taking the (easy, right, human and educational) next step and teaching our children the correct spelling in the English language (and how many other countries language and spelling are you subjecting this subversion); thereby sabotaging our kids learning. If you are not going to do this right - then just take your undeserved Emmy Award and other unwarranted accreditation by prostituted mainstream media - and go away. I am mad and I will not back down. God will be angry with you for your transgressions and your failings of not being a good teacher.

    You can count on me contacting - - - - etc. etc. etc. I have four different websites with thousands of readers and I am very good on writing keyword optimized content that goes right to page one on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I advise you to contact me quickly on how you intend to remedy this stupid shortfall in the learning process on your part. You might want to have WordGirl's monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face learn the speak and write English and thereby be a teachers assistant. After all, the apes in the current "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" movies learned how to speak. Of course, they and our children will never get any well paying jobs unless they all learn how to correctly write and spell the darn words. Quit dumbing-down our world to mouth breathing numb-skulls. The corrupt education system and our leaders are doing too much of that already. I have just about had it with everyone dropping the "ing" off words and sounding like uneducated vernacular lowlife idiots. This is subterfuge bordering on tyranny on your part. Either fix it, or else, I will expand my mission to right this wrong and you will not like my bellicose vocabulary.

    Delwyn Lounsbury - The Deflation Guru is an Eagle Scout - his website is

  • this show reminds me of a repeat of super Why and Martha Speaks......

    only this time, it's a little girl in a super-hero costume, but almost same song and dance. Can PBS NOT come up with a show that teaches something different to children?
  • Favorite Words

    Let's have fun with our favorite words at I liked what I saw there so far and am very interested.
  • Superman clone

    This was all just another man of steel clone, only this time it had a little girl as the hero over the famous superhero.
  • WordGirl is Very Very Inportant Words in History

    WordGirl is Read and write a lot This Words are Important Show Because it can help the who's can't Read and write I love This Show I am a WordGirl #1 fan since 2007 and I am PBS KIDS #1 Fan since 2004.
  • This show is pretty great!

    At first, I thought this was some boring show. Now, I think it's pretty awesome! The characters have a LOT of attitude and they don't even break the fourth wall too much. The only issues are the names, crimes, and repetition. Overall, it's a great show for kids!
  • Word Up With WordGirl And The Other Reviewers!

    This is yet another show/cartoon it took me a while to get to really viewing long enough. It's one of those series of the last decade that took me longer to bother with checking out, rather than sooner than others. Not necessarily because of it possibly being cheesy or corny as some certain, other reviewers already pointed out here, which I still don't quite get what they mean by those nor would I know what some things are or aren't that either term could be used to describe them. But anyway, I finally came around to giving it a try months ago and I've since added it to my favorites of the past decade list. From the reviews of certain flash animated cartoons I read about here, I didn't get why some reviewers hated them and believed they are better off on the web rather than t.v. But later I'd see why, as that's an animation style I've gotten sick of myself. However, if I were to make an exception, it'd be this one and I proclaim it to be my all-time, most favored flash animation series.

    Now, to get to what the show is all about, WordGirl (who is a.k.a. Becky Botsworth, her primary identity, to the viewers) isn't your typical nor average super hero. In fact, what makes her such a different breed is that she's truly a living lexicon, with a vast knowledge of words and vocab. Aside from fighting crime with her monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face (a.k.a. Bob), in each episode, she provides definitions to words that are introduced to those who may be unfamiliar with any of them. Being super hero-based, the stories are almost like a comic book (it'd really be so if the scenes were done panel by panel with speech bubbles that is, of course), complete with narrator. I've only seen a limited number of episodes and not in order, so I'm not really up to speed on all of them and how this program originated exactly. A favorite of mine I seen and I can name is the one in which WordGirl is giving an interview on a talk show only to be interrupted by Dr. Two Brains (one of the show's villains). What else can I say about the series? I'll talk about the structure of the format. Each episode is split into two segments. In between the first and second, there's a game show called May I Have A Word?, that's hosted by Beau Handsome and the contestants, who are three kids, try to guess which one picture out of three shown best fits with the word given and its definition. After the second segment, I'm not sure, but there may be a second round of May I Have A Word?, probably in some, certain episodes, if not all. Others include, What's Your Favorite Word?, which involves an aspiring reporter or journalist named Todd "Scoops" Ming inquiries to random kids about their favorite words and why; an off-screen announcer telling Captain Huggy Face to facially express a verb or adjective, and Huggy does so through that action; one about robots learning human behavior; and one that's a sponsor ad for various, bargain-basement items on sale called Uncle Larry's Bargain Warehouse (or Basement Bargains).

    I find it very enjoyable and it's one of my favorite, recent PBS kids shows, along with Wild Kratts. Up there with or in the same league as the best of the best. A fine, notable example of edutainment and how it should be done. With so many dern, crappy animated shows polluting the airwaves in recent years, this is among others I checked out that I consider to be a much needed breath of fresh air. Which could be one reason it took me as long as it did to see an episode in its entirety: Fear of it being another bottom-of-the-barrel program, I guess. I'm glad I finally got into it now and it mustn't be skipped. Word up, WordGirl!
  • A kids show with no breaking the 4th wall, no stupid songs, and is both fun and educational? Pinch me I'm dreaming.

    Ever since Dora the Explorer hit the airwaves kids shows have gone downhill. Many kids shows copied Dora, and whatever shows didn't copy it were not educational at all. But there is at least a beacon of hope in what seems to be an endless sea of bad kids shows, and it is WordGirl. The show is about a girl named Becky Botsford from the alien planet Lexicon. She has a pet monkey named Bob, and unknown to everyone she is actually WordGirl, and Bob is Captain Huggy Face. Together they defend the city of Fair City from evil, and use vocabulary words in each episode as well. Now at first I thought this show sounded really stupid and cheesy, but the creators proved me, and many others wrong. The characters are all great. Everyone in this show is developed and fleshed out. Dr. Two Brains was once a loving doctor but now has a demonic lab rat brain, and wishes to take over the world, Toby wants WordGirl to love him, and does evil things to make her love him, and WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face's origins are developed perfectly. WordGirl herself has a great personality from fighting villains with her powers to being able to talk about vocabulary. The show does a wonderful job in not only bringing in action, but also does a good job teaching vocabulary even if the vocabulary word is repeated a lot. Also I love how this show doesn't have that breaking the 4th wall stuff. This show goes back to the real format before Dora ruined the format. The artwork is really good in this show. Characters have good designs to them, and the sets are good. The show uses flash animation and it is very smooth in this show. There are also some funny moments in this show as well that while not laugh out loud funny, but still funny. I do question why no one knows who WordGirl is. She doesn't wear a mask at all. It's like Sailor Moon with the fact they never wear masks. I mean really how come no one has put 2 and 2 together? There needs to be more shows like this. If a person who wants to create a kids show needs ideas look at this show they should look at shows like this for ideas. Stop copying Dora the Explorer and start doing more shows like this. WordGirl shines above the other kids shows that have been shown over the years. It has good characters, a good way to educate kids, and combines action and learning. WordGirl is in every sense of the word a true delight, and is fun for all.
  • A superhero with an cliched monkey sidekick, typical-styled powers, and uses the power of "vocabulary" to somehow defeat mediocre villains. That's not what WordGirl is at all.

    At first glance, this show seems to be just one of the plethora of uncreative/unoriginal cartoons that are dominating television today. However, it's more than that. Much more.

    WordGirl is clever. It's cute. It's smart without being smart-assed, retro-styled that's pleasing to the eye, comedious, and the voice actors and background music are incredible. Which says nothing about the characters.

    Right from the start, the characters became my favorite aspect out of all the aspects of the show. The characters are just so... three-dimesional. All the characters have their own quirks and personalities that distinguish every one.

    A once kind-hearted doctor now with the mind of a demonic lab-rat. An evil boy genius who sets monumental robots on the city just to win the affections of the superheroine. A woman fused with a copier who can create innumerable clones of herself. And those are just the villains.

    WordGirl herself has more of a personality than many other female leads, even in live-action shows. One minute she can be kicking around giant-evil-robots and has a massive vocabulary, and the next she's mild-mannered Becky Botsford who sucks at art and gets all girly over ponies. Not to mention the monkey. He's adorable, and break-dances at the end of every show. Can you tell I'm obsessed?

    The thing is, you just can't stop.

    If you're the kind of person I am, who appreciates great animation, humor, and wonderfully styled characters, just one episode of this show will have you coming back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths.

    Word Up.
  • Word Girl at first It sounds cheesey. A girl battling lame villians with the power of words. But really It's fun, hilarious and realistic.

    Word girl is about a girl named Becky who was born on another planet which I can't remember. she has a monkey named Bob. Now First you think. O boy she's going to use words to fight crime. But really, she uses the words asside from fighting she might explain it to some little kid who might be a victim of the crime. What I also like is how it boosts my Vocab. I thought it would be something stupid like "ball" or "flower" but they really use words that are really neat and half of them I've never heard of. So an awesome show for kids and older kids
  • At a first glance this show looked "cheesy" (inside joke hehehe)..but man was I wrong!

    Wordgirl is about Becky Botsford..a girl who has the power to transform into a superhero with the power of words. (Dosen't sound to appealing at the moment).She fights certain villians (e.g The Butcher and Dr Two brains)as they try to cause mayhem in her town.Becky herself dosen't really jump out at me as the best superhero...but it's the villian's who steal the show.My two favourite are Granny May and Dr two brains...but I have to say I find the Doctor a lot more funnier.Knowing all of the words Wordgirl uses and also having the brain of a rat,the once timid Professer Boxleitner becomes Dr two Brains after a fatal experiment.I find this show funny and clever and it also teaches children new words.Although without Dr two brains....this show may get a little boring.
  • Surprisingly, PBS has one of the best new cartoons on the air in Wordgirl.

    It seems that in 2008 American animation for television is at one of its low moments: Cartoon Network is deemphasizing cartoons, the other childrens networks are more interested in live action. So its a surprise and delight to see PBS, of all networks, has the best new cartoons in Wordgirl. Its another "girl power" cartoon, this time about 10 year old Becky Botsford (an alien from the planet Lexicon) who as Wordgirl, has superstrength, can fly, and also possesses a powerful vocabulary (thats the PBS part). She battles villians like The Butcher (who uses meat as a weapon and also "butchers" the language) and Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy (who is inarticulate). Its done by Soup to Nuts (the old "Squigglevision" people) and its your standard flash animation, but the key is the writing. Wordgirl's adventures are funny. Very funny sometimes. The creator says she was influenced by Jay Ward's Rocky and Bullwinkle and it shows. Wordgirl's been renewed for another 26 episodes, and lets hope the writers can maintain the offbeat humor. New episodes are running in February and March, so catch an episode.
  • WordGirl is a fantastic, very educational show that teaches kids/teens new words and expands their vocabulary!

    When I first saw this show, I was like, "Wow! I love this show!" Although, now I don't watch it very often, it is still one of my faves. I like the villain, Dr. Two-Brains. He's kinda interesting, don't you think?

    At the end of the episodes I loved to see Captain Huggy-Face dance and when I was younger I used to try and imitate him by doing some of the dance moves!

    But, I can't believe that people don't watch it very often. Maybe it's because they haven't made anymore episodes yet... But, like I said, WordGirl is still one of my faves and I love it!
  • My first thoughts in seeing the commercials for this show was, "Oh man. It's gonna be another lame, kiddy PBS show." Was I ever wrong!

    I never would've thought that I, being a 15 year old girl, would've liked Word Girl. Ha! It's one of the better PBS kids shows on nowadays. Heck, it's one of the best shows to premiere out of the post 2004 era, and I'm surprised one of the best new shows would be airing on PBS kids! Cartoon Network canceled all of their good shows and hasn't got anything good left on it now. With the exception of the three nicktoons on Nickelodeon, the rest of the channel is not doing too well. And Disney Channel...ugh. Don't even get me started on Disney Channel. And I was beginning to think PBS was following them. But after seeing this show, never mind. It's keeping PBS alive and well. I think this show can be very funny sometimes and some parts have me laughing out loud. Of course, they can sometime overuse the word of the episode, but it's a kid's show. What else can you do but enjoy what else this show has to offer? Anyway, this show is a very good show for kids and it's a fun way for them to learn new words. Word Girl is definetly one of the good shows on now and is probably the best PBS kids show on now.