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  • A kids show with no breaking the 4th wall, no stupid songs, and is both fun and educational? Pinch me I'm dreaming.

    Ever since Dora the Explorer hit the airwaves kids shows have gone downhill. Many kids shows copied Dora, and whatever shows didn't copy it were not educational at all. But there is at least a beacon of hope in what seems to be an endless sea of bad kids shows, and it is WordGirl. The show is about a girl named Becky Botsford from the alien planet Lexicon. She has a pet monkey named Bob, and unknown to everyone she is actually WordGirl, and Bob is Captain Huggy Face. Together they defend the city of Fair City from evil, and use vocabulary words in each episode as well. Now at first I thought this show sounded really stupid and cheesy, but the creators proved me, and many others wrong. The characters are all great. Everyone in this show is developed and fleshed out. Dr. Two Brains was once a loving doctor but now has a demonic lab rat brain, and wishes to take over the world, Toby wants WordGirl to love him, and does evil things to make her love him, and WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face's origins are developed perfectly. WordGirl herself has a great personality from fighting villains with her powers to being able to talk about vocabulary. The show does a wonderful job in not only bringing in action, but also does a good job teaching vocabulary even if the vocabulary word is repeated a lot. Also I love how this show doesn't have that breaking the 4th wall stuff. This show goes back to the real format before Dora ruined the format. The artwork is really good in this show. Characters have good designs to them, and the sets are good. The show uses flash animation and it is very smooth in this show. There are also some funny moments in this show as well that while not laugh out loud funny, but still funny. I do question why no one knows who WordGirl is. She doesn't wear a mask at all. It's like Sailor Moon with the fact they never wear masks. I mean really how come no one has put 2 and 2 together? There needs to be more shows like this. If a person who wants to create a kids show needs ideas look at this show they should look at shows like this for ideas. Stop copying Dora the Explorer and start doing more shows like this. WordGirl shines above the other kids shows that have been shown over the years. It has good characters, a good way to educate kids, and combines action and learning. WordGirl is in every sense of the word a true delight, and is fun for all.