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  • Word Up With WordGirl And The Other Reviewers!

    This is yet another show/cartoon it took me a while to get to really viewing long enough. It's one of those series of the last decade that took me longer to bother with checking out, rather than sooner than others. Not necessarily because of it possibly being cheesy or corny as some certain, other reviewers already pointed out here, which I still don't quite get what they mean by those nor would I know what some things are or aren't that either term could be used to describe them. But anyway, I finally came around to giving it a try months ago and I've since added it to my favorites of the past decade list. From the reviews of certain flash animated cartoons I read about here, I didn't get why some reviewers hated them and believed they are better off on the web rather than t.v. But later I'd see why, as that's an animation style I've gotten sick of myself. However, if I were to make an exception, it'd be this one and I proclaim it to be my all-time, most favored flash animation series.

    Now, to get to what the show is all about, WordGirl (who is a.k.a. Becky Botsworth, her primary identity, to the viewers) isn't your typical nor average super hero. In fact, what makes her such a different breed is that she's truly a living lexicon, with a vast knowledge of words and vocab. Aside from fighting crime with her monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face (a.k.a. Bob), in each episode, she provides definitions to words that are introduced to those who may be unfamiliar with any of them. Being super hero-based, the stories are almost like a comic book (it'd really be so if the scenes were done panel by panel with speech bubbles that is, of course), complete with narrator. I've only seen a limited number of episodes and not in order, so I'm not really up to speed on all of them and how this program originated exactly. A favorite of mine I seen and I can name is the one in which WordGirl is giving an interview on a talk show only to be interrupted by Dr. Two Brains (one of the show's villains). What else can I say about the series? I'll talk about the structure of the format. Each episode is split into two segments. In between the first and second, there's a game show called May I Have A Word?, that's hosted by Beau Handsome and the contestants, who are three kids, try to guess which one picture out of three shown best fits with the word given and its definition. After the second segment, I'm not sure, but there may be a second round of May I Have A Word?, probably in some, certain episodes, if not all. Others include, What's Your Favorite Word?, which involves an aspiring reporter or journalist named Todd "Scoops" Ming inquiries to random kids about their favorite words and why; an off-screen announcer telling Captain Huggy Face to facially express a verb or adjective, and Huggy does so through that action; one about robots learning human behavior; and one that's a sponsor ad for various, bargain-basement items on sale called Uncle Larry's Bargain Warehouse (or Basement Bargains).

    I find it very enjoyable and it's one of my favorite, recent PBS kids shows, along with Wild Kratts. Up there with or in the same league as the best of the best. A fine, notable example of edutainment and how it should be done. With so many dern, crappy animated shows polluting the airwaves in recent years, this is among others I checked out that I consider to be a much needed breath of fresh air. Which could be one reason it took me as long as it did to see an episode in its entirety: Fear of it being another bottom-of-the-barrel program, I guess. I'm glad I finally got into it now and it mustn't be skipped. Word up, WordGirl!