Season 1 Episode 19

Lady Redundant Woman / A Game of Cat and Mouse


Full Episode: Lady Redundant Woman / A Game of Cat and Mouse


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Lady Redundant Woman:
All Beatrice Bixby wants is to be manager of the copy shop where she works. But she gains an evil new identity when she merges with a photocopier: Lady Redundant Woman. WordGirl is perplexed by this, but goes on the case to put and end to her redundant crimes.

A Game of Cat and Mouse:
When doing some spring-cleaning, Dr. Two-Brains finds one of his forgotten gadgets, a small ray that turns hair gel into cream cheese. In spite of that, WordGirl teams up with Professor Tubing, the new resident of Dr. Boxleitner's old laboratory. WordGirl must find out Dr. Two-Brains' weakness and put a stop to his cheese thefts before he ruins the hairstyles of everyone in the city.moreless
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