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AIRED ON 4/14/2013

Season 1 : Episode 12

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Two guys decide to dress and act as women during the daytime in order to keep jobs as pharmaceutical reps turn into their normal selves at night when they hang out together at their local bar.

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  • Why Is It Always The Great Shows That Are Cancelled

    This TV Show is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a very long time.

    It pisses me off that there isn't going to be another season, just like Pushing Daises, Jake 2.0, and many more.
  • I can't Believe this show got cancelled

    I never heard of this show until last night and watched the pilot, i can't remember laughing that hard at any pilot in recent years. This show is funnier than 90% of all the new comedy show that has just premiered this season. Better than Dads, the Millers, the Goldberg's, sean saves the world!!! yet it was cancelled.
  • Awesome Show

    Funniness tv show, waiting for the next episode , is always good to watch funny tv show rather then all the violence. Laughter is the best medicine ... Cheers!! Keep it up love your work!! Work it!!
  • Great Show!!

    This show is funny as !@#$. I love it and it was cancelled only because some of you were offended by it. Well there are a lot more offensive shows out there then this one. Way worse. Just wish it was on showtime or HBO. none of this would have happened. I see CHILDREN's shows that are way worse then this..

    Simple put Change the Channel and your mouth.
  • The show everyone was waiting for: two men dress as women to get a job...

    Oh well, someone got to his senses and pulled the plug on that nightmare show Work It, thank you very much. At least two episodes too late though. And I really hope it wasn't due to bad ratings (they were horrible), but because someone responsible actually looked at it and felt as offended as I did watching the pilot.

    I mean, what were they thinking? I remember that Robin William's movie that was kinda sweet and funny. He played a father who dressed as an old Scottish nanny to be able to spend time with his kids after his marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Someone probably thought, let's make that a sitcom, but let's lose the divorce and bring in the recession. And then it went wrong.

    Because they blamed it on women. On working women. Seriously? Yeah right, because the recession started when women start going to work. And then there were like a dozen situations showing women being annoying or stupid. From the nagging wife to the dumb coworker who would believe a man in a bad wig and costume could pass as a woman. They didn't even have to change their voices much.

    Seriously, a sitcom and I didn't even smile once or laughed out of desperation. That's quite an achievement I suppose. How did they get this show on air?moreless

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