Work It

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jan 03, 2012 on ABC
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Lee uses an over-the-top method to try to get a job at a pharmaceutical company.

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  • This might just be the worst thing ever to be put on television, I'm not exaggerating.

    So apparently someone stole Adam Sandler's screenplay for his next movie and decided it would be better as a TV show. They were wrong.

    Work It is about a man named Lee who hasn't had a job in a year. Like every other sitcom, he has a mandatory wife and kid. I guess having the wife made sense, but why the Hell is the kid necessary. She adds absolutely nothing to the "plot". He also has two friends. One of them, named Angel, is Lee's best friend, and ultimately becomes his partner in crime. His other friend, named Brian, is just stupid and shouldn't have been added to this show. Literally all he does is drink beers, and raise his hands in front of him, I know that's kind of a nitpick, put seriously what the fuck is he doing? So Lee decides that rather than be unemployed and continue to try get a real job in his current gender, he would rather pretend to be a woman to get a job. The main problem I have with this show, is not that he is dressing up as a woman all the time (which is pretty fucked up), but just how comfortable he and Angel are with this idea. The first scene with Angel in drag, he is having a blast. Also he get's the idea to dress as a woman after his prostate exam, and he came out of that seeming pretty happy. I'm not gonna say anything, but think about it. Also, Work It seems to take place in an alternate universe in which everybody is blind and cant see that this "woman" is clearly a man in drag. But, I digress. So at the job, there is the coworkers, and oh my God, are they annoying. Rebecca Mader, the girl who played Charlotte in Lost, is one of them, and I really hope she gets a nosebleed and dies so I can keep a little bit of respect for her. Seriously Rebecca, first "No Ordinary Family" now this? So, I bet you can guess what happens in the rest of the episode, they do things that women do and they almost get caught a bunch of times. Wow, good job guys.

    This show is horrible. It's unfunny, it's disturbing, I've seen instructional videos with better acting, and I'm sure that it's offensive to someone. If you have a brain, you will stay away from this show.moreless
  • Dump It Quick

    Work It has got to be the worst show ever. At least Bosom Buddies had a good cast and didn't bash men and transvestites. If this mess last past Episode two there is something terribly wrong.
  • Seriously?

    Congratulations ABC! Not only have you made an unfunny Bosom Buddies rip off, you have successfully created a misogynistic, transphobic, out of touch with the work world mess. Hope this gets canceled. Quickly. Very Quickly.

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