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  • The pilot made me hate this show

    When a guy obviously qualified to work at the company is rejected because he's not a woman, it made me hate this show. It's a pharmaceutical company and yet those ladies seem to treat it like it's also a sorority house! They won't hire him because he's a man! That's ILLEGAL! The pharmaceutical company can be shut down by the authorities for having a hiring policy like that because it's sexual discrimination! What he should've done is alert the authorities who would've most likely gotten the company to change their hiring policy but instead, he does the stupid thing and dresses up as a woman to get a job there. I know, if he didn't do that then there wouldn't be a show. Well, then there SHOULDN'T BE A SHOW! As a man, less than half way through the first episode, I already found this show very offensive toward men and even women! NEVER MAKE A SHOW LIKE THIS AGAIN!!!!
  • Why Is It Always The Great Shows That Are Cancelled

    This TV Show is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a very long time.

    It pisses me off that there isn't going to be another season, just like Pushing Daises, Jake 2.0, and many more.
  • I can't Believe this show got cancelled

    I never heard of this show until last night and watched the pilot, i can't remember laughing that hard at any pilot in recent years. This show is funnier than 90% of all the new comedy show that has just premiered this season. Better than Dads, the Millers, the Goldberg's, sean saves the world!!! yet it was cancelled.
  • Awesome Show

    Funniness tv show, waiting for the next episode , is always good to watch funny tv show rather then all the violence. Laughter is the best medicine ... Cheers!! Keep it up love your work!! Work it!!
  • Great Show!!

    This show is funny as !@#$. I love it and it was cancelled only because some of you were offended by it. Well there are a lot more offensive shows out there then this one. Way worse. Just wish it was on showtime or HBO. none of this would have happened. I see CHILDREN's shows that are way worse then this..

    Simple put Change the Channel and your mouth.
  • The show everyone was waiting for: two men dress as women to get a job...

    Oh well, someone got to his senses and pulled the plug on that nightmare show Work It, thank you very much. At least two episodes too late though. And I really hope it wasn't due to bad ratings (they were horrible), but because someone responsible actually looked at it and felt as offended as I did watching the pilot.

    I mean, what were they thinking? I remember that Robin William's movie that was kinda sweet and funny. He played a father who dressed as an old Scottish nanny to be able to spend time with his kids after his marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Someone probably thought, let's make that a sitcom, but let's lose the divorce and bring in the recession. And then it went wrong.

    Because they blamed it on women. On working women. Seriously? Yeah right, because the recession started when women start going to work. And then there were like a dozen situations showing women being annoying or stupid. From the nagging wife to the dumb coworker who would believe a man in a bad wig and costume could pass as a woman. They didn't even have to change their voices much.

    Seriously, a sitcom and I didn't even smile once or laughed out of desperation. That's quite an achievement I suppose. How did they get this show on air?
  • Yet another reason this country is turning into a big pile crap.

    Seriously people this show was funny, it was one of the funniest ones I had seen come out in a while and while I get that some people might find it not funny and maybe even offensive there's a very simple solution. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! Seriously I find it offensive to see two guys kissing on TV and what happens when I run across that I change the channel. I don't start a protest or try to get some human rights groups involved. If we all lived on the principle that if its offensive to just a few people then it should not be out there then no one would ever laugh, there would be no such thing as comedians, the word comedy would not even exist. To the post by sssc, all I can say is keep your day job cause you definitely would not make it as a writer of any TV show movie or book. Its people like you that's ruining this country. Heck this person did not even watch the show just some previews of the show and assumed that it was enough to base their review on. What a moron.
  • best show ever!!

    This show is amazing. NOT offensive at all!
  • Seriously?

    Wow, this is pathetic. Everybody boycotting Work It because of its message? There are so many movies and TV shows out there FAR worse. You watch movies about sex, drugs, murder, abuse, etc and a little comedy show about men cross dressing to get a job is suddenly taboo? Why do I feel that this is due to h0m0phobia? Come on guys, it is a funny show and deserves its air time just as much as South Park, Friends, CSI, etc.
  • This is the stupidest most offensive insult to the American TV viewer's intelligence I have heard of in a long time. And whats worse is its been done before. The plot is that a man had to dress up like a woman to get a job. Hello Bosom Buddies remake.


    I have been watching the previews of this show and I do not see how an adult in the 2000's could 1. ever think of this as a TV idea 2. write a script of this show 3. think this was funny 4. had others think it was funny and be able to make a pilot 5. how could the pilot ever have been made a show? In 2011 everyone can tell the difference between a woman and a man putting on a dress and wig.. hell at the beginning of time everyone knows the difference...But one thing that might make the story a little funny is if the people at the job looked at the guy and knew he was a man dressed like a woman and they do not know what to do in an attempt to be pc and the guy knows that the people at work know too but are being pc.....

  • A show about 2 men dressing as women to keep a job...where have I heard that before?

    Oh, that's right! It was an early '80's TV show starring a very young Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari called "Bosom Buddies", except in that case they were junior ad men during the day and had to dress as women at night because the only place they could find to live was a Women's Only apartment.

    It was bad enough back then, even though Tom Hanks was funny...why must we rehash this of all shows? Looking at the summary for this show, I see only darkness in it's future, especially considering "Bosom Buddies" only lasted a mere two seasons. Not a good idea here. The person who thought of this show, in my opinion, should be Gibbs slapped in the head.
  • hey people get a grip. this show has its moments

    work it is a very funny show so far...i dont care that there was an 80's show that is just like work it... i mean were talking almost 30 years ago people...this show may not air forever but i'll enjoy it until its over... offensive please... this show deserves credit for the comedy cause its good.
  • A Great Show, Really Hilarious!!!

    Work It is extremely funny!!! I love this show!!!

    Benjamin Koldyke plays Lee Standish and Amaury Nolasco plays Angel Ortiz. Lee and Angel are both unemployed men desperate for jobs. They both dress as women to get hired on as sales representatives for a drug company. Both Benjamin Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco are really talented actors. They portray their characters extremely well.

    I don't know why so many people hate this show? I'm pretty sure most of the people giving Work It bad reviews probably haven't even seen it. I wish more people would just give it a chance.
  • Actors have perfect timing, bad laugh track

    ABC, get rid of the poorly done laugh tracks. This show doesn't need one and would benefit well from a live studio audience. It's not as bad as Rules of Engagement, (great show, but that laugh track made it impossible for me to continue watching it) but it's close. People know when laughter is fake and your Producers are too scared of failure to acknowledge that.

    To complain that a show repeats an idea that has already been used is silly. So many SUCCESSFUL shows involving lawyers, female detectives and doctors rehashing the same ideas over and over and over continue to succeed, so it's ignorant to use such an argument. The actors in this show almost all play it straight but are thrown into very uncomfortable situations where they have to be quick on their feet. The timing is very good and the actors know their roles. Ben Koldyke does a superb job, one gem being when he's trying to figure out how to dress like a woman convincingly. His ability to convey his character's feeling of awkwardness is quite convincing.

    John Caparulo is the one male that doesn't play it straight and does get some sub par lines, though I've seen him a hundred times and he's a top notch comedian and has some decent moments on this show and his character gets better.

    The women our characters end up working with do a good job of creating challenges for them, which sets up a lot of the jokes. They range from ditzy to down right EVIL and fulfill their roles well, though the writers need to tweak a few of the female character just a little bit.

    People do seem to have an axe to grind on this site, actually looking for something to be offended by. Get used to the fact that we live in multicultural world and people are well adjusted enough to laugh at their own stereotypes (re Pablo Francisco, Carlos Mencia, Aisha Tyler, Brad Williams, Daniel Tosh--all of which make fun of EVERYONE and have huge followings even from the people they make fun of). Amaury Nolasco is a superb actor that I've always liked and he understands his own culture and is able draw humor from it.

    T he main characters are those who want to do good by everyone and are forced to risk huge embarrassment to achieve that goal. Cross-dressing to hold a job is just the gimmick to setup other jokes by putting them in risky situations, which in themselves produce some great comedic moments. There ARE other supporting characters who contribute BTW. It's not just a one joke show.

    Go watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie if you are looking touchy feeling cookie cutter characters if this show offends you. You don't belong in this century.

  • You do not know the real puertorriqueos.

    It is offensive to say that I am from Puerto Rico, I should know how to sell drugs. We are highly educated people and have principles and.morale values.It is a shame that this line was given to an actor who is openning his way with great efforts. ABC should apologize to the people of Puerto Rico.

  • Painful

    I would love to know what network executive gave the green light to Work It. This garbage offends everyone. It starts out exploiting a national tragedy which is the high unemployment of our country and thinks its funny to put the blame on women. Then they have the gall to make fun of the uninsured which forces the idiotic father Lee to cross dress and get a job in a drug company. Then he gets his friend Angel to do the same. Boy I had to stop myself from laughing. I'm kidding because its not funny at all. Work It will never jump the shark cause it stinks from day one.
  • Its not that bad

    This show to me was definitely laugh out loud funny. I think people hate because it is "offensive" to the LGBT community. So what? Everything is offensive nowadays get over it. Also the reviews for this show are really unfair and whiny because they are easily offended, it actually makes me want to watch it.
  • Eeeyagh!!

    I know it's unfair to shower criticism on an unaired show. With the amount of flack 'Work It' has been receiving, plus the obviously moronic premise we were aware of beforehand, we expected it to be bad. But now that I've actually watched the damn thing on ABC, I can confidently say that there is no satisfying amount of manure on this planet that can be flung in the direction of this show with a sense of justice.

    Against my better judgment, I tried to watch this show with an open mind. I held it together for about five minutes before I just couldn't take it anymore! My neighbors could probably hear the barrage of eloquently executed profanities I was directing at my TV screen. Ye Gads, it was horrible! Ugh!

    How did this massive pile of human excrement (that they call a show) pass the approval process?? It boggles the mind to think that this show received the green light, and that the executives at ABC thought their viewers deserved to have this kind of rubbish grace their TV screens.

    I'm not gonna hold back tonight, folks. This show seriously pissed me off!

    The story is simple enough. Two unemployed dudes decide to dress up as women to land jobs as pharmaceutical reps, since men have apparently no place in these companies anymore. Why?? Because the doctors prefer to deal with females, for obvious reasons, or at least that's the explanation they gave in this idiotic show (as a medical student myself I was personally offended, but that's beside the point).

    The cast (at least on paper) represented a mixed bag of talent. It was more than sad to see prestigious alumni of brilliant shows like Prison Break and Lost (represented by Amaury Nolasco and Rebecca Mader respectively) to stoop to such a level of incompetence. How desperate were they to actually agree to be part of all this?? The protagonist (some guy called Benjamin Koldyke) was as douchey as was humanly possible in 22 minutes.

    I know that when it comes to sitcoms, there isn't a whole lot of emphasis on realism, but seriously these two guys are trying to pass themselves off as women! Lee Standish is not a very good looking guy to begin with (no offense, dude), but he became an exceptionally ugly woman. Angel kind of pulled it off but, wait...I'm actually trying to rationalize this crap! This show has ruined my evening. I need some air.

    Even if we remove the extreme bias we feel towards this show out of the equation, it still wasn't bloody funny! None of the characters were. I found Brian (John Caparulo) to be exceptionally irritating and his voice made me want to take a baseball bat to his face.

    ABC has a respectable list of shows to its credit. I hope to God they don't let this monstrosity go any further. A whole new level of suckiness has been unearthed and I plan to stay away from it.


    - Ever seen an Uwe Boll movie?? This show was reminiscent of the cringy feeling you get while watching one of his movies, with the perpetual 'WTF' look on your face.

    - All the actors were seriously bad in this show. They were so bad I have nail marks on my forehead after burying my head in my hands multiple times.

    - I can't believe I'm saying this, but after tonight's crapfest, I miss 'Man Up'!

    Remember last year when Terra Nova used to be called a bad show?? What do you think now??
  • Seriously? What a lazy effort by so-called "creative minds"...

    I know! Your next TV idea should be about a former basketball star who's struggling with alcoholism yet manages a quaint little tavern where a UPS delivery guy, a Psychologist , and other "regulars" spend a few hours at the end of their day, talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws, trying to be there when someone else needs them. It's a place where everybody knows your name. Oh... and there's one "regular", we'll call him "Ned", who always sits in the same corner of the bar and every time he walks in... people yell out his name. Call it "The Pub". And I expect to collect my 6 figure income for this brand new unique idea when it airs!