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    The artists make it through the challenges and one by one are eliminated on the basis of these bizarre critiques based on ... wow, some of the criticism, never mind left field, the judges are coming in from Mars with some of these comments.

    Also, I don't think the artists should be allowed to talk about each others' pieces while the crit is going on. They can share any views they feel they must share during the creative process, during the gallery show, any other time, but the crit dialogue should be between the judges and the artist they're viewing.

    In the end they get a gallery show. If they weren't on a reality show, wouldn't a really talented artist get a gallery show anyway? What is up with this show?!
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    I really like the variety of artists on the show. The critiques are sometimes waaaay out there and I disagree often, but sometimes the judges offer a the audience a fresh and different perspective!

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    I agree with you on the other artist trashing the artist who is in the hot seat with the judges. Like they have real power or something. That is hurtful x2. They have built up friendships and it's just plain rude. But maybe the tv directors told them to do it, who knows.

    I don't really like reality shows. I have all the reality I can deal with in my life, but as an artist I like this one. Just lucky surfing one day and found it.

    I also wonder about the judges, it's their taste. They have trashed some art that I really liked. And then they have praised some that, I don't get.

    So art is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

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    I like that I can form my own opinion about someone's piece of art and then I can hear some "professional" points of views. And on top of that you get to see some of the artist's process and their point of view.

    I heard someone say "This isn't Art!" What the hell? How is it not art? Who the hell do these people think they are? Seriously.

    All the people who are on the show are artists. They all have there special talents and can produce amazing work. The work that they make for the show was timed. So they might not be making the best decisions about what to draw or paint or photograph or how to do it, but that doesn't mean they aren't artists, and that what they produce isn't art.

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