Work Out

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jul 19, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 4
    • Season 4 Episode 2
      Jackie is overstressed. In addition to working on shooting her DVD, her mother Karen comes to visit from her home in Ohio. Furthermore, Lisa in planning to get liposuction. With all of the tension, Jackie decides that it's time to get some help dealing with it all from her therapist.
    • Mom vs. Mom
      Mom vs. Mom
      Episode 1
      In this episode, Jackie's mother, Karen, comes to visit from Ohio. As if that weren't enough, Jackie is dealing with the stress of shooting her upcoming DVD, and she's bothered by the fact that Lisa is getting liposuction. In order to process it all, Jackie decides that it's time to go see her therapist.moreless
    • Special
      Work Out is a drama based documentary broadcast on the Bravo Network. The "Special" episode features star Jackie Warner behind the scenes in Hollywood. Warner, a personal trainer to the stars, portrays the excitement, stress, opportunity, drama, and just about everything else in between that comprises of life in Hollywood.
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