Work Out

Season 2 Episode 4

Gym Drama

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on Bravo
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Jackie continues to pursue her doubled relationship with Rebecca and Tiffany at the same time. Meanwhile, all things Sky Lab are coming to a head as the trainers and clients are in the heat of progress. Also Doug celebrates his 44th birthday and will have to deal with his own hardships as well.moreless
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  • Jackie's a player and we learn what happen to Doug.

    This show was even more revealing than the last concerning Jackie's behavior and relationships. Now before I say this, let me say I am a control freak/perfectionist, so I'm not judging, but at times it seems like Jackie almost flaunts her control and it seems like she most definitely needs to be in control especially with her decisions and behavior concerning her personal relationships. She might not care for an alpha male but sometimes she reminds me of an alpha male. On another hand, Rebecca's attraction to Jackie is kinda weird. Jackie is a very dominant figure and I wonder if Rebecca would even be interested if Jackie didn't possess that feature. It's weird. It's more so like she just wants a chance to sleep with her role model or something. I don't know. I thought the way Jackie handled the situation between Rebecca and Tiffany at dinner was very disrespectful, but I know personally when you go something difficult or come away from under something that you've been under a long time, you just wanna be free, you don't care about the rules, but it was rude. What makes this a very special episode is the fact that it seems Doug will suffer the same fate as his parents. He seems like he was a really good person and for him to have to get sick so suddenly was sad and still kinda mysterious. I got the feeling that something was wrong with him like before the party or whatever, but maybe its just me, but this was most definitely a show worth tuning into.moreless

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    • [Doug talking to Cheo about why he's nervous]
      Doug: It's hard to believe my parents didn't make it to 43. You know? It's kind of a big deal. And you asked me why I was depressed today or moody. Well, that's pretty much why. This is the last time I'm having a birthday party.

    • [Jackie breaking the news to the trainers about Doug's condition]
      Jackie: ...I just got some very sad news about Doug and I need to share it with you. As you've noticed Doug has been MIA lately and its because he's in the hospital and he's in very, very serious condition. Apparently, right around his birthday, he got a really, really bad flu. He got so sick and so dehydrated that his kidneys shut down. He even needed help breathing. The doctors had to put Doug into a drug-induced coma just to help get him breathing with a respirator. On top of all that, he got an infection. A really bad infection. The good news is Doug finally got the right antibiotics and he's starting to bounce back. Right now, he's alert and he's talking. If everything goes well, he should be out of the hospital in a week or two.

    • [Reaction to Jackie's relationship with both Tiffany and Rebecca]
      Andre: Jackie's a pimp, man.

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