Work Out

Season 3 Episode 4

Hit the Wall

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 06, 2008 on Bravo
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Episode Summary

Jackie meets with a producer about getting a DVD for fitness in the works, while Greg P. and Erika sign up for a risqué photo shoot. Problems come to a head with some SkyLab clients, Jackie's relationship with Brianna becoming strained everything begins to get more intense as Jackie and Peeler confront.moreless
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  • Another Peeler anger moment against Jackie

    Ok so on this episode of work out there is the drama. As we all know on the last episode Jackie's assistant is picking on Peelers client and her boyfriend over hears. The boyfriend confronts them and they apologize like they should have since the client had fake breasts due to cancer. I agree that it was totally wrong and it makes it more unpleasant when you judge something on someone and don't know it is due to either some horrible accident or cancer.

    Somehow Peeler got it in his mind that Jackie was the one who had said those horrible comments when in reality it wasn't her. Peeler has done moronic things in the past to get Jackie to like him. We all remember when he invited her to the strip club which wasn't something she liked. She didn't want to talk about it at that time and when you are a busy person it is understandable to say "I don't want to discuss this right now." She didn't say she never wanted to discuss it but it wasn't the right time for her to do so. Now it would have been better if whoever told Peeler it was Jackie making those comments it was actually the assistant.

    That said and done Peeler is his usual self and blows up instead of listening to Jackie who is his Boss. He gets fired which seems to be something he is totally ok with. I don't think that is the case though, he will probably try and get back in Jackie's good graces.

    Gregg's client is an excuse machine. They all get to blow off some steam at therapy which is both good and bad.

    All around it was a good episode.moreless
  • While I like this series, the addition of the office manager is a detriment to the series and drama that is forced and unnecessary.

    Peeler and Jackie got into it, that has been coming for a while. I think in some respects Peeler has some legitimate gripes, but Jackie does not respect him, never has. That lack of respect was even more evident in this episode. She has no respect, she is the boss and she can do what she wants, whether she is right or not.

    Well Bravo, this series is more soap opera than anything, and will go the way of Shear Genius, or utter disaster.

    I do not know what they were thinking but this show used to be good, now it is just a night time soap opera.moreless
  • Can we do that one again...............

    Well, on this workout........a first happens. Bryan and Jackie really gets into it and Bryan gets fired and honestly I'm not sure what over. I think both are big-headed and the entire thing was necessary and could've been handled better but both have A-type personalities. One un-needed addition to the Sky Sport and Spa team is the little customer service agent....lisa or whatever her name is. Bryan and Jackie needs to sit down and talk to each other instead of hearing what the other thinks of the other one from several people different people. If both feel so strongly about Doug's fundraiser, both just needs to take up a big role within it doing different things if at all possible. The show overall was kinda irritating cause I was pissed off @ Jackie's attitude and laughing @ one of the clients and unnessecary blow up. I understand being fat your entire life and finally wanting to lose that weight but she is downright irritating to look at. While Gregg needs to focus on his client more, I'm no more on his side than I am his. Overall, a very interesting show but irritating nonetheless......on another note, Collichio was looking especially delicious in this episode for some reason.moreless

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